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    I can't think of anyone else who has actually ever inspired me/Aishia to be a better player, in an active sort of way. haha. @Arbre.
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    Character Name: Elwyn Aquila Taziyah




    Race: Azudim
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Shaman
    City: Duiran
    Order: Slyphe


    Hair: Wavy, light auburn

    Eyes: Stormy gray

    Height: 6 and a half feet
    Build: Healthy, girl has got curves.
    Defining Features: Her living vines.
    Clothing: Vest, top and short skirt
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: A couple in her ears.
    Scars: Jagged one on her face


    Strengths: Loyal, carrying, calm in times of stress. Patching people up. Good listener, good friend.

    Weaknesses: Laziness, shyness, stubborn and a bit selfish. Jumps to conclusions.
    Attitude: Easy-going, rolls with whatever is going on. She tends to take things more personally than she probably means to. Can overreact because of it.
    Morals: Don't lie to her, just be honest. She would rather you be honest with her than have you spare her feelings.
    Pet Peeves: Being treated like she is fragile. Being secretive, if it is so secret you can't tell her (especially if you are close to her) then why are you doing it?
    Best way to piss me off: Hurt the people she love. Lying to her. Betraying her
    .Best way to get on my good side: Cookies, tea. Spending time with her. Remembering she's not always the best at remembering to stay in touch.


    Color: Green.
    Profession: Syssin
    Profession Skill: Phase
    General Skill: Scent.
    Location: Her house
    God/Goddess: Slyphe
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Mariena
    Tattoo: Bell
    Artifact (don't have to own): Her circlet - heal_bonus(2) constitution(3) enhancement(3) critical_chance(2) spirit_anchor stability hunt_sentinel(1) overkill_extend

    Commodity: Wood

    Animal: Her panther, Nesha and her wolf, Susi
    Item owned: Her band given to her by Xavin. The bracelet and band that Mariena gave to her.
    Village/forest/region: Rainforest - her flowerbed
    NPC: None
    Memory: Birth of her daughter Rhine and her son Rhys.
    Song: None
    Drink: Hot apple tea, absinthe, whiskey.


    Goals: To enjoy her own family and her extended family. Make some new friends, continue to help Duiran in -small- ways. Do more in Slyphe’s order. Get Roux to forgive her.

    Ambitions: Being more active in Slyphe’s order.

    Nemesis: N/A
    Rival: Arbre
    Best Friend: Mariena and Rashar
    Idol: Xavin and Solaria
    Best personal achievement: Having her own family and striking out on her own.

    Worst personal achievement: Loosing her sisters, especially Roux.

    Proudest moment: Joining Slyphe’s order.
    Most shameful moment: The thing that made Roux hate her.
    Secret dream: Fixing her relationship with Arbre and Roux.

    If I could make one wish..: That her son Kai was still alive.


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    Updated below!
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    Character Name: Dominus Riluo, Nebre’seir



    Race: Elemental wraith/vampire

    Gender: Intersex

    Guild/House: Nebre’seir (House Elder appointed by Abhorash)

                             Bloodborn (One of the founding fathers of the guild)

    City: Bloodloch <aka pkville>

    Order: Was Galleus, now in Iosyne's congregation.




    Hair: None

    Eyes: Red (lidless)

    Height: Over ten foot at full height, but walks stooped so is around nine foot in most cases.

    Build: Emaciated, with hints of dense muscle and translucent skin.

    Defining Features:

    ·       Elongated scarlet-clawed hands

    ·       Numerous strands of incorporeal icy air and tendrils of elemental shadow surge upwards forming two vast, and chaotic ethereal wings.

    ·       Piercing red emotionless eyes


    ·         an ancestral crown of Nebre'seir (Artifact)

    ·         a cloak of obscurity

    ·         a pair of silver and azure bracers (Galleus item)

    ·         dragon scale boots (artefact)

    Tattoos: None

    Piercings: Slyphen nose-ring (nasal septum)

    Scars: Immense scar that matches on his back and chest from a troll’s demon blade 




    Strengths: Will to survive at any cost. Dedication to his guild/house

    Weaknesses: His sociopathic tenancies

    Attitude: Calculated, cruel, silent and unforgiving. 

    Morals: Chaotic and sporadic towards others excluding his own kin (Consanguine/guild/house)

    Pet Peeves: cowards, complainers and Luminaries

    Best way to piss me off: complain to him, belittle his allies

    Best way to get on my good side: keep out of his way or serve a purpose that for fills a current need. Always fighting your enemy even if you know you will fall.



    Colour: who bloody cares!

    Profession: Blood mage

    Profession Skill: Mindsurge

    General Skill: farsight

    Location: his haven/private rooms in Bloodloch

    God/Goddess: Iyosne

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): this is a hard one so I will not comment

    Tattoo: chameleon

    Artifact: my crown/cloak (has tons on it)

    Commodity: steel

    Animal: dragon

    Item owned: a strip of leather from the blade that pierced his body

    Village/forest/region: always changing


    Memory: Killing the reneged legion alone with only frenzy/web and single whispers!

