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    Race: Azudim
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Teradrim/Bahir'an
    City: Bloodloch

    Hair: Coppery red, long and curly.
    Eyes:  Sapphire blue.
    Height: Short. Probably around 5'1" because 5' is a bit cliche.
    Build: Petite with a very young adolescent shape.
    Defining Features: Her shadow wings, but most people never see them because she is nearly always disguised as a human.
    Clothing: Very proper Consanguine appropriate. She goes for modest styles with blues, purples, and greens predominating. Jewelry is a must.
    Tattoos: None.
    Piercings: None.
    Scars: None.

    Strengths: She's fiercely loyal to the Blood above all else, but is almost as equally loyal to the Teradrim as long as interests don't collide. She is patient and patient when it comes to achieving things she wants. She's usually fairly level-headed when making decisions and genuinely tries to do the best things for the organizations she leads. When it suits her, she can put on an excellent show of being the perfect Consanguine.
    Weaknesses: She's the loner type by nature, and that fact is frequently at odds with the things she'd like to achieve. At any given point, she may have one person she considers a friend or confidante, but all of them have fallen into torpor. As a result, she typically ends up bottling emotions up until she has to release them by going home and breaking everything in sight. She also has a lingering and sometimes almost crippling sense that some higher force is in charge of the decisions she makes, not her.
    Attitude: She's often seen as being distant.
    Morals/Work Ethic: Guided by the traditional Consanguine Legacies. She will work very hard when she wants to.
    Pet Peeves: People touching her physically or wanting any sort of romantic relationship.
    Best way to piss her off: Get embraced by her and then get cured.
    Best way to get on her good side: Respect the distance she needs. Show interest in the same sorts of things she likes and be willing to find ways to work for the same causes with her. 

    Color: Blue.
    Profession: Praenomen.
    Profession Skill: Earthenform.
    General Skill: Horsemanship.
    Location: The meadow of memory in her haven.
    God/Goddess: Ivoln.
    Guild Master/House leader: She respects what Ezalor has done with D'baen. She wouldn't call him a favorite, but it's probably the closest thing she has to one.
    Tattoo: Bell.
    Artifact: Her disguising gem.
    Commodity: Gold.
    Animal: Wolf.
    Item owned: She doesn't get too attached to physical things, but right now she likes her BL Overlord sceptre.
    Village/forest/region: The Mrenadh/Kentorakro.
    NPC: Her direwolf.
    Memory: Learning to use wolf-form from Zoharim, and then running around as a wolf with him.
    Song: A quiet, ballad/lullaby type of song that one of the Mrenadhi mothers who lives near her sings to her kids at night.
    Drink: Blood.

    Goals: Making Abhorash and Ivoln genuinely happy with what she does in Bahir'an and the Teradrim while still doing what she thinks needs to be done.
    Ambitions: To be remembered as a force of change in Bahir'an and Consanguine society.Finding out the truth about who or what makes decisions in her life. Learning exactly how Yrtez was able to transform into Belladona.
    Nemesis: She's probably her own worst enemy.
    Rival: Erzsebet.
    Best Friend:  None currently, but she might have said Milvushina once.
    Idol: She looks up to Abhorash a lot of the time for his sheer power and ability to leave a lasting impression.
    Best personal achievement: Getting Bahir'an really up and running for the house purge and having it survive.
    Worst personal achievement: Not being able to turn the Imperium around at the very end, and getting very publicly berated with Ezalor and Arthas by Abhorash for it. She still blames Lunare.
    Proudest moment: When Abhorash approached her to see in Bahir'an would be the first House to join the Dominion.
    Most shameful moment: Getting all of Nebre'seir cursed by Galleus for sort of rigging a referendum to get Dhar appointed as House patron. It successfully got rid of the person running things at the time which is what she wanted, but she's still a bit ashamed of her role in it.
    Secret dream: True freedom. Finding some way to feel less trapped and burdened. Right now she has a sire with Sanguis plus Abhorash able to force her to do things, she has the threat of being trapped in one of the Pillars of the Earth for all eternity if the Teradrim fail, and a vague prophecy about not being able to change the cruel whims of fate.
    If she could make one wish..: Be able to spend a night or two running and hunting with wolves like she did when she was younger and had no idea that Consanguine and Houses existed.

    Why you should hate her: If you've done something wrong, she's not likely to be very forgiving. She has very high standards for herself and others, and will apply them harshly if she thinks it's needed. Do something bad enough, and she will ruin your chances of every joining organizations that are close to her if you want a second chance.
    Why you should love her: Unlike a lot of Bloodloch, her first response to problems isn't to jump in and kill people. She can and does occasionally have entirely polite conversations even with people who have every reason to hate her.
    Why you should fear her: "Friends" in high places will usually respond to her asking for help. Even when she's doing things that seem to be purely for the good of one group or another, there is probably an ulterior motive attached to it.
    Why she is harmless: Can't PK.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: A relatively subjugated mortal population ruled completely by the Dominion which would also be run by her either at Abhorash's side or instead of him. The most harmful "life" gods would be thoroughly locked away. Dhar would be sealed in the Underhalls, and Damariel would be trapped on the Shadow Plane.
    If you were to describe her one sentence: Once a forest-dwelling child who lived wildly with wolves, Sarita has been very thoroughly changed by daddy issues that started with Zoharim killing her mortal father, eventually leading her down a path that she sees as perilous, and where she can only go up or down.
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    Race: Azudim
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Shamwows
    City: COUNCIL of Duiran
    Order: The Guardians

    Hair: A mixture of all natural tones. Browns, reds, silvers, golds
    Eyes: Without pupils. They are mood ring colors.
    Height: She is short. She is very short.
    Build: Compact and curved. 
    Defining Features: Her entire body is covered in scarification. The designs are tribal/ritualistic.
    Clothing: Her haven bedroom is one giant closet. Clothes change often.
    Tattoos: None but useful ones.
    Piercings: Upper ear.
    Scars: See Defining Features.

    Strengths: Strong maternal instincts and good at PR in general. Loving, loyal, steadfast, and blunt. She is passionate about what she loves.
    Weaknesses: Blunt and will say what she thinks without sparing another person's feelings on it. Gets overly defensive about Guild and family.
    Morals: Don't hurt children and protect the future. Protect the Rhythm at all costs, using any means.
    Pet Peeves: Beating around the bush. If you want something, ask for it. If you want to do something in the guild, inquire.
    Best way to piss her off: Saying one thing and acting in a contradictory manner to what you said.
    Best way to get on her good side: Be straight forward. Be honest. Bring her muffins and ask about her children.

