Sparring Partners WANTED!!

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I'm looking for sparring partners interested in improving their skills in combat. If you have a good attitude, enjoy solving the intricate puzzle that is Aetolian pvp and have a healthy level of self esteem so that losing a fight doesn't make you rageQQ or give up - you're exactly who I'm looking for!

Right now, there seems to be a lack of mid tiered combatants (most are either top or lower tier). I sit somewhere along mid to mid-upper, and so when I spar with people who kick my unicorns and can learn from, they get bored of me really quickly - often before I get the strategy/answer right.

So, I'm looking for someone who is more interested in improving their personal skill in combat than winning or losing. Someone who will try all avenues that they have to beat the other guy before blaming mechanics or the system. I'm looking for people who generally have a good attitude about playing the game and mastering the dimension of PvP. I've tried asking on market and joining the Sect of Blades, but that is not enough exposure or practice.

Please let me know, IG or PM, if you are interested!



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    Do I count as mid-tier? :D
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