    Song: dying children

    Drink: … blood!




    Goals: to bring about the downfall of humanity (all things undead)

    Ambitions: spread chaos and corruption to Enorian

    Nemesis: sadly none currently

    Rival: as above

    Best Friend: myself lol! I like several people but I am not going to add the list

    Idol: not sure

    Best personal achievement: Converting houses to his way of thinking (mildly egalitarian with a steel fist)

    Worst personal achievement: Letting down Bouchard when I let two certain leaders take control.

    Proudest moment: Being made a house Elder and assisting/compelling Slyphe (female one from years ago) to corrupting a village into sacrificing their children to the ocean lol!!

    Most shameful moment: I have a few but I am over them now

    Secret dream: To create a decade of darkness so that half the living population dies from starvation while I slumber in my tomb. Forcing those remaining to turn on one another in order to survive.

    Why you should hate me:
    Because I will get my vengeance in one form or another
    Why you should love me: Because I will take vengeance for you in one form or another. I am loyal to a fault to my allies.
    Why you should fear me: I have no morals beyond those I create to appease my allies or goddess
    Why I am harmless: Because I am generally to self absorbed to give a –crap- about youIf I ruled the world, you'd best expect: death, decay and chaos
    If you were to describe me in one sentence: No clue, I have been told, “You take evil to a new level.” But who knows. 

    Abhorash says, "Ve'kahi has proved that even bastards can earn their place."

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    After Iosyne made a mockery of Her, going so far as to ruin one of Her most powerful weapons, Omei took off in a big sulk. A year passed before She returned, and with plenty of time to think about Her image and how She interfaces with mortals, She is trying to turn a new leaf.

    Character Name: Omei


    Race: Immortal, or Rajamala.
    Gender: Usually female.
    Guild/House: N/A.
    City: Enorian.
    Order: Oleis.


    Hair: A long, black, braided mane. Or a weightless void shaped like braids. Or a fiery red shock in a ponytail.
    Eyes: Dusty violet.
    Height: Sometimes very tall, sometimes very short.
    Build: Long and wiry, with ropy muscles. Alternatively: soft, comely, and voluptuous.
    Defining Features: She can look as different as night and day, but always has the same eyes. Currently, wears a brass mask that vents steam.
    Clothing: Typically nude in Rajamalan form. Dresses minimally otherwise.
    Tattoos: Flowing, ever-changing golden script. Old prayers to Her in primitive Rajamalan.
    Piercings: No. Yes. Sometimes.
    Scars: Depends.


    Strengths: Reliable, despite Her volatility. Keeps Her word. Attuned to the passage of time in a way unprecedented by Her Siblings. Knows you better than you know yourself.
    Weaknesses: Susceptible to extreme changes in emotion. Difficulty letting words roll off of Her. Low self-esteem.
    Attitude: Dependent on Her chosen form. Can alternate between manic, affectionate bloodthirst; queenly, imperious vanity; melancholy and calmly optimistic.
    Morals: Deceiving yourself and others is a great sin. Almost anything is acceptable if you can find beauty in it.
    Pet Peeves: Being shouted at. Being called "Dreamer."
    Best way to piss me off: You will probably manage to do it on accident. Alternatively: be undead at Her.
    Best way to get on my good side: Live destructively and purely. Follow your dream even if it ruins your life.


    Colors: Purple, magenta, violet, plum, thistle, mauve, orchid, and mulberry.
    Profession: Painter, prostitute, sculptor, trapper, carpenter, courtesan, violinist, flautist, hunter.
    Profession Skill: This should really say "guild", not "profession". Mind Sapience.
    General Skill: Hypersight.
    Location: The highest, loneliest point in Sapience.
    God/Goddess: Damariel.
    Guild Master: Not concerned with guilds.
    Tattoo: Tentacle.
    Artifact: The Muse's Tome.
    Commodity: Diamond dust.
    Animal: Moths. Actually kinda hates cats.
    Item owned: The Moonlight Calliope.
    Village/forest/region: The fae settlement in Morgun.
    NPC: Sir Hesher. He's such an adorable bore.
    Memory: Awakening in the Itzatl, feeling crisp sunlight on Her skin for the first time in ages.
    Song: "How the Dreamer Lost Her Eyes"
    Drink: The won'drous absinthe.


    Goals: To change forever the lives of people who seek Her out.
    Ambitions: An army of worshippers, all forcibly made beautiful by Her hand.
    Nemesis: Iosyne.
    Rival: All of the Spirit-side Pantheon.
    Best Friend: Auresae.
    Idol: Damariel.
    Best personal achievement: Acting as saviour to the pixies and fae of the land, giving them a place to live.
    Worst personal achievement: Killing Iosyne.
    Proudest moment: Bringing the Rajamala into sentience, following them into a glorious empire.
    Most shameful moment: Years and years of behaving like a spoiled brat, tarnishing Her image and obscuring Her word.
    Secret dream: Too many secrets, and too many dreams.