    Color: . . ALL of the colors?
    Profession: Shaman/Ascendril
    Profession Skill: Scry in Elemancy
    General Skill: Heatsight
    Location: Lonely path through the mists of the Hollow.        
    God/Goddess: @Slyphe
    Guild Master/House Head: Guildmaster - Mazzion, House Head - Darliea
    Tattoo: Arti Tree
    Artifact: Lockets to Elwyn and Xavin
    Commodity: Silver
    Animal: (The yet to be seen) Turtle Guardian
    Item owned: a vine-like band of burnished copper
    Village/forest/region: Duiran and the Myesis
    NPC: Ivaryen
    Memory: Too many favorites since being in Duiran!
    Song: The natural song of the forests and the songlines.
    Drink: Absinthe! Or that Tea-Elwyn-Makes-With-The-Glowing-Fruit

    Goals: Be the bringer of Guardian Worship into Duiran. Get the entire council more focused on Dendara.
    Ambitions: To continue to grow the Shamwow Guild and incorporate flavor, paths, and excitement.
    Nemesis: Does not have one.
    Rival: If she has one, it would probably be Arbre, but Arbre is also one of her best friends and goes into the next category as well.
    Best Friend: Elwyn/Xavin/Rivas
    Idol: Possibly Slyphe.
    Best personal achievement: Becoming and keeping Guildmaster. I know I have half finished things everywhere in the help files but I feel good that what I've put out and into the guild is solid. Also since no one's contested me I figure I can't be doing too bad.
    Worst personal achievement: They are all in the dark time we do not talk about.
    Proudest moment: Becoming a mama to wonderful twins
    Most shameful moment: Not accepting the love she was offered the first time. OR: Guild/City hopping so long before she settled down in Duiran.
    Secret dream: Her most secret of dreams are slowly being realized. The not so secret but still kind of secret one is involving the Guaridans and Spirits into more and also to get the Kindred to show the Praadi how to maybe offer to the Guardians or worships or rituals to better serve them.
    If she could make one wish..: It would be to see her children to grow up to be strong Shaman in Duiran, with all the love and support aorund them.

    Why you should hate her: She will tell you how it is whether you like her to or not. All of her projects take ages to finish.
    Why you should love her: I think she's a pretty good chilling companion to have, somewhat funny, and always honest to a fault.
    Why you should fear her: Bena in Duiran and Guildmaster of a guild that communes with terrifying spirit Guardians that could eat your FACE.
    Why she is harmless: Couldn't fight her way out of a wet paper bag and the guardians ignore her pretty much always.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: A focus on the carnal as a conduit into the metaphysical plane of visions, ecstasy, and communion with the higher calling. 
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: She is an easy-going, loyal, honest lady who has an addiction to shopping and an unending desire to see her family, her guild, and her council succeed.

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    Name: Ariadne
    Race: Yeleni
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Sentinels
    City: Duiran

    Hair: Black, tangled, woven with trinkets from hunting (bones, feathers, etc)
    Eyes: Indigo
    Height: Average
    Build: Strong, toned, feminine but on the more muscular side. 
    Defining Features: Her companion, the wolf Rendar
    Clothing: Very little.
    Tattoos: Woad tattoos around her brow and down her neck/arms
    Piercings: Probably got some bone stuff shoved through an earlobe or two
    Scars: Sentinel induction on palm. Knot of scar tissue across one side from where a stag nearly gored her.

    Basics: Taciturn, focuses on action. Has a gift of premonition, but does her best to squelch it after years of indulging it, hence the focus on physical stuff/hunting/living in the moment. Very much a follower type looking for leaders.
    Quirks: Is a close companion to a black wolf named Rendar. He's why she does not dabble in stuff like magic and premonition anymore, it seriously upsets him. He's her current "leader" of sorts, although they pretend it's a partnership.
    Speech: Clipped. She's not incapable of proper speech, she just thinks it's a waste of time to toss in all those other words. 
    Strengths: Good fighter, was crackerjack at troops back when she embraced her prescience
    Weaknesses: Refuses to work to her full potential, focuses heavily on action over words, to the point where it can be bad
    Morals/Work Ethic: No real strong morals. Hunts and focuses on the moment. Despises slavery and subjugation and vampires by extension
    Pet Peeves: Excessive chatter
    Best way to piss her off: Call Rendar her "pet"
    Best way to get on her good side:  Show respect to Rend. Show decisive action or strong leadership qualities.

    Color: Purple (she used to coordinate outfits with her eyes/wings. She used to be pretty fluffy)
    Profession: She won't admit it, but a deep, hidden part of her loves and longs for her days as a Druidess
    Profession Skill: Ambush
    General Skill: Extraction. Ylem gives her a rush.
    Location: Hallowed Grove, in the Morgun, where her old grove was. If it didn't piss off Rend, she's set up her tent there.
    God/Goddess: She hates to admit it, but she's entranced by Omei
    Guild Master/House leader: None. Has a very skittish relationship to authority - very guarded towards leaders but instinctively wants to follow them
    Tattoo: Owl. She loves the feeling of extracting ylem and needs that willpower regen!
    Artifact: All she has is a ylem gauntlet and a golden idol :(
    Commodity: Diamond dust and feathers. She finds them pretty.
    Animal: Rendar, the wolf
    Item owned: Nothing. She carries nothing physical from her past.
    Village/forest/region: Morgun
    NPC: Packmaster Nokaris immediately caught her interest.
    Memory: Meeting Rendar.
    Song: Swallow song and wolf howls. She's not very familiar with instrumental music.
    Drink: Dreamwine, but it's a hate-filled sort of love.

    Goals: Survive. Become stronger. Resist her urges to tap back into magic and prescience.
    Ambitions: None. Focused on the moment.
    Loves: The rush of a kill, the tingle of ylem energy, the heady thrill of peeking into the future, the feeling of perfectly coordinating with Rendar to take down a target, the beauty she constantly sees in nature/the wilds
    Hates: Slavery, vampires, destruction of nature
    Nemesis: None.
    Rival: Rendar.
    Best Friend: Rendar. She's kinda a lonely sort.
    Idol: Omei. She sees Omei as fearless and flawless and is in awe of how effortlessly the Goddess combines dreams and prophecy and magic with the immediacy and urgency of the physical and the hunt.
    Best personal achievement: Escaping the Sect, a group of fanatics that basically enslaved children to try to read the future.
    Worst personal achievement: Helping the Sect see a prophecy, because she was too scared to refuse.
    Proudest moment: Scrying in her grove to see the vision of Elioheim being taken, which led to Duiran bringing back the tradition of Eireachdus.
    Most shameful moment: Rendar nearly abandoning her.
    Secret dream: Find a way to make prescience and Omei and Rendar all happy together.
    If she could make one wish..: She's not really sure. She tries to avoid that sort of thinking.

    Why you should hate her: She doesn't really care much about people. Never had friends and doesn't really understand emotional attachment to others.
    Why you should love her: She COULD learn to care about others. Also, she has a very deep appreciation for the Wilds and will happily share that with others.
    Why you should fear her: She's pretty decent at PK and likely can hunt you down and kill you.
    Why she is harmless: She doesn't really have any goals or drive beyond hunting and destroying the few things she hates, so she leaves most people/things alone.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Little less conversation, a little more action, please.
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: That weird quiet chick over there, the one that the wolf follows around.


