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So I spent like all day the other day writing a perty lil' script for dissecting and what not, was pretty happy with it, even made Feichin and Lyl help me because gmcp.IRE.Rift is a effing nightmare for some reason. I used it a few times and every time I did unicorns (horned horses, not swear words) and butterflies and rainbows and all that jazz erupted from my screen. It was a good thing. Then Mudlet crashed and I hadn't saved in 3 days, so I lost it, and I'm entirely too lazy to write another one while I go back and re-add all of the crap I lost PK related. So, I'm willing to pay someone to write/give me a reanimation scrip that dissects what I need based off of what's in my cache, and can make poultice/serums. PM me or post here or what not. Or if there's a free one floating around somewhere you could point me in the right direction in that's cool too.

Edit: For Mudlet, btw.
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    I have one, but it's broken-ish. For whatever reason it won't add the stuff at the beginning of the list to the queue to be dissected and instead skips the first 5 organs.

    It doesn't do anything with IRE.Rift either.  You can have it for free if you want to tinker with it. 
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    @Draiman I have one which took me like 20 mins to make, where you tell it what organs you want? Pretty easy to make it grab your cache and what you needed tho but all the people I know who use it normally like to pick they own organs as its for shop use...

    Msg me if you want it/code for it

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