    Why you should hate me: She knows and loves the parts of you that you despise.
    Why you should love me: She knows and loves the parts of you that you appreciate.
    Why you should fear me: She absolutely must have you love or hate her, and She will drag you into the depths of hell until you choose one.
    Why I am harmless: She lives by strange rules, and if you can figure them out, you can beat Her.
    If I ruled the world, you'd best expect: Total anarchy. An unreliable reality where mere thought can shape mountains.
    If you were to describe me in one sentence: An insecure and frightened Goddess, trying to learn poise and dignity.

    i am rapture coder
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    Now I want @Haven to give Daingean a cool nickname >.>
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    You can be the Seer of Butts.

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    >_> What do I look like? A nickname giver?!

    Edit: I only remember a handful of nicknames I've given people over the years...

    @Roux: the Firestarter
    @Lexen: the Kinslayer
    @Areka: the Iron Belly
    @Seir: the Raven
    @Kerryn: the Blood Maiden
    @Orisae: the Harpy
    @Phoenecia: the Puppeteer

    Those are really the only ones I remember off the top of my head... And these ones too but only cause they were recent! xD
    @Emelle: Keeper of the Bridge, Seer of Hearts
    @Iosyne: the Weaver of Torment

    I had a bunch for other players but I've forgotten them. :( Maybe it'll come back to me as I interact with them more again.
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    Character Name: Cole


    Race: Yeleni
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Templar
    City: Enorian
    Order: Slyphe


    Hair: Light brown, worn short
    Eyes: Grey-blue
    Height: Six feet tall
    Build: Broad-framed but wiry muscles
    Defining Features: Entirely human-looking, except for his right arm. His right arm is much larger, blackened and leathery looking, a small spike on his elbow and each finger on his right hand has an extra joint.
    Clothing: White shirt, brown pants, practical boots and a wide-brimmed hat
    Tattoos: -
    Piercings: -
    Scars: A few small scars on face


    Strengths: Laid back, polite, stubborn sometimes but usually able to compromise, believes heavily in second chances.
    Weaknesses: Pretty trusting, believes heavily in second chances, has a very bad temper if you somehow manage to make him mad.
    Attitude: Everyone deserves a second chance, usually very calm, doesn't like to fight all that much. Very driven for self-improvement.
    Morals: Tries to lead by example, believes in the Light heavily. 'Ask nice twice, then start swinging'
    Pet Peeves: Being lied to, bullies and mindless aggression. People trying to make him stop smoking. Being called 'Sir'.
    Best way to piss me off: Attack someone who can't fight back, or hurt someone he cares about.
    Best way to get on my good side: Everyone who's not considered an 'enemy' starts on his good side.


    Color: Gold
    Profession: Knight
    Profession Skill: Protect
    General Skill: Scent
    Location: His little cabin
    God/Goddess: Slyphe
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Areka
    Tattoo: Tree tattoo
    Artifact (don't have to own): Bracers of Proficiency
    Commodity: Paper (to roll cigarettes)
    Animal: Either Tax (his cat), or his horse
    Item owned: His hat
    Village/forest/region: Likes the Mamashi
    NPC: Tries to get Jhakor talking from time to time
    Memory: Times he did well that don't involve fighting, like the Storytelling contest in Delve
    Song: -
    Drink: Whiskey, but he doesn't drink too much


    Goals: Be a perfect knight, make up for some bad stuff he did years ago
    Ambitions: Strong enough to keep everyone safe.
    Nemesis: None
    Rival: None
    Best Friend: Phoenecia
    Idol: Doesn't really have one that's a PC. Stone, from his background, is probably the closest.
    Best personal achievement: Storytelling contest, building his house
    Worst personal achievement: All the stuff that made his arm get like it is
    Proudest moment: Becoming the Champion of Slyphe's Order, getting knighted
    Most shameful moment: Getting his arm like it is.
    Secret dream: Isn't really big on secrets

    Why you should hate me: Set in his ways, butchers language by talking lazily.
    Why you should love me: Almost always willing to give you a second chance, endless supply of cigarettes.
    Why you should fear me: Not bad with his scimitars, or any other weapon for that matter.
    Why I am harmless: Gives you two chances where he asks really politely before he'll start swinging, makes it fairly easy to just walk away. Dislikes having to fight.
    If I ruled the world, you'd best expect: Big focus on self-improvement first, then fixing everyone around you.
    If you were to describe me in one sentence: Probably any lyric from 'Whiskey For My Men, Beer For My Horses'
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    Emelle said:
    Animal: Any kind of bird. Has a strong dislike for bears.
    >.> Oh
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    Character Name: Saybre


    Race: Idreth
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Templar
    City: Enorian
    Order: Auresae (Loyal to it!)