    Name: Rendar
    Species: Northern Ithmian grey wolf
    Gender: Male
    Territory: Northern Ithmia, but has a wide range
    Pack: Slain by aberrations

    Fur: Black
    Eyes: Yellow
    Height: At least waist-high on a human
    Build: Powerful, muscular
    Defining Features: That girl-cub who follows him around
    Scars: Bite marks on ears, claw marks on muzzle, long seam down his belly

    Basics: Hunter. Easily bored with inaction. Total glutton and will eat whenever he can. Rather full of himself.
    Quirks: Is absolutely baffled by lycanthropy and isn't sure if he should feel threatened or submit when he encounters one.
    Speech: Mostly low growls or whines. Rarely howls outside of exceptional circumstances.
    Strengths: Very strong and fine example of his species.
    Weaknesses: Territorial and possessive and suspicious of most everything.
    Morals/Work Ethic: Pack-oriented, has a burning hatred for aberrations
    Pet Peeves: Being touched by strangers.
    Best way to piss him off: Treat him like a pet, threaten his territory/pack
    Best way to get on her good side: Give him something to eat, flatter him

    Color: Brown-grey/black. (canine version of blood red)
    Profession Skill: Jugular bite
    General Skill: Dash
    Location: The hunter's blind the girl-cub set up in the Ithmia. Smells familiar and safe.
    God/Goddess: Finds Omei very threatening. Felt an innate desire to obey and follow Haern when he saw Him.
    Pack leader: Himself.
    Animal: Elk tastes best.
    Village/forest/region: Northern Ithmia. Southern areas make him too hot.
    NPC: Hesher is the only person so far who's showed him the true respect he's due.
    Memory: His mate whelping her first litter.
    Drink: Water from the Zaphar. The Myesis tastes like beaver piss.

    Goals: Survive. Become stronger. Make the girl-cub stronger. 
    Ambitions: Find a new pack and new mate.
    Loves: The rush of a kill, the feeling of perfectly coordinating with the girl-cub to take down a target, eating fresh meat
    Hates: Aberrations
    Nemesis: Aberrations
    Rival: The girl-cub
    Best Friend: The girl-cub
    Idol: Haern. He was immediately enraptured with him.
    Best personal achievement: Becoming an alpha
    Worst personal achievement: Not being there when his pack was slain
    Proudest moment: He has been pleased to see the girl-cub improve
    Most shameful moment: Has no shame.
    Secret dream: When he dreams, it is violent and bloody and delicious.
    If he could make one wish..: He would wish for his pack to still be alive.

    Why you should hate him: He does not care about you and likely never will.
    Why you should love him: He will fight beside you and even protect you if it benefits a mutual cause.
    Why you should fear him: He'll rip your throat out.
    Why he is harmless: He tends to not bother with humans.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: He would give the world over to Haern and simply go run with his own pack. Also, fresh meat for everyone!
    If he were to describe himself in one sentence: That magnificent wolf over there, the one that the clumsy girl-cub follows around.
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    Name: Lin; name given as Ambor by wishes of her Sire.


    Race: Azudim, Vampire.
    Gender: Female.
    Guild/House: House Ve'kahi.
    City: None.
    Order: @Iosyne (Congregation).


    Hair: Black, oily, long and kinda spiky.
    Eyes: Pale gold, like a light beer, but with a red core.
    Height: Seven feet and change.
    Build: The very image of some Frazettian ideal. Solid muscle, with all the right peaks and valleys.
    Defining Features: Sheathed up to her thighs and shoulders in irregular plates of bone and chitin, with an inner layer of black fur. Heavy barbed tail. The usual trappings of horns, pointy ears, etc. etc. Makes for a decent archetypal demon.
    Clothing: By necessity, flowing and able to be put on in spite of the inconvenient shape of her limbs (skirts, loincloths, vests, cloaks, bandeaus, etc.).
    Tattoos: None.
    Piercings: One in her lip.
    Scars: A few here or there, nothing worth writing home about.
    Other Markings: A sort of yin-yang-like mark burnt into her forehead. Sometimes wears white facepaint.


    Strengths: Completely and unquestioningly loyal once she's decided she feels you. More persistence than a sniper playing hide-and-seek. As always, a deadly work ethic. Very comfortable with who and what she is.
    Weaknesses: Driven by contempt as easily as inspiration. Poor to nonexistent displays of emotion. Craven at times. Extremely impatient. Always very, very hungry.
    Attitude: Short, brutal, to the point. Unless inspired or her interest piqued, doesn't waste words. Doesn't often use proper greetings or farewells. Because she's had a pretty eventful life, tends to assume she has something to teach anyone.
    Philosophy: Overtures of sociopathy and nihilism. Her kind are suited only for greed and consumption. There is no virtue but to feed hunger in all of its forms.
    Pet Peeves: Being made to wait unnecessarily.
    Best way to piss me off: Virtually anything can do this - perhaps she's not so uncaring?
    Best way to get on my good side: Get to the point.


    Color: Burgundy.
    Class: Monk.
    Class Skill: Wrench (Tekura).
    General Skill: Hypersight.
    Location: None.
    God/Goddess: None.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None.
    Tattoo: Owl.
    Artifact (don't have to own): The cloak of Emperor Baelak.
    Commodity: Iron.
    Animal: None.
    Item owned: None.
    Village/forest/region: el'Jazira.
    NPC: None.
    Memory: Waking up dead in the Itzatl.
    Song: None.
    Drink: that red stuff vampires are always having


    Goals: Pursue an unspecified modicum of power, as her Sire has commanded. This is a goal without parameters - she will stop when she's satisfied.
    Ambitions: Transform Ve'kahi from laughingstock to paragon.
    Nemesis: @Erzsebet.
    Rival: None.
    Best Friend: None.
    Idol: @Procell.
    Best personal achievement: Earning the approval and generosity of Emperor @Ezalor.
    Worst personal achievement: None. Her unlife is young, yet.
    Most shameful moment: She has little shame.
    Secret dream: To drink @Sibatti's blood.


    Why you should hate her: She has turned her back on the world of the living and is wholly unrepentant.
    Why you should love her: You shouldn't.
    Why you should fear her: That's up to you.
    If she ruled the world: She would destroy herself.
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: An unhappy lioness, devouring everything in sight.
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    Bored! Haven't done one of these yet either!

