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So, Phoenecia and Alistaire have a son that's currently 14, and we're looking for a player for him. I know it's kind of early, but at least this way we've got plenty of time to find somebody. We want the character to stick around, so this has to be a serious long-term commitment.

Here's what few details/quirks/perks I can tell you:

* Has to be aligned to Enorian or Duiran, or citiless. That means no running off to join Spinesreach or becoming a vampire. His dad's a hardcore zealot, but his mom is a lot more grey, but still a strong supporter of the Light/Spirit side, so there's still a lot of wiggle room. The character isn't a zealot in terms of beliefs, so if you're not into that, don't worry.

* Lots of freedom in class choice, though with a slight slant towards certain guilds. If you decide to multiclass, there's a lot of options too.

* Lots of opportunity for RP. Geez, where to even start on this one. Considering all of the situation his parents get themselves in, there'll be no shortage of things going on. Since he's fairly close to both of his parents, you'll also get a lot of RP from both Ali and myself since we're around a fair bit. There's, uh...also a lot of other little aspects regarding the character that might make for interesting RP, but I'll be keeping those secret for those sincerely interested in playing the kid.

* He may or may not be slightly overweight. If you know the character Bolin from Legend of Korra, Phoe and Ali's son is kinda like that.

* You'll have access to the Sinclair Villa, which is Phoe's big house in Attica.

* You may get showered with credits of nifty little gifts on account of being Phoe's son. She likes to spoil her kids.

* PK ability isn't necessary, but is a nice bonus.

I guess that's it for now. This list is just a few ideas that I've had floating around, but they're negotiable. If you're interested in playing the character, just let me or Alistaire know and we'll discuss the more interesting details a bit further.


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