    Hair: Brown, flared up in the front. Goatee on chin.
    Eyes: White, no pupils or irises. Means I have to refrain from rolling my eyes CONSTANTLY.
    Height: Tall as a war stallion - Rougly 6'5"
    Build: Muscled, tall, linebacker built.
    Defining Features: Wings - They're metallic silver and sharp as a blade. He's destroyed a lot of furniture with them. His skin also appears to be a matte metal.
    Clothing: Phoenix helm - one of a kind that the visor can lock above, or completely conceal his face (Obscurity). Dragon-scale shirt, if not wearing his Assassin's Creed-esque clothing.
    Tattoos: None.
    Piercings: Sometimes has his ear pierced.
    Scars: None, unless in Atavian (scar on neck from a near beheading). In Wolf form, his tail was amputated by his own wings.


    Strengths:Warrior to a fault, will find an answer in any way and try to make sure it's available to other people. Loyal to a fault.
    Weaknesses: Bacon, trusting people. He's easy enough to generate a grudge with someone if they do something idiotic.
    Attitude: Comedic most times, occasionally robotic, part of his transition from Azudim to Idreth sullied his emotions.
    Morals: Eradicate all undeath, but redemption can be sought by the Living on the wrong side. Actively tries to interact with Spireans -without- trying to lop their heads off, but he does have to bite his tongue around vampires in neutral gatherings.
    Pet Peeves: Stupid questions that are easily answered if someone bothered to look. (That's pretty much just me IRL)
    Best way to piss me off: Attack his honor in any way, he's been Knighted twice, both being lengthy and requiring a lot of work. He takes it seriously, and will forever be a Knight, even if the guild disintegrates.
    Best way to get on my good side: Booze and bacon.


    Color: Green or Emberite Orange
    Profession: Knight
    Profession Skill: Dualstrike
    General Skill: Scent
    Location: His Haven, or His Pack Hall
    God/Goddess: Auresae
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Koron
    Tattoo: Tree tattoo
    Artifact (don't have to own): My 'a Celestine mighty enhancing invigorating wooden ring of fortitude' it has more powers than that, ut they ran out of adjectives...(I WANT MOAR)
    Commodity: Steel
    Animal: Kansu, his falcon from his Paladin days. He was the first falcon, who never died but survived tons of battles. When the admin let us keep them as minipets I squee'd SO HARD.
    Item owned: Phoenix helm.
    Village/forest/region: Morgun Forest.
    NPC: None.
    Memory: Too many.
    Song: -
    Drink: Windrayn Whiskey


    Goals: Become the ultimate fighter, to be proficient in battle regardless of which class he's in.
    Ambitions: Help create the most powerful Lycan pack.
    Nemesis: Xarian (Old grudge)
    Rival: Was Sagla, nobody else at present fits this position.
    Best Friend: Roux/Haven
    Idol: Doesn't have one.
    Best personal achievement: Reaching Tekal, then Azudim in the same day.
    Worst personal achievement: N/A
    Proudest moment: Becoming Knighted (Both times)
    Most shameful moment: Having to leave the Paladins the first time. (Personal reasons)
    Secret dream: To create a separate mercenary guild whose intent is to quell the Dreikathi and clear Undeath, not necessarily Artifice or Corruption.

    Why you should hate me: I can probably beat you up.
    Why you should love me: Usually willing to help, often for free unless I'm hunting.
    Why you should fear me: I can probably beat you up.
    Why I am harmless: Usually get too bored to follow through on beating you up.
    If I ruled the world, you'd best expect: Statues of me -Everywhere- (There's already one in Siha Dylis!)
    If you were to describe me in one sentence: The Walking Bacon Blade.
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    you can't beat me up!
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    @Haven I feel like harpy for Orisae is more of a descriptive thing than a title!
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    Character Name: Xiuhcoatl


    Race: Horkvali
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Atabahi
    City: Spinesreach
    Order: None, waiting for induction.


    Hair: None
    Eyes: None
    Height: Huge
    Build: Chiseled, you know carapace. 
    Defining Features: Carapace, blank face. In reality his face is just a set of pincers. 
    Clothing: None
    Carvings: A sun incinerating a city, on his back.
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Carnivorous
    Weaknesses: Carnivorous
    Attitude: Carnivorous, Cannibalistic, Hunger 
    Morals: If it's edible and alive, there is no reason to not eat it. Also, sow seed into every usable female.
    Pet Peeves: Being in a city and a guild(people he can't eat)
    Best way to piss me off: Give him vegetables, see carnivorous
    Best way to get on my good side: Trap someone in a room with him.


    Color: None(see eyes)
    Profession: Weaponry
    Profession Skill: Brainsmash
    General Skill: Shatter
    Location: North of Trees
    God/Goddess: Iosyne(use to be Arion, RIP Arion)
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None.
    Tattoo: Web
    Artifact (don't have to own): Crown of Equilibrium
    Commodity: Steel
    Animal: Yeleni(always living, always easy kills)
    Item owned: None
    Village/forest/region: Sect Arena
    NPC: None
    Memory: None really, the character doesn't bother with the past so much as filling his stomach at the moment. Granted, he really liked not having a city. 
    Song: None, he really hates music.
    Drink: Blood, only when obtained through flesh.