    Character Name: Aren Ratek Yaslana


    Race: Yeleni, previously Atavian
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Daru
    City: Enorian
    Order: Slyphe


    Hair: Long, dark blue usually in a ponytail
    Eyes: Violet 
    Height: 5'10"
    Build: Lean, not overly muscled
    Defining Features: Prob the blue hair
    Clothing: Varies, usually grey/white/black
    Tattoos: A brand on the inside of his left wrist
    Piercings: Gauged ears, tongue...other places
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Has come to learn patience over the years. Good at talking his way out or into things.
    Weaknesses: Has an explosive temper that takes a while to build, but when there it's bad
    Attitude: Has been rather carefree lately. Will go through anything to protect those closest to him(which aren't many)
    Morals: Everyone has a spark, some will just never use theirs. While he's all for curing or helping someone from the darkness, he realizes some can't be helped.
    Pet Peeves: Those who need praise and attention for their deeds constantly
    Best way to piss me off: Hurt Haven/Akarn/Rivas- Attack innocents
    Best way to get on my good side: Buy him a drink, be civil and just talk to him, even if you're on the 'wrong' side


    Color: Gold
    Profession: Luminary/Daru/Wolf
    Profession Skill: Lately! Telepathy- Radiance
    General Skill: Angel seek
    Location: Haven
    God/Goddess: Slyphypoo
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Probably Daskalos in Lums, the...first time, second? Maybe third
    Tattoo: prism
    Artifact: Caves amulet or martydom emblem
    Commodity: wat? Wood? lol
    Animal: wolves, any kind of bird
    Item owned: A xorani band
    Village/forest/region: Aerie
    NPC: Lenci
    Memory: Working with Osifer/Nightshadow and Severn to get the cure
    Song: YEP
    Drink: golden firefly brandy


    Goals: Live out his life with Akarn in peace. Convert as many as he can.
    Amibitions: Help Haven in converting Ezalor/Iosyne
    Nemesis: Ezalor
    Rival: Rashar
    Best Friend: Haven/Akarn/Roux
    Idol: Slyphe
    Best personal achievement: Finding the cure
    Worst personal achievement: Doing some badbad things while in Chak's order
    Proudest moment: Having the Triad say he should be allowed to join the Luminaries
    Most shameful moment: Spying for Severn when he was first cured/ Considering leaving the light for a while not long ago
    Secret dream: To have the realm rid of all undead.

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    Character Name: Swastan


    Race: Dwarf
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Teradrim
    City: Bloodloch
    Congregation: Ivoln


    Hair: Brown-red mohawk, red braided beard
    Eyes: Slate grey
    Height: 4' 8"
    Build: Stout, muscular
    Defining Features: Beard, mohawk
    Clothing: Skirt (think like Udyr) or kilt, Ivoln prayer beads, wyrm or Ivoln-related armband, belts.
    Tattoos: Various runic markings and dwarvish designs painted on.
    Piercings: Septum
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Headstrong, full of conviction.
    Weaknesses: Not a "strong arm" kind of character in a city full of slaughter-happy citizens.
    Attitude: Kind, helpful, devout.
    Morals: Kind of neutral-evil. Doesn't believe in killing for the sake of killing, believes children should be left alone.
    Pet Peeves: Blind hatred, blind following, nature, "the light".
    Best way to piss me off: Flood, nature, or otherwise defile a desert, mountain, or other "earthy" location.
    Best way to get on my good side: Become undead, worship Ivoln, show intelligence and individuality.


    Color: Ivory (the color of sun-bleached bones)
    Profession: Teradrim
    Profession Skill: Terramancy - Chasm
    General Skill: Forging - Customization
    Location: Earthen Grotto
    God/Goddess: Ivoln and Chakrasul
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None
    Tattoo: Mountain
    Artifact (don't have to own): enhanced_golem, enhanced_sandstorm, enhanced_sand
    Commodity: Inks
    Animal: Vulture
    Item owned: simple prayer beads of Ivoln
    Village/forest/region: None at this time.
    NPC: Gegrelaesh
    Memory: Finding his "calling" in life.
    Song: Dirges.
    Drink: Doesn't like drinking, due to it clouding judgement.


    Goals: Learn every mortal language, become Imperator of the Earth.
    Amibitions: Proselytize to every village, city, and inhabited area; affect change in Bloodloch.
    Nemesis: All who are living.
    Rival: None
    Best Friend: His golem.
    Idol: Abhorash
    Best personal achievement: Being appointed as Novice Aide.
    Worst personal achievement: Going inactive multiple times, namely immediately after being appointed novice aide.
    Proudest moment: Being appointed as novice aide.
    Most shameful moment: ...going inactive multiple times.
    Secret dream: To see Bloodloch destroyed and remade in the vision of Ivoln and Chakrasul, and to see the Teradrim take a far more central role as priests of undeath.
    If I could make one wish..: For all the living to become undead.
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    Name: Alice

    Race: Vampire Mhun
    Gender: Female.
    Guild/House: Bloodborn/Ba'hiran
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: None (Ivoln Congregate)


    Hair: Dark black
    Eyes: Duel-toned (one black/one red)
    Height: 5''
    Build: Thin
    Defining Features: Two-toned eyes, and masquerade shows multiple scars crossing at all her joints.
    Clothing: Black dresses, blood-splattered apron, Ivoln prayer beads
    Scars: Hidden by vampiric perfection.


    Strengths: Loyal to a fault, determined, bookkeeping, observant especially when signs of oddities arise that might show betrayal to her Guild/House/Sire.
    Attitude: A ballet of etiquette, curious and otherwise impartial.
    Philosophy: Very, very basic. Strength in Undeath.
    Pet Peeves: Apathy, adoration, clingy people, being chided, disrespect.
    Best way to piss me off: Nearly impossible aside the noted above in strengths. Likely won't be angry though, but will relentlessly ruin someone for betrayal if she can.
    Best way to get on my good side: 'Good'?


    Color: Blue
    Class: Teradrim
    Class Skill: BECOME BAT
    Location: Bloodloch's Alcazar lounges
    God/Goddess: Ivoln & Omei
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Ilyon/Sarita
    Tattoo: Flame (for the irony) or Feather.
    Artifact (don't have to own): @Ilyon's ring of many words :>
    Commodity: Sand(?)
    Animal: Wyrms
    Item owned: Currently not available, but the vanilla skull/bone lollipops
    NPC: Malika Mauta Santi! (Most memorable stuff there for me heh)
    Memory: Rebirth. Sear convincing Alice to get engaged after ^ happened...
    Drink: Anything vanilla


    Goals: Bring honor to Ba'hiran, maybe be a better servant to Bloodloch overall, make other Mhuns serve.
    Nemesis: None i don't think, the ones what breath.
    Best Friend: Sear
    Idol: @Ilyon @Riluo @Sarita ^_^
    Best personal achievement: Getting lvl 80 -_-
    Worst personal achievement: ?? idk
    Most shameful moment: Alice doesn't feel those things. I guess everytime she thinks Bloodborn or Ba'hiran are disappointed are the closest.
    Secret dream: To learn to beat the heck out of breathers like her idols can do >..>

    Why you should hate her: She has no feels. Your feels don't really matter much either, but she'll try for the sake of society's expectations.
    Why you should love her: 'Love'?
    Why you should fear her: Nah lol
    If she ruled the world: Everyone would be (un)dead.
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: Straightforward and impartial, she doesn't really have time for your excuses if you forgot something important.
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    Just wanted to chime in and say this is excellent for me to read. I'm trying to decide how to RP my character and settle on a description and I think this will help a lot. I'll try to post in one of these threads myself once I figure out what Mordocai is up to.
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    Character Name: Zortania Cardinalis


    Race: Yeleni
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Sentinels
    City: Duiran
    Order: Omei (in congregation)


    Hair: Has black/white striped fur.
    Eyes: Crystaline blue
    Height: 6'6"
    Build: Athletic
    Defining Features: Fur is fuzzy, lengthier sections around the face adorned with trinkets. Extra fur on tips of ears.
    Clothing: Loincloth and leather top.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None exactly, though her fur is worn away from her chin some.


