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Hello again, everyone! It's been a little while since there was anything resembling a general update post, so I thought I would kick one off with a few teasers about some upcoming projects that I am working on! I'll also invite other Divine to post about their work too, if they should be so inclined!

Disclaimer: all of these projects are personal projects; there's just me working on them, so anything spoken about here and any potential scheduling is entirely dependent on whether or not I have time with my IRL commitments.

The Terminus

A few people from Spinesreach and the Ascendril may recall a few tense disturbances involving exoplanar jelly creatures called ctenophores, as well as their 'shepards', a group of strange telekinetic bipeds. If you're interested in the details of the tormented realm glimpsed through the rift over Spinesreach, worry not! A large team PvE instance is approaching completion which will pitch groups of players against waves of mindless enemies in the very bowels of the Terminus realm itself. 

The intent behind the Terminus is to provide a large-scale cooperative challenge suitable for players of a wide range of levels. Tactical thinking and clever use of limited resources will be critical to success, and completing the instance will offer both personal and city-wide rewards for the victors! There will also be a lot of juicy lore and secrets up for discovery, as the instance will take place outside of any currently known plane or realm.

The area is approaching room completion and only the fine details of the instance mechanics remain to be worked out after that, so - without making any promises - that shouldn't be too far away.

Stormcaller Crag

If you aren't familiar with the gas-choked ruins under Stormcaller Crag, they are a distinctly inhospitable set of Ankyrean chambers under the Troll village in the north. Prospectors can salvage in the wreckage for interesting historical artifacts and metal, then trade their goods for gold with the Trolls.

The ruins as they currently exist were never intended to be the end-all of the area, and served as something of a test of the prog mechanics involved. I will be working on a full-scale expansion of the lowest and oldest levels of the ruins, offering a solo PvE challenge to players that will demand your skills in locating traps, conserving your air filters, and avoiding fights you cannot afford to get bogged down in for long enough to make it to safety. It should be a unique and interesting area, and it will also present a difficult but not level-locked piece of content for players of all stripes to explore.

The timescale on this one is nowhere near predictable, and it will depend on when other projects are completed.

The Daughters

Spireans and those who spoke to Yorvhaset will recall the Dehkay Plateau, a large body of land far to the northeast of the continent. We're close to ready to release the first portion of this large landmass, which will involve a lot of new lore (and the reveal of old, old lore) for both the ancient, ash-cloaked Plateau and the mainland itself.

That's all I'm willing to report on for now, and I'm very excited to get all of it finished up and delivered to you guys on a silver plate. Please feel free to comment or ask questions here!


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