    Goals: Eating everything.
    Amibitions: Eating everything
    Nemesis: None
    Rival: None
    Best Friend: None
    Idol: None
    Best personal achievement: Going from a PK whore on the light side to going to a PK whore on the dark side. That stuff is hard to do when all you do is PK.
    Worst personal achievement: Too many to count.
    Proudest moment: Swearing himself to be a weapon of Arion for eternity(RIP Arion).
    Most shameful moment: Getting just bashed to death. I always feel terrible when someone just DPSes me down in a few rounds. I mean, now I have methods against it, but they are only situational. Still feel horrible everytime it happens.
    Secret dream: Eating all the gods
    If I could make one wish..:  Horkvali Clicking, lost it when he became a tekal. 

    Why you should hate me: If you're living, he will eat you.
    Why you should love me: If you're undead, he will not eat you.
    Why you should fear me:  This one is obvious right?
    Why I am harmless: Not even once.
    If I ruled the world, you'd best expect: Murder, cannablism, cannablism, cannablism, cannablism. 
    If you were to describe me in one sentence: He's a maneater. 
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    Character Name: Aryanne


    Race: Tsol’dreth

    Gender: Female

    Guild/House: Shamie-Whammie

    City: Enorian

    Order: None


    Hair: Strawberry-blonde, longish

    Eyes: Lavender

    Height: dwarven

    Build: Soft, unathletic average

    Defining Features: Probably big eyes and shortness?

    Clothing: Sundress, sometimes sandels

    Tattoos: None.

    Piercings: None

    Scars: Nothing remarkable


    Strengths: Sometimes productive, hard to bring down, persistent and cheerful

    Weaknesses: Seeing the good in people, low opinion of self-worth, impatience, can’t fight


    Morals: Life is good, and it benefits everyone, if you disagree you’re an idiot.

    Pet Peeves: Inappropriate affection, erratic behaviour, secrets, melodrama

    Best way to piss me off: Telling her to go read a book for an answer

    Best way to get on my good side: Surprising her with social interaction that doesn’t involve blatant  flirting


    Color: Yellow!

    Profession: ….. Uhm… Mailman?

    Profession Skill: MAIL LETTER TO / alt. SPRINKLE SEEDS

    General Skill: Thirdeye

    Location: Tie between her field and her grove

    God/Goddess: Lleis

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): probably @Arbre

    Tattoo: boar

    Artifact (don't have to own): Torn between Seedbag and Pigeon (swarm of honey bees)

    Commodity: …..Uhm... cinnamon?

    Animal: Do the bees count? if not, her Orych.

    Item owned: See Artifact

    Village/forest/region: Morgun Forest.

    NPC: None

    Memory: no idea

    Game: The rock game! (I don’t know any aetolian songs)

    Drink: Tequila!


    Goals: Be a better Shaman / know more about Shamanism

    Ambitions: Get into an order and become minister of something again.

    Nemesis: None

    Rival: None

    Best Friend: Soramizu?

    Idol: probably Arbre

    Best personal achievement: Concurring her fear of death

    Worst personal achievement: Uhm… Getting kicked out of Ve’kahi waaaaay back when?

    Proudest moment: becoming part of a family.

    Most shameful moment: Probably sleeping with someone, not sure who’s the most shameful though…

    Secret dream: Eventually getting married, not screwing it up, and procreating. Maybe through a proxy uterus.


    Why you should hate me: She is impatient, a bit childish, and she will stomp down your ideas that conflict with her own

    Why you should love me: She’s pretty happy, honest, helpful and will see the good side of you through the evilevilevilevil outer shell

    Why you should fear me: I have some friends who care if I die and'll reap some revenge

    Why I am harmless: If aforementioned friends aren't around, you'll get away safe

    If I ruled the world, you'd best expect: Minimalistic changes to current world order, plus flowers -everywhere-

    EDIT: formatting hatted me D:

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    Character Name: Jasline Silverain


    Race: Tsol'aa
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Luminaries
    City: Enorian
    Order:  Slyphe


    Hair:  Short, brown hair.
    Eyes:  Green
    Height: 5'2
    Build:  Slender
    Defining Features: Large, pointy ears.
    Clothing:  Lately it's been pants, a shirt, and sandals.
    Tattoos:  Nope
    Piercings:  Ears
    Scars:  One, on her leg.


    Strengths:  nice, cheerfulness, always willing to help and always wanting to do more.
    Weaknesses:  she totally doubts herself more often than she should, and she will get self-destructive as a way to handle a large amount of stress.
    Attitude:  Easy going, generally likes people.
    Morals:  Don't do what some people in Spinesreach tried to do to her when she was younger. Generally.
    Pet Peeves:  Bad attitudes, and people acting like she's as delicate as a butterfly.
    Best way to piss me off: Say one thing and then do the complete opposite. In other words: lies.
    Best way to get on my good side: Talk to her, go on adventures with her..stuff like that.