    Strengths: Honest, not afraid to speak her mine.
    Weaknesses: Some speech issues. Insecurity. Easily confused. Still has some old Druid mindset at times.
    Attitude: Fairly tribal. Pride in race and chosen path. Fairly easy going, respectful.
    Morals: The cycle must not be broken. Dreams are precious. Nightmares show us our true selves sometimes.
    Pet Peeves: Stupidity, superiority complex, tree-hugger attitude/behavior, dishonor.
    Best way to piss me off: Demean in any way. Or, damage the jungle.
    Best way to get on my good side: Talk about the jungle.


    Color: Green
    Profession: Sentinel
    Profession Skill: Woodlore - Tent
    General Skill: Scent
    Location: Her tent or her haven
    God/Goddess: Omei, though Lleis from before
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None
    Tattoo: Mountain
    Artifact (don't have to own): bracers of devastation
    Commodity: wood
    Animal: Wolf or tiger
    Item owned: Dhurive
    Village/forest/region: Ithmia forests
    NPC: N/A
    Memory: Marrying Saltzmaul
    Song: A melody she learned from a Rajamala in her youth
    Drink: Not sure, she's experimenting


    Goals: Make herself useful and learn about the world. Adjust.
    Amibitions: Take over as Ambassador in Duiran. HoN in Sentinels
    Nemesis: Any Syssin
    Rival: None yet
    Best Friend: Not sure, not been back enough yet to say
    Idol: Sibatti, from what she's read of her so far
    Best personal achievement: Admitting defeat and taking an extended rest
    Worst personal achievement: The same as above, besides the loss of her child with Alonzo
    Proudest moment: So far? Progressing in the Sentaari to become a Sister
    Most shameful moment: Sleeping for over two hundred years and leaving Saltzmaul behind to die without her seeing him off.
    Secret dream: None so far.
    If I could make one wish..: Make Saltzmaul return.
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    Any Syssin, hmmm?
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    I could do a break down for Exodus, by proxy, but all you'd get is the name.
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    Name: Omei

    Race: Lycanthrope, Immortal
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: None
    City: Duiran
    Order: Her own

    THE LOOK ("human")

    Hair: Long, white, knotted, kinked, and split
    Eyes: Violet and stolen
    Height: 6' (a bit under 2 meters)
    Build: Hard, muscular, but wiry
    Defining features: Appears elderly (apparently has a great rack, though that was unintentional)
    Clothing: Nothing but jewelry and a fierce grin
    Tattoos: The old Rajamalan war-prayers, inked in swirls across Her body
    Piercings: All over the place
    Scars: Enough to tell stories by

    THE LOOK ("werewolf")

    Fur: Black and grey, shot through with silver
    Eyes: Violet and stolen
    Height: 14' (a little over 4 meters)
    Build: A brawny powerhouse, like a furry version of Haern
    Defining features: Sheer size; powerful Divine aura
    Clothing: Bangles and a gorget
    Tattoos: Too much fur to see
    Piercings: Same as "human"
    Scars: Too much fur to see


    Strengths: Confident, honest, generous, stable (a 180 of Her former self); loyal and protective so long as Her alliances with other Divine hold; makes up for the rest in sheer brutality
    Weaknesses: Easily-wounded pride, dangerously impatient, recklessly violent
    Attitude: Aloof and a touch removed from those She deals with ("so done with it all", to use Tumblrese), predominantly self-interested
    Morals: Loyalty, only loyalty; oh, and don't lie
    Pet Peeves: Loud people with nothing to say, arrogant people who try to take Her down a peg, being called "Dreamer", being called "Nightmare", being called "Artist", people who cannot take care of themselves, people with dependency issues, people who advocate emotional distance or repression, people who interpret the dreams of others, people who fear things they don't understand, people who wear too much fancy clothing, very fat people, very skinny people, very pale people, people who can't take responsibility for their actions, people with names that end in unpleasant "n" sounds, people who scurry after Her and don't know why, people who drink milk, people who trip or stumble, people who stutter, stupid people, very smart people, Sentinels
    Best way to piss Her off: Try to seek Her audience by means of saying Her name aloud, compare Her to Severn, pander for attention without making it worth Her time
    Best way to get on Her good side: Worship through displays of violence, swear and keep to unswerving loyalty, practice nudity, don't be a damn putz


    Color: Violet
    Profession: Shaman
    Profession Skill: Shamanism, Songlines
    General Skill: Heatsight
    Location: The dreamland She was made to govern
    God/Goddess: Haern, Auresae, Slyphe
    Tattoo: Moon
    Artifact: The moon
    Commodity: Silver
    Animal: All predatory beasts of the wild world
    Item owned: Diamonds
    Village/forest/region: Farsai, Liruma, and of course Tecpatl's Cradle
    NPC: Masters Shin, Barzerald, and Gelade
    Memory: The battle with Odravh
    Song: The howling of wolves, and the inaudible thrum of the leylines
    Drink: Bitter beers and strong kawhe


    Goals: Envelop the world in a land of dreams, and protect those who choose to live there
    Ambitions: A God-Queen's reign in the mortal world, with a warhost of reality-bending shapeshifters at Her beck and call
    Nemesis: Damariel? Severn?
    Rival: Iosyne, but less so these days
    Best Friend: All of Her Order
    Idol: Odravh, a power She fears and wants
    Best personal achievement: Helping to rescue Slyphe from His nightmares
    Worst personal achievement: Nearly dying, allowing the realm of dreams to "collapse"
    Proudest moment: Reawakening the power of oneiromancy
    Most shameful moment: Slaying the explorer Eiger Sindele, forcing Herself into a human's body (killing her brother made up for it)
    Secret dream: To slay the Gods of Albedos in single combat
    If She could make one wish: She could have stayed up in Her tomb-tower and slept forever


    Why you should hate Her: She will throw away your world, and put Hers in its place
    Why you should love Her: She will protect you like one of Her pups, and reward you generously
    Why you should fear Her: She is merciless and violent, and has no room in Her worldview for anything but living, loyal mortals
    Why She is harmless: She isn't
    If She ruled the world, you'd best expect: A realm without undeath, a free anarchaic monarchy where people live in peace, and form the objects of their material needs with thought
    If you were to describe Her in one sentence: Pls yiff?

    i am rapture coder
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    Name: Ianea Siarani

    Race: Idreth (with strong Kelki influences.)
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Sentaari
    City: Duiran
    Order: Slyphe


    Hair: None. She has a 'crown' of spike-like fins instead.
    Eyes: Silver
    Height: Slightly above average.
    Build: Lithe muscles with curves.
    Defining features: She's dark, purple-obsidian skin.
    Clothing: Monks robes and pants.
    Tattoos: Lavender tattoos on her face and oceanic tattoos on the webbing between her fingers.
    Piercings: Piercings through the webbing on her fingers.
    Scars: None.


