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So, one of the things I love best about Aetolia is being able to create our own storylines, plots, schemes and even organizations. I always thought it was cool that undeadhouses could be founded from scratch - it meant that we, as players, could leave our own mark on history. Now, houses themselves got bloated and scattered but they are basically the equivalent of vampire guilds, so paring them down definitely made sense...

...but that cool, grassroots, player-created system is still a really cool idea. Why not take the concept and apply it to player organizations overall? Have it start with a clan and, once the clan meets a quota of activity among its members, they can then submit a proposal to become an official organization.

Example things an official organization can include:

- Listed in a directory
- Optional automated induction through a NPC in Delos
- Bankaccount
- Enemystatuses
- Ranks, favors
- Channel
- Leadership style (maybe include a few choices they can pick from, eg democratic, council, etc)
- Credit kickbacks
- Org buildings
- Secret toggle (assassin's society? Spy organization?)
- NPCs
- Help file

This has a lot of replayability and versatility - Areka could turn Iron Hill into a fully-functional mini-city. I could make the Impire a real thing. Xavin could start a crafting cartel. Big families could become an official thing. The official nature of it would make it easier for others to join and participate in, and things like org perks and privs would help make it more fun and less stressful/heavy to shoulder leadership/guidance of.

Beyond that, it could introduce options for conflict. In addition to the player-driven stuff where official organizations treat and clash with one another, you could even include mechanical options, like activity rankings or challenges akin to pack battles. Maybe there could even be some option for a small-scale conflict mechanic with org territory claims.



  • AlexinaAlexina the Haunted Soul
    I always liked high clans in Achaea. Basically, a clan that was made for rp purposes with a specific goal could apply for the 'high clan' status, which would give it its own real helpfile and make it an established IC organization. Something similar to that would be great.
  • This kind of idea is something that I've always really liked and wanted to be a 'thing'. (Like a lot) Because it would make sense that we could do this. But there is no mechanical backing for it right now. Clans are many and not represented in the way an actual organization is, so it's not viable for this line of RP, but it can be used as the starting point.

    On the other hand, it makes me worry. It just does. It'd probably end up being really nice for some people and really crappy for others. But that doesn't stop me from wanting it!
  • Isn't that basically a clan with a helpfile and credits?

    I think the first thing would be to prove to people that you can have an organization like that and make it a valuable piece of the game. I'm sure good IC clans exist, but I know I've not really ever been a part of one. The 'IC' clans I'm a member of are all basically separate city/guild channels to do work on, tbh.

    Either way you're going to have to pay for a building. If you've got enough people in your clan, they could chip in and get a building made up. You can do that in cities, no? At the very least, a player house although I do understand that people don't want that to be in any one person's name.

    I dunno. It sounds neat.
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Currently you basically build a building yourself (see: the brothel) and bug Raz to try to tweak stuff for permissions for your clan. All of the building permissions, though, are really only accessible by the owner of the estate, so other people can't make keys or add rooms if the owner goes dormant, etc.
  • HavenHaven World Burner Flight School

    I can see this seamlessly working into the Faction system that's in the works and becoming the new org standard. Would need some sort of common conflict point though between the organizations that make it out of clanhood. 

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  • I'd love to have some sort of conflict with the Locke family! PK ALL AROUND!! :D Lets do it!!
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  • NalorNalor UK
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    Moirean said:

    Have it start with a clan and, once the clan meets a quota of activity among its members, they can then submit a proposal to become an official organization.

    Not trying to put a downer but that pretty much just sounds like the old vampire houses... Why not just keep the clan and use that bank account etc etc

    So basically get rid of Vamp houses and make it opened for living, undead and vampires not just toward vampires...
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  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    The idea is that it would recycle the old vampire house code, for minimal demands on the admin/coders.
  • Thinking back on this... and going off your original post: Vampire houses cannot be created from scratch. We had about 7 Houses and because Abhorash said, "No more. All Houses will be in the Dominion and only 4 may ever be present at any time." the houses were merged/deleted and now there are only 4 Houses, and no more will ever be created. Trust me, I have been trying to get a new House up, but its not going well, because of said happening.

    Also, I don't think that having all these extra organizations would be an easy thing to do or a good thing. Yes it could, and likely WOULD, create alot of conflict between said organizations and the people therein, but then you're going to have to create a whole lot of laws, addendums, etc into each city/guild/house to say, "Well, you can't be part of these organizations because of ." So you'll just end right back up at where we are now.

    As for the families becoming an official thing, most large families have a 'family clan' that they communicate in. So you already have that unofficial organization going on, and it is quite easy as it is now, to get into family feuds. Quite easy in fact, as I nearly started a war with the Chaltier line myself.

    Yes, this would give more RP options, but in the end, all these extra organizations would just cause a massive headache for the admin and very honestly, would only extend all the other stuff that they want to release if they are always adding stuff for us onto our own newly made organization.
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  • Actually, I can't imagine that the creation of a new organization in the official capacity would be a terribly difficult thing for the admin to do. Keep in mind that the houses were reduced in number because, frankly, many of them were basically the exact same thing just with different groups of people. It is my understanding that, now, all four of the houses have distinct purposes within the context of the Imperium.

  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    The actual physical creation, no. The legwork for the theme and buildup and all that, that's time and energy that I'm saying we can crowdsource.
  • First I gotta say... The new Vamp House situation? Its rather lolsy. I hate it... Now that I got that out of my system, I like Moi's idea. Really, I'm all for anything that puts more power into the players hands. Over the years, I've seen a lot of interesting RPs and generally got bored with them, because they never had anywhere to go, as far as affecting the game. I want to make an impact on Aetolia., and fully support anything that allows players to do so.
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    Im not gonna lie, I like RP-centric orgs more than I like... Class specific orgs, especially with multiclass, you should join an org because you like the ideals of that org and who they represent as a whole.

    We all have vocations though and those are also important, and could bring some interesting RP arcs between the tethers, as well as potential reasonable conflicts like taxations, research grants/recognitions/ Cartography...etcetera

    I know this is a can I probably shouldnt open, but I think it may bring better opportunity

    I mean consider what the Pirates of Meropis accomplished in Achaea
    That could be our Stormcaller Research Society
    A Merchanting/Crafters Guild - Ala Grand Merchant Collective
    The Explorers League

    There are so many possibilities for affiliations
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