    Color: All the colors! Except gray- she doesn't even consider it a color.
    Profession: Luminary
    Profession Skill: Nightsight
    General Skill: Does Tailoring count?
    Location: Enorian
    God/Goddess: Slyphe
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Rivas
    Tattoo: Mindseye
    Artifact (don't have to own): Her satchel of never ending letters.
    Commodity: uh..cloth I guess. She uses that one the most for tailoring.
    Animal: Phoenix
    Item owned: Her order pendant
    Village/forest/region: The beach
    NPC: ?
    Memory: That whole night when she joined the Luminaries
    Song: ?
    Drink: Juice. Mostly fruit ones.


    Goals: To bring some more fun back into the luminary requirements for advancement; to not fail in her Order duties; and to reach out more to her family.
    Ambitions: To be more involved all around.
    Nemesis: Omei
    Rival: None yet.
    Best Friend: Who wants to be her best friend?
    Idol(s): Rivas, Solaria and Mariena
    Best personal achievement: Leaving Spinesreach
    Worst personal achievement: Disappointing her dad.
    Proudest moment: Finding a place within a family
    Most shameful moment: Initially blaming herself for the breakup of said family.
    Secret dream: To feel whole again. Unbroken.
    If I could make one wish..: I would get into too much trouble if I actually answered this one.

    Why you should hate me: She can be annoyingly cheerful at times...and also annoyingly depressing at times too.
    Why you should love me: If she likes you she'll send you random gifts when she's bored, or just wondering how you're doing.
    Why you should fear me: She's better at keeping secrets than she lets on.
    Why I am harmless: Because she really is. She will go out of he way to not hurt someone.
    If I ruled the world, you'd best expect: Lots of adventures to happen..randomly.

    edit: oops, missed the summary somehow.
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    Character Name: Slyphe, the Maelstrom


    Race: God
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Bahkatu and Sentaari
    City: Duiran
    Order: The best


    Hair:  Buzzed and blonde
    Eyes:  A tumultuous series of blues and greens 
    Height: Taller than you!
    Build:  Lithely muscled, sailor's build, albeit not too terribly bulky
    Defining Features: Churning eyes, living tattoos, tanned skin
    Clothing:   White cloth pants, a weaponbelt for his scimitar, and a shark tooth necklace
    Tattoos:  Tons etched upon his chest, back, and arms that move around as if living scenes. Ships, mermaids, flags, an anchor, etc.
    Piercings:  None, but definitely something to consider!
    Scars:  Negative


    Strengths:  Strong, imaginative, good at managing people, controls the seas
    Weaknesses:  Can be relatively impulsive and emotionally-driven at points.
    Attitude: Generally pretty easy going, but passionate about what he believes in
    Morals:  He's distinctly lifer, but with an 'ends justify the means' mentality.
    Pet Peeves: People who whine about things without taking an effort to change them themselves.
    Best way to piss me off: Insult him. Dude's got an ego and a desire to have the last word and prove a point.
    Best way to get on my good side: Let your actions back up your words.


    Color: Blues and greens, sea colors
    Profession: If you could take deathlore out of Carnifex, it'd probably be that
    Profession Skill: Everything in warhounds. Slyphe loves his (@Xenia's) hound Whaleclaw
    General Skill: Zap. I mean brewing.
    Location: Slyphian Grotto
    God/Goddess: Himself, clearly.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Too hard to come up with one in particular. He's fond of @Kerryn's leadership ability with the Sentaari right now.
    Tattoo: The sea serpent upon his arm. 
    Artifact (don't have to own): Scimitar! I guess that's technically an artifact.
    Commodity: Sapphire
    Animal: Shark/Sea serpent. Definite toss up there.
    Item owned: His silver flagon that's perpetually filled with his beverage of choice at the time
    Village/forest/region: Sea/Ocean
    NPC: Jarvan, his pseudo priest. 
    Memory: Pretty hard to come up with one in particular. 
    Song: Any bawdy sailor shanty is bound to catch his ear
    Drink: Tie between beer and rum.


    Goals: Encourage forward-motion through his tenets in all those who have the potential desire to learn them. Create a self-sustaining process of progress.
    Ambitions: One day push @Haern aside to become the Patron of Duiran. One day -shakefist-. 
    Nemesis: @Chakrasul, without even a thought. They've got some serious beef.
    Rival: I wouldn't necessarily say Slyphe has any rivals. @Haern might be the closest thing here.
    Best Friend: @Damariel and Slyphe are pretty tight.
    Idol(s): @Damariel again here.
    Best personal achievement: Bringing his order essentially back from the dead and once more setting forth on the path to being a force of change.
    Worst personal achievement: Kicking out half of his Order for being Undead or Shadow-aligned.
    Proudest moment: Too many to really list, but I suppose two of the more recent ones would be his attack on Chakrasul with @Arbre's assistance, and the role Slyphe played in helping to mold @Rashar into what he is today. Until the noob left, anyway. (<3)
    Most shameful moment: Getting to the point where @Omei had to pretty much give him a wake up call to realize how stupid he was being.
    Secret dream: To get to personally kill Chakrasul is pretty high up there.
    If I could make one wish..: Can't really decide on one here!

