Anyone interested in my semi-started Android MUD client? (JAVA)

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I started a basic Android MUD client a while ago but ended up bored with the project. I was wondering if anyone was interested in the source code. I'm not posting it right away because I would have to clean it up a little and explain my code a bit. It'd really only be for anyone who is somewhat proficient in Java. Honestly, anyone who would be able to work on it might be better starting from scratch!

The "MUD Client" code is decoupled from the Android App code, and it can be developed and tested entirely on windows/mac/linux. This makes it easier to work on and not have to worry about anything Android.

I would be willing to continue working on it a little myself if I had some support with constructing a proper GUI.

Telnet Client (Good condition)
Ansi Color Support (Kludgy, but works)
Lua Scripting (Good condition)
Regex Triggers (Basic, plain text)

No real GUI, just a couple of textboxes. One for input, one for output.


  • DaegonDaegon CanadaMember Posts: 89 ✭✭✭
    I actually may be willing to help out with this project. I think an Android MUD client would be a great idea.
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    Normally, I'd be tempted by such a thing, but meh. Java.
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