Religious Vows

Divine Vows


Can only be used by members of Congregations and Orders. Would function as penalty to the Player of some sort in exchange for extra Essence, also could be a fun, enforced RP tool. Some Vows should not be able to be taken by Congregation members, but all Vows are available to Order members. The God in question should have to ACCEPT the vow, though an auto-accept for certain Vows for certain Gods could make sense with the proper context.

Congregation Vows - give a minor bonus to the essence you offer
Silence- may not say, yell, shout, may tell and web but no public speaking at all.
Chastity- may not marry or use certain emotes, no kiss, hug, etc.
Cleanliness- must remain clean, no stinking, no being out in weather, must remove self from outdoors and bath self within X amount of time
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence - a minus to the appropriate stat for class, magi lose intelligence, knights strength, monks constitution, syssin dexterity, etc.

Order Vows - gives a major bonus to the essence you offer (Poverty excluded)
Celibacy - may not marry or use certain emotes against the opposite sex, overall effectiveness against opposite sex is also reduced
Poverty - may not carry more than 1000 gold, any gold collected after the first 1000 is turned into Essence
Suffering - constant drain to health and mana, higher than normal
Hermetic - may not enter any city or village (including Duiran)

Certain vows can be violated for example cleanliness, chastity, celibacy. When violated a sort of penance should be invoked, whether character lockout for X amount of time or an automatic curse at no essence cost to the God.

Now I know most of these don't really work for the darker side of Aetolia. However that doesn't mean the darker side should not get vows, just some different ones.

Darker Vows
Boisterous - can not murmur, tell or say. Can only yell. (I know annoying, just a thought.)
Filth - must remain stinking
Androphagy - eaten corpses provide less sustenance and grant essence to vowed God (Consanguine, Undead, Lycans only sort of thing, function something like the poverty vow)
Murder - must kill one player or die once an Aetolian day

Just a thought.
Further suggestions?

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Bringing it over from the old forums.



  • HavenHaven World Burner Flight School
    Interesting idea. The murder vow made me laugh though!
    ¤ Si vis pacem, para bellum. ¤
    Someone powerful says, "We're going to have to delete you."
  • Thanks, I fully admit it needs some work, but I still like it even after 5 months of being gone.
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