When making aliases

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When making aliases i know how to make the intial l setalias l look to look but what  ineed to know is can i make a alias do multiple things like have say for example z to (chant (....)  then do something else like slit wrist or whatever within same alias? is this possible if so how to do such would be much appreciated thank you. ^:)^


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    this is for the websites play now client 
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    She is using the website to do this in, so I guess the big question is who uses it and how would you create aliases on the site? How do you store them etc so she can make ritual steps and recall them every time she logs in again.

    The issue I found is there is no real guide that would aid a new player. It is confusing to say the least. Yet it looks terrific!

    I am sure someone uses it or someone has a basic system on it she can use right???

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    I believe i have found the answer in the options,reflexes  

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    IRE is still working on making the client more user-friendly after all the awesome functional improvements. I know the manual is up to date, at least.
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