    Strengths: Creative, enthusiastic, generous with those she cares for.
    Weaknesses: She can be withdrawn in a crowd, volunteers for things before she thinks.
    Attitude: Excitable and observant.
    Morals: She's still growing into this, but mostly lives the example of those around her.
    Pet Peeves: Those that cannot bend.
    Best way to piss her off: Not sure.
    Best way to get on her good side: Complement her work.


    Color: Purple
    Profession: Sentaari
    Profession Skill: Transmute, Kipup
    General Skill: Trade skills
    Location: The gallery in the Villa
    God/Goddess: Slyphe
    Tattoo: Mountain
    Artifact: Not sure.
    Commodity: Steel and Coral
    Animal: Shark
    Item owned: a tiny figurine of a Kelki woman
    Village/forest/region: Libec Cay
    NPC: Nesventesh and Maurice
    Memory: Meeting Slyphe for the first time.
    Song: Anything amusing.
    Drink: Vodka in near any form.


    Goals: She's just completed some major goals, so she is still figuring out her next steps.
    Ambitions: To have every trade skill and talent. And design many, many items.
    Nemesis: Doesn't have one, though I think it would be fun.
    Rival: Mael (friendly)
    Best Friend: Mael
    Idol: Jami and Kerryn
    Best personal achievement: Helping to relocate Moghedu
    Worst personal achievement: Tough.. becoming Idreth possibly
    Proudest moment: When Damariel and Omei liked her fan of Them.
    Most shameful moment: Watching a troll die by Omei's hand (powers?) and mocking the troll while it happened.
    Secret dream: Not really sure yet.
    If she could make one wish: She would have remained Kelki.


    Why you should hate her: She secretly thinks she's the best at what she pursues. (Even though she isn't.)
    Why you should love her: She will go to the ends of the earth for those she cares about.
    Why you should fear her: If she thinks she's been slighted, she doesn't forget or forgive easily.
    Why she is harmless: She's still young and finding her way?
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: A realm where creativity and creation is the height of society.
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: She is constantly considering how she can capture a moment in design, even if she seems to be paying attention.
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    Name: Cohort Lim

    Race: Idreth (or Mhun)
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Carnifex
    City: Spinesreach
    Order: -


    Hair: Black. Short and neat.
    Eyes: Brown.
    Height: Shorty.
    Build: Chubby as a kid, lost the weight, but some baby fat still on face.
    Defining features: Short. Pale. Squinty eyes. Flat nose.
    Clothing: Carnifex uniform - think of the Night's Watch from GoT
    Tattoos: None- or at least all for combat functionality with no emotional significance.
    Piercings: None.
    Scars: None.


    Strengths: Intelligent. Has discipline and perseverance.
    Weaknesses: Low confidence. Nervousness is situational - those he perceives to be junior or non-threatening or deserving of help, he is nice to and speaks confidently with; those he perceives to have authority or seniority, he is more on edge.
    Attitude: Do good and help the world be a better place.
    Morals: Strength, Darwinism, Utilitarianism - the ends justify the means. Caring for someone can mean taking a life that needs to be taken.
    Pet Peeves: Bullies.
    Best way to piss her off: Pick on him.
    Best way to get on her good side: Be loving/caring to one another. Be respectful to people. Have a good heart.


    Color: White
    Profession: Indorani
    Profession Skill: Flinging tarot cards.
    General Skill: Focusing
    Location: His bed in the Keep.
    God/Goddess: No favourite, but drifting toward Iosyne.
    Tattoo: Tree.
    Artifact: His scarf.
    Commodity: Steel.
    Animal: Dogs.
    Item owned: His scarf.
    Village/forest/region: The North. He dies in warm climate.
    NPC: Gruxmal - pseudo father figure aside from Moirean.
    Memory: Seeing a certain girl (identity secret) for the first time. She doesn't appear around anymore.
    Song: Tuneless humming.
    Drink: Spirean brews, if necessary, otherwise, plain water.


    Goals: Become a skilled combatant.
    Ambitions: Take power, shape the world to be a better place.
    Nemesis: Benedicto, Ingram.
    Rival: His doppleganger (not sure if a function of his psyche or if it has life of its own).
    Best Friend: Jik-gao, his first hound.
    Idol: Ilyon, Ezalor, Valingar.
    Best personal achievement: His present state (confidence, combat ability, etc). A work in progress.
    Worst personal achievement: Getting picked on by people - he blames himself for this.
    Proudest moment: When he got his first kiss (on the cheek).
    Secret dream: Take over the world, shape it to be a better place.
    If she could make one wish: That everyone would treat each other better.


    Why you should hate him: No reason, right now.
    Why you should love him: He's a good boy.
    Why you should fear him: The dabbling in souls/necromancy takes its toll on a person, and some consequences are starting to show.
    Why he is harmless: He doesn't hurt people for the pleasure of it.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: A Utopian benevolent dictatorship, slowly devolving to tyranny.
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: A good boy in a bad neighbourhood, turning into a product of the environment.
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    My mistake!
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    Omei said:

    Name: Omei

    I wish Reux were 150 years younger. So much more fun to play this angle then trying to idolize a fallen Rahn.

    I went through the old forum looking for my first participation in this idea, and found this.

    I've changed. Reux's changed. Lin changed. My gripe about 'pretty girls' has also been embraced, from what weeks I've been roaming Spines and Loch.

    Reux Ve'kahi
    Race: Azudim (wouldn't change to Idreth if given the chance)
    Gender: Male (wouldn't change if upgraded to a gem)
    Guild/House: Bloodborn/Ve'kahi
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: Erzsebet, Goddess of SHINIES

    The Look - Vampre
    Hair: None
    Eyes: Black
    Height: 7' at most, but a slouch can accompany a less-than-pleasant mood
    Build: Athletic
    Defining Features: Pale flesh-tone, dark bumps away from the underbelly/head. Idea came from looking at this while thinking about the werecroc details. The reversion back to a Tekal-ish form is due to torpor, and he'll most likely grow his fur back once I'm confident I know my own character again.
    Clothing: The loincloth.
    Tattoos, Piercings, Scars: None. This is likely to change the longer he remains furless and pining for more of Omei's attention.

    The Look - Werecroc
    Hair: None
    Eyes: Red
    Height: 9'+, with slouch
    Build: Athletic
    Defining Features: Black spikes/frills along the spine and tail. This is the first opportunity for the demon blood that's supposed to run in Reux's sire's line, Khezar, to really show up. That eyes show up at all, instead of being white-shot.
    Clothing: Still the loincloth.
    Tattoos, Piercings, Scars: None.