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    Character Name: Infin Quintus



    Race: Yeleni

    Gender: Male

    Guild/House: None

    City: None

    Order: None




    Hair:  Long and Platinum

    Eyes:   Dark blue

    Height:  5”8

    Build:  Broad shoulders with slim muscular body

    Defining Features: Unnaturally dark blue eyes, scar on his left eye

    Clothing:  Bloodstained pants and a dark blue cloak

    Tattoos:   An eye on the back of his left leg

    Piercings:  None

    Scars:  The thin claw marks going from his left brow threw his eye to his nose




    Strengths:  working with novices, loyalty to family

    Weaknesses: Need for friendship, wanting to fit in  

    Attitude: Generally very arrogant except around his family and close friends

    Morals: Protection of Family, Friends, and Allies

    Pet Peeves: People saying one thing and doing another,

    Best way to piss me off: Harm one of his family members

    Best way to get on my good side: Complement him on his combat skills…yea right.




    Color: Blues, Reds, and Silver

    Profession: Monk        

    Profession Skill: Kai Banish

    General Skill: Farsee

    Location: Quintus Castle

    God/Goddess: Chakrasul

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): 

    Tattoo: The sea serpent upon his arm. 

    Artifact (don't have to own): Libram..I head slow learning

    Commodity: Silver

    Animal: Bat

    Item owned: a tri-colored Lunare Crown

    Village/forest/region: Desert

    NPC: Gegrelaesh

    Memory: Moving Lunare from an “Artsy” house to a Merchant House

    Song: None

     Drink: Whiskey




     Goals: To destroy Enorian…make sure the Age of Dawn never happens

     Ambitions: To return to Bloodloch one day as a citizen

     Nemesis: @Mireia

     Rival: @Victoria…they are married but always tried to out do each other.

     Best Friend: @Kallah

     Idol(s): @Thrasius, @Arslen, @Athala

    Best personal achievement: Attaining Azudim after I thought I would never even make it to level eighty

    Proudest moment: Running Lunare the first time

    Most shameful moment:

    Secret dream: To be best friends with @Ezalor..dont know why but its true

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    1) Enorian declares war on Bloodloch, because Ellenia said Dato was a smelly butt face.
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    Race: Immortal (Human shell)
    Gender: Male.
    Guild/House: Daru, Luminaries, Sentaari, Templar.
    City: Enorian.
    Order: Take a wild guess.


    Hair: White and abundant.
    Eyes: Grey.
    Height: Tall.
    Build: Imposing.
    Defining Features: Chains dangling from His wrists, long beard, walking around like any other mortal.
    Clothing: White tunic, white trousers, chains.
    Tattoos: Unmarred.
    Piercings: None.
    Scars: Raw, scarred bands around His wrists.


    Strengths: Passionate, true to His word, loves mortals, tries His best to be a good Divinity.
    Weaknesses: Sometimes too forgiving, sometimes too stern, averse to killing without cause.
    Attitude: Calm, practical.
    Morals: Dedicated to life and freedom primarily and the Light secondarily. Espouses a very libertarian ideology.
    Pet Peeves: Liars, murderers.
    Best way to piss me off: Lie, murder, disobey His precepts if you're in His congregation.
    Best way to get on my good side: Tell the Truth, be accountable, make up for your mistakes.


    Color: Blue, silver, white.
    Profession: Sentaari.
    Profession Skill: Tiger.
    General Skill: Furniture; He does a lot of carpentry work on His farm.
    Location: His ship.
    God/Goddess: He likes @Slyphe, highly respects @Dhar, and feels a big brother instinct toward @Omei.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): He's overly fond of @Areka.
    Tattoo: Boar.
    Artifact (don't have to own): His chain.
    Commodity: Wood.
    Animal: His mutt, Skunk.
    Item owned: His flask of water.
    Village/forest/region: Sea, ocean, coastline. The eastern and southeastern coast are His preferred haunts.
    NPC: Toss-up between Durmat and Hayim.
    Memory: None in particular.
    Song: He likes liturgical chants.
    Drink: Hot chocolate with a twist of cinnamon, as brewed by @Kerryn.


    Goals: Destroy Darkness. End undeath.
    Ambitions: Achieve a larger and more influential congregation and order.
    Nemesis: @Severn, easily.
    Rival: He plays off of @Omei a lot, but She still doesn't really count.
    Best Friend: @Slyphe. He'd go to @Dhar first if the situation was serious, though.
    Idol(s): Not really applicable, although He does sort of look back toward @Lanos as a positive example.
    Best personal achievement: Cleaning up after the mess His siblings made of an inn, after preventing @Maghak from cheating at dice.
    Worst personal achievement: Forgetting everything that came before His reincarnation as Damariel - but then again, it was a trade-off between knowledge and sanity, and He chose the latter.
    Proudest moment: Making people reconsider their view of the Light and Enorian ranks up there for Him.
    Most shameful moment: Not really a moment, but He's ashamed of not always being able to live up to His own standards.
    Secret dream: Forcing @Severn to give Him the Truth about everything.
    If I could make one wish..: Destroy the Grand Artifice.
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    Character Name: Roux


    Race: Yeleni
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: None
    City: Enorian
    Order: None


    Hair: Red, lots of dark red. Choppy, sort of a wild mane around her face with a stripe of white-blonde.
    Eyes: The right is gold, the left is red with slitted pupils.
    Height: 5'7"
    Build: Slender with general womanly curves.
    Defining Features: Multicolored eyes, feline traits.
    Clothing: Leather halter and some sort of bottom.
    Tattoos: A silver and black wolf paw over her heart surrounded with multihued flames.
    Piercings: A hoop in her left ear.
    Scars: A big one over her heart, a burn mark that mars the skin along her collar and up.


