Xarian's Free System, Redux

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I thought I would try re-releasing my free system. It was fairly successful last time, maybe it will be again.

About the Xarisystem

  1. This system is written for Mudlet. Last time I used zMud, but now I'm using Mudlet. Mudlet is free, and open source, and is basically better in every way than zMud. I won't be writing a system for zMud/cMud.
  2. This system isn't yet working for non-undead. I wrote the system with the knowledge that I would eventually get around to including living curing, but I haven't done it yet. That said, I wrote it to be ultimately compatible with both, so getting living curing started is a matter of adding a few things to a table and a couple triggers. Which leads me to my next point...
  3. This system isn't finished yet. It's good enough that I used it to win some Delosian brawls/championships/whatever a while back, but I took a few months break from Aetolia since then and there have been several big combat changes. My plan is to use open-sourcing/giving it away to motivate me to include/fix the rest of the things that the system needs.
  4. If you're using my system, I'd like you to view that as an agreement to help me make it better. Post problems with it in this thread, or message me with them. My goal with my last system was to make combat more accessible for everyone, without anyone having to fork over a lot of cash (however if you do want to fork over cash, donations are welcome).
  5. You are welcome to make any alterations to my system that you like, and distribute them freely. However, I would request that if you are distributing my system or a version of my system, that you do so freely and without charge. Also, if you do make a significant change, make me aware of it and maybe I'll include your work in my version so that everyone profits.
  6. This system doesn't include an automated offense. That's left as an exercise for the reader, or possibly something you can purchase from me. I also removed several other things, like my autobasher. The removal of these modules hasn't been completely tested, so I may have broken something.
  7. No liability is taken for when something goes weird and you spontaneously eat 8000 gold inks. Caveat emptor.

What's needed to get it working:

  1. Mudlet must be installed.
  2. gmcp needs to be enabled in Mudlet. Go to Settings/General and make sure "Enable GMCP" is checked.
  3. Config mapview on with map radius 4 is highly recommended.
  4. Opening Settings/Input Line and unchecking "Show the text you sent" is highly recommended. This is a spammy system.
  5. mudbot is also highly recommended. I have included an autobasher that will work with mudbot, although you will need to tweak it to work with your preferred bashing area.
  6. The in-game configs that are relevant are set as follows:
    combatmessages           on
    daynight off
    mapview on
    mxp off
    pagelength 250
    wrapwidth 0
    affliction_view full
    balance_taken on
    damage_change on
    experience_change on
    mobdamage on
    simple_diag on
    viewtitles off
  7. Once you've completed the above, download the system, and extract it. Go to Toolbox/Module manager, hit Install, and find the downloaded xml file. After that, save your profile and restart mudlet.
  8. If you don't have certain skills, this system may break in new and exciting ways. Things like parry, diagnose, etc. You should remove any defenses that you don't have access to from the general defense table, or the defup script will try to keep applying them.
  9. The only classes that I have are Bloodborn and Indorani, and I only recently got Indorani. So if you're Bloodborn, or, to some extent, Indorani, good news! This system will probably work great for you out of the box. Other classes will require significant tweaking.

Basic usage:

  • t (whatever) to target it
  • f (optional whatever, defaults to target) to hit it
  • j (command) to execute that command as soon as you get balance back
  • cor (command) to keep looping that command every time you regain balance
  • ee to reset the system to "normal", end all rituals, and other stuff
  • cure (clear|off|on) to reset curing, turn curing off, and turn curing on, respectively.
  • cure limbs to fix all limb damage. During combat I only cure limbs if they have above 15% damage, so in non-combat situations you may want to cure all limbs completely.

I'm open to any questions, so please don't hesitate to contact me in any way. That said, I'm afk a lot, so be patient.

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  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander PortlandMember Posts: 5,612 ✭✭✭✭✭
    This is an awesome thing for you to do. Thank you so much.

    Also, if anyone wants to see the system in action, Xarian kindly sits at West Cavern Entrance to let people test it out! >_> 

    Tossing you some credits on behalf of Carnifex as a thanks, and I will definitely be directing my members to this. I'll see if I can find someone (heeeeyyy @Toz) to help you convert it for living.
  • ElyniElyni New ZealandMember Posts: 147 ✭✭✭
    I'm always open for dying... I mean helping to test things!
  • SetneSetne The Grand Tyrant Member Posts: 835 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Also, gui elements should need to be turned on, I prefer to construct my own gui and not have my system provide it, one of the main reasons I'm not really tempted to try Tripwire until that's an available option.
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  • EzalorEzalor Emperor D'baen CanadaMember Posts: 1,307 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Just a couple things I noticed:

    Your system doesn't delay or even cure biles. Since Praenomen don't push salve afflictions you're free to spam oculi/epidermal to put yellowbile into remission forever. Just have it press/apply at least once every 7s.

    Changeable prerestoration thresholds would work wonders.Against Sentinels and Lycans you probably don't want to prerestore until like 30%, doing 2% shuts down the Luminary 3/3 30 strategy down completely, etc. I've found myself using unique prerestore thresholds for almost every single limb class.

    As someone who used some version of your ZMud system as the next step from Nexus to bash to endgame, major props to releasing this for free. It's a huge boon to new players coming in to have something to build off of.
  • IkretIkret Member Posts: 1
    As an Indorani who just started playing again, this makes me very happy.
  • XarianXarian Member Posts: 88 ✭✭✭
    I've always cured biles manually, but I'll include something.

    I think I will keep GUI elements active, they're popular enough with most people, and it's easier to have them and then disable them than vice-versa. If you want the UI disabled, the easiest way is to probably go to Scripts/General/startSystem and comment out the makeUI() line. I'm not sure if that will break anything else, if it does I'll make an easier way to disable the UI.

    I'm not sure why that error is happening; timerList is declared in the startSystem() script, which should fire the moment you connect to your profile. There's no reason it should be nil unless startSystem() didn't fire for some reason. Did you restart mudlet after loading the system?
  • VolinVolin Member Posts: 1
    Really glad you released this. Not playing either class, but at least I have a framework to go off!
  • SaavikSaavik Member Posts: 4
    Hello, I have two issues I came across while I was trying out different systems on my bashing trip:

    1. The alias "defoff" does not work the way I thought it would when I typed "defoff" to turn off the def up process because I kept putting up rebounding each time I make a move. There is no option to turn rebounding off.

    2. I've tried to customize my defences for my Praenomen class and Avoidance (diverting and dodging both at the same time). Can I safely remove the Indorani class defences?

    Many thanks for your help.
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