    Strengths: Eagerness, confidence, little things are less important than the bigger picture.
    Weaknesses: Impatience. While torpor and time have dulled his trust issues (loyalty/paranoia gets trashed in this regard), frustration at too little happening too slowly has not been changed in the slightest.
    Attitude: Curious. Tends to 'look up to', rather then 'look down upon'. It's like being a novice again.
    Morals: Awareness of body, mind, and heart are all necessary to be progressive and purposeful. You need to have desires, know how to reach these desires, and have the ability to earn these things for yourself. This awkwardly puts him at edge with just about all the dark gods.
    Pet Peeves: Bloodrank taken seriously. Non-living flirtatious or sexual advances toward him.
    Best way to piss me off: Courtesy is still that important. Please and thank you separates prey from predators.
    Best way to get on my good side: Don't incite his impatience. Answer questions, offer advice, and take his help when he offers it. Stroking his ego can come when he respects himself proper again.

    Color: Green
    Profession: Shapeshifter (Werecroc)
    Profession Skill: SUBMERGE
    General Skill: NIMBLENESS
    Location: His Den. This is likely to change as levels go up and the haven is expanded.
    God/Goddess: Rahn is still the paradigm, though Omei is looking more attractive the more he has to give Her any focus, and probably try convincing Her to give the darker side a shot. Depending, Chak may just get the attention She's deserved since he was first married as a Daru.
    House Head: Erzsebet. She is Ve'kahi and Ve'kahi would be lost without her.
    Commodity: Steel. Diorite may just take this place once I find time to craft.
    Village/forest/region: Tossup between the island of Polyargos and the marshes around Fengard. Both have too many pleasant memories tied around them.
    NPC: Krisiina, High Mage of Xaanhal.
    Memory: Killing Yudhishthira as a jawan and dropping the corpse before his sire, as a part of the proof he was worth embracing.
    Song: Currently, the natural noises of an undisturbed, vibrantly natural setting. While this used to be hanging in the tops of trees in a forest, resting submerged in a swamp gives the same peace of mind. There isn't a lot of constructed music in his life though, so this can easily change by a patient bard!
    Drink: General Xaeon's blood.

    Goals: Become capable once more. Regular death will follow after. I have a feeling the ties to the werecroc are going to have me make him more family oriented sooner than later.
    Nemesis: Mazzion, especially if Zsarachnor is really gone from the face of Sapience.
    Rival: Khezar, Reux's sire.
    Idol: Rahn, still, regardless of where his interests in divine will eventually take him.
    Best personal achievement: Becoming Embraced.
    Worst personal achievement: Gaining a position of leadership in Dhar's order and breaking down after failing in the war that came after.
    Secret dream: Venting any frustrations from experiences with Gaellus' order, including: killing Mazzion without deceit, finding and killing something more powerful than big Z, and taking a hammer to a bust of a Gaellus shrine. Separately, taking a living lover worth the time to cultivate into something that will want to be sired, and like a spider, both exceed and overpower him.
    I mean, you know, an amount.

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    Yup, I give up! Can't seem to insert the necessary line breaks.

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    Name: Maite Cardinalis

    Race: Atavian
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Luminary
    City: Enorian
    Order: Damariel


    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Light green
    Height: Five foot
    Build: Small - lean
    Defining Features: Not really any
    Clothing: Same outfit she keeps having remade. Loose clothing, all but her face covered. Colors change depending on mood when they are remade
    Scars: None save for the flesh where her manacles are burned in


    Strengths: Loyal. Faithful. Honest - always.
    Attitude: Introverted, but able to speak publicly and handle it somewhat decently. She works on trying to be more social.
    Philosophy: Be the best representation of Lord Damariel and the Light she can
    Pet Peeves: Dishonesty. Lack of drive.
    Best way to piss me off: I don't think anyone has managed to do that yet with her.
    Best way to get on my good side: Be honest and willing to work.


    Color: Jade Green
    Class: Luminary
    Class Skill: Sustenance. It's rarely used but I think it is really awesome.
    Location: Her rooms in her mothers house, or the ship temple for Damariel
    God/Goddess: Duh.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Can't really answer that.
    Tattoo: None
    Artifact (don't have to own): Doesn't have or will ever have one
    Animal: Lion
    Item owned: A trinket as a reminder of her time spent with someone special.
    NPC: None
    Memory: First kiss.
    Drink: Tea of any kind


    Goals: Be recognized as an excellent order head and leader despite her age and naivete.
    Nemesis: None
    Best Friend: Probably Kerryn
    Idol: That's a hard one. Right now, probably Nesventesh.
    Best personal achievement: Becoming order head
    Worst personal achievement: None yet, I am sure it will happen.
    Most shameful moment: See above
    Secret dream: Still a secret!

    Why you should hate him: She is annoyingly optimistic.
    Why you should love him: She's sickeningly sweet and loyal
    Why you should fear him: I am giggling at the thought of someone fearing her.
    If you were to describe him in one sentence: She is loyal, optimistic, and morally good to a fault.
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    Making this up a bit as I go...
    Race: Human Vampire
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Bloodborn Bahir'an
    City: Bloodloch

    Hair: Black, falling just below shoulder length.
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 6'0
    Build: Typical statpack, a strong wiry build. Well defined muscles, but not large.
    Defining Features: Not really anything as of yet, probably will gain some at Tekal/Azudim.
    Clothing: Formal bloodborn attire
    Tattoos: n/a
    Piercings: n/a
    Scars: A notable lack of scars, due to him being Consanguine.

    Strengths: High confidence
    Weaknesses: Arrogance/narcissism
    Attitude: Polite and friendly to your face, plotting behind your back. Finds pain (both his own and others) humorous.
    Morals/Work Ethic: The ends always justify the means, and the ends are whatever most benefits himself.
    Pet Peeves: Consaguine hiding their true nature(Masquerade, etc), fratenizing with the living, etc. Essentially not being a "proper" Consanguine.
    Best way to piss him off: Showing disrespect for himself, the Blood, his House, Guild, or City.
    Best way to get on him good side: Aptitude, respect, and dedication to the Blood. [He doesn't care as much about Undead]

    Color: Black
    Profession: Bloodborn
    Profession Skill: Hematurgy
    General Skill: Farsight
    Location: Sanctum Sanguinis(spelling?)
    God/Goddess: The Malevolent
    Guild Master/House leader: Possibly Sarita, he admires the Bahir'an in general and sees what Sarita has done with the House/The Imperium as good.
    Tattoo: Mindseye
    Artifact: n/a(he has none)
    Commodity: Wood and Steel tied(Makes his Scythe/Athame)
    Animal: Spider, due to the malevolent.
    Item owned: Thirst Scythe
    Village/forest/region: Old Moghedu/Khauskin Mines (loves the killing of short things, they amuse him)
    NPC: Geryon
    Memory: The first time he created a Thirst Scythe.
    Song: n/a
    Drink: Blood

    Goals: Become Azudim. Reach a higher House/Guild rank.
    Ambitions: Be Sired by a high ranking Bahir'an, preferably Empress Sarita
    Nemesis: N/A
    Rival: N/A
    Best Friend: Aynat(Not that that says much, he's only known her briefly)
    Idol: Abhorash
    Best personal achievement: Becoming one of the Reborn
    Worst personal achievement: Falling into torpor very young
    Proudest moment: Being welcomed into House Bahir'an.
    Most shameful moment: Awakening at the rank of a thrall
    Secret dream: Discover a new Hematurgic Ritual
    If he could make one wish..: He would be the start of a new bloodline of Consanguine, separate from Abhorash and more powerful.

    Why you should hate him: He'll make you think he cares about you, but he only sees you as means to his ends.
    Why you should love him: As long as his ends (essentially always gaining power) don't contradict your goals, he will be a loyal and faithful friend.
    Why you should fear him: If you are in his way, he will not stop until you are not.
    Why he is harmless: No experience in PvP, though he plans to learn.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Him as absolute emperor, all sentient beings of any proper willpower killed or made Consanguine, rest enslaved.
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    Why does te forums hate me so much??? Character Name: Volka THE ESSENTIALS Race: Human Gender: Female Guild/House: Cabalist City: Spinesreach Order: None THE LOOK Hair: Mid-back length white-blonde hair, generally done up in a plait that rests over her right shoulder. Eyes: Pale blue Height: Average. I imagine she's about as tall as I am, so close to 5'8. Build: Slender. There's musculature, but it's not bulky. Defining Features: She has a twisting black scar that wraps around her right arm a few times before ending at the base of the fingernail on her index finger. Clothing: Cabalist black. She generally has whatever black pants/shirt she can find, and the Cabalist longcoat (<3) and steel-toed boots. Tattoos: None. Piercings: None Scars: None other than the one on her arm. PERSONALITY Strengths: Driven. Loyal to the guild, regardless of outside events. multitasker. Curious. Weaknesses: Can get a little too focused on particular projects. Hard time concentrating at times, easily irritated when this happens. No real specialization or particular intrest leads to a lot of irons in the fire, and slow progress. Attitude: Loyal, good natured teasing if she likes you. Little attention (and what there is is mostly disdain and irritation) if she doesn't. In general, she's a 'good' person, constantly trying to better herself and the guild. Friendly, but hates being smothered by others, she'll pop in and say hi, generally avoids deep conversations. Morals: In most cases, the ends justify the means, as long as the ends are decent and good, and if the means are questionable, they don't involve children. Pet Peeves: Being touched by people she doesn't know well without being asked first, idiots, and entitled snobs. Best way to piss me off: Hit on her, but don't take the awkward, embarrased rejection (or outright ignorance of the pass) for an answer. Best way to get on my good side: Speak intelligently, use your brain, display a curious nature. And drink. Drinkin's good. FAVORITES Color: Black, for clothes, Green, in general. Profession: Cabalist Profession Skill: Fixate. Cabalist FLEE! General Skill: TATTOO STARBURST Location: Inner Gate, or the Brass Monkey God/Goddess: Super respect for @Omei‌ , but sees @Severn as the closest thing to a 'fatherly' Divine, and constantly offers to Him. Guild Master/House Head (all time): Eleanor Tattoo: Starburst. Idiesomuchdon'tjudgeme Artifact (don't have to own): Artifact Starburst tat (does that even exist?) or a Gossamer Anchor (I think that's what it's called?) Commodity: Silver Animal: Ithkitten Item owned: Her Cabalist's longcoat. NPC: Eocik. Memory: Hanging out with @cannan, before he went kooky.` Song: Duiran's freestyle drumming. Drink: Vodka MINDSET Goals: Make Field Agent, or something even better. Best Friend: @Tamah Idol: She doesn't really idolize anyone, but the people she considers role models would be @Eleanor, @Aabrok, and @Akaryuterra Ryotega. Best personal achievement: Presenting a lecture to the entire guild, and not falling over herself too much. Proudest moment: Completing her accrediation. Secret dream: To be the one to be instrumental in some discovery. If I could make one wish..: I would wish to be over lvl 80. Dear god eating all the time. :(
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    I like updating this from time to time!

    Race: Azudim
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Shamwows
    City: None
    Order: The Guardians

    Hair: Alll over ebony fur, longer silver-streaked mane, silver/green streaked arms and legs.
    Eyes: Without pupils. They are mood ring colors.
    Height: A marySue 5 foot even.
    Build: Compact and curved.
    Defining Features: Big, thick tail and rounded, big ears. Short muzzle and crazy eyes.
    Clothing: Her haven bedroom is one giant closet. Clothes change often.
    Tattoos: None but useful ones.
    Piercings: Many!
    Scars: None since essence shift that made her Cat-Mari

    Strengths: Strong maternal instincts. Loving, loyal, steadfast, and blunt. She is passionate about what she
    Weaknesses: She is a creature ofemotion/ sensation /feeling and can get lost to those with abandon.
    Morals: Don't hurt children and protect the future. Protect the Rhythm at all costs, using any means.
    Pet Peeves: Beating around the bush. If you want something, ask for it. If you want to do something in
    the guild, inquire.
    Best way to piss her off: An over-abundance of constant criticism without constructive advice. Constant
    nagging. Getting other people to do your dirty work.
    Best way to get on her good side: Food.

    Color: . . ALL of the colors?
    Profession: Shaman/Ascendril
    Profession Skill: Songlines
    General Skill: Heatsight
    Location: Lonely path through the mists of the Hollow.
    God/Goddess: @Slyphe
    Guild Master/House Head: Guildmaster - Myself of course! House Head - Myself, of course!
    Tattoo: Arti Tree
    Artifact: Lockets
    Commodity: Silver
    Animal: (The yet to be seen) Turtle Guardian
    Item owned:
    Village/forest/region: Duiran and the Myesis
    NPC: Ivaryen
    Memory: Too many favorites since being in Duiran!
    Song: The natural song of the forests and the songlines.
    Drink: Absinthe! Or that Tea-Elwyn-Makes-With-The-Glowing-Fruit

    Goals: Current goals are to relax and lead the Shamans more efficiently now that her time isn't broken.
    Ambitions: Own a shop again
    Nemesis: I don't really have one.
    Rival: If she has one, it would probably be Arbre, but Arbre is also one of her best friends and goes into
    the next category as well.
    Best Friend: I am not sure Mariena has best friends. She has lovers whom she considers dear to her.
    Idol: Possibly Slyphe.
    Best personal achievement: Becoming and keeping Guildmaster.
    Worst personal achievement: They are all in the dark time we do not talk about.
    Proudest moment: Mariena doesn't have proud moments for herself. She is proud of her guildmates
    whenever they do anything wonderful.
    Most shameful moment:Shame is usually not in her public life.
    Secret dream: Her secret dream is to find that one place that she belongs that will not grow tired of her.
    If she could make one wish..: To have a shop again.

    Why you should hate her: She will tell you how it is whether you like her to or not. All of her projects take ages to finish.
    Why you should love her: I think she's a pretty good chilling companion to have, somewhat funny, and always honest to a fault.
    Why you should fear her: There isn't really a reason to.
    Why she is harmless: Couldn't fight her way out of a wet paper bag and the guardians ignore her pretty much always.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: A focus on the carnal as a conduit into the metaphysical plane of visions, ecstasy, and communion with the higher calling.
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: She is an easy-going, loyal, honest lady who has an addiction to shopping.

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