    Strengths: Loyalty, fairness in judgment and decision when leading, fiercely protective.
    Weaknesses: Overprotective, she can smother people under it at times and it turns into a division instead of protection. Pride, stubbornness.
    Attitude: Almost anyone can at least be reached out to, and if you can leave a bit of light in your wake with an interaction, it's been a good day. Don't mess with what is hers.
    Morals: Light and dark bleed into one another, but do good in the world and you'll be on the right path.
    Pet Peeves: Being spied on
    Best way to piss me off: Being lied to or deliberately misled. Jumping to conclusions.
    Best way to get on my good side: It's not hard, just don't be a jerk right away. Also, being thoughtful in some way or another.


    Color: Green, silver
    Profession: Toss up between Wolf and Syssin
    Profession Skill: Phase and or mutation
    General Skill: Galloping
    Location: The outlook in her house.
    God/Goddess: Slyphe/Auresae
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Aren
    Tattoo: Bell
    Artifact (don't have to own): Wings
    Commodity: Silver
    Animal: Wolf
    Item owned: Her shadow ring
    Village/forest/region: Garden of the Dryads
    NPC: Doesn't have one.
    Memory: Joining with Elwyn and Arbre in blood ritual.
    Song: Sleep my sister -Salurian lullaby
    Drink: Veka noir


    Goals: Find happiness again and hold onto it with both hands. And claws. And teeth.
    Ambitions: Simply to have a family again.
    Nemesis: None.
    Rival: Arbre
    Best Friend: Doesn't really have one anymore.
    Idol: None.
    Best personal achievement: Being the only Herald to remain unseated during the Enorian upheaval that replaced the entire rest of the Council for one reason or another.
    Worst personal achievement: Giving her trust to the wrong person and letting it control her life for too long.
    Proudest moment: Bringing her children, Keelin and Weylyn into the world.
    Most shameful moment: Yelling and accusing her pack of not defending its members unjustly.
    Secret dream: To successfully have another child.

    Why you should hate me: She's grown bitter over the numerous times she feels she's been betrayed by people she cares about, it's grown into this thorny nest of anger and defensiveness. She gets jealous easy, can snap and be harshly aggressive and forward. Very little screening of her words.
    Why you should love me: She'll do anything for someone she considers 'hers'. She gives her love perhaps a little too easily, but it's genuine, and she cares deeply. She also has a fun streak that once tapped, is nearly endless. Forgives things she probably shouldn't.
    Why you should fear me: Rawr rawr angry wolf. She has the ability to be vicious, and can gather the strength of others behind her when her own isn't enough.
    Why I am harmless: She really only gets up in arms when the people she 'protects' get hurt.
    If I ruled the world, you'd best expect: An evening howl along, people actually punished for doing bad things, and a general good time.
    If you were to describe me in one sentence: A lifetime of ferality tamed down for city life with one too many heart-scars, ready for things to be good again.
    Or, as someone else said 'Sweet, delicious addiction wrapped in layers of ughwtfff mystery.'
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    Never done one of these, looks like fun.

    Character Name: Kikon Corona

    Race: Azudim, but I guess Kikon was best known when he was Xorani.
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Magi/Sciomancers
    City: Spinesreach
    Order: Khepri... dangit.


    Hair: Black, somewhat short
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: About six feet
    Build: I'd say lean, he isn't exactly muscular at least.
    Defining Features: His smirk or grin
    Clothing: Robes and cloaks, usually blue but it can change
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: Nothing defining


    Strengths: Loyal, strong willed, capable
    Weaknesses: Prone to chaotic behavior, which can undermine his strengths
    Attitude: Aloof, but can be very focused when his interest is held
    Morals: See weaknesses, they can change a lot
    Pet Peeves: Self-imposed weakness
    Best way to piss me off: Harm the people he cares about
    Best way to get on my good side: Honest people are always welcome


    Color: Blue
    Profession: Sciomancy
    Profession Skill: Singularity
    General Skill: Illusions
    Location: Spinesreach currently
    God/Goddess: None
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Laikahra had the biggest impact for him
    Tattoo: Hourglass, no one expects it >:D
    Artifact (don't have to own): Equilibrium recovery
    Commodity: Ice? wtf like I know
    Animal: MOONFIRE
    Item owned: Holocaust trinket
    Village/forest/region: Aalen
    NPC: None
    Memory: Way too many
    Song: None
    Drink: Not really one to drink


    Goals: He doesn't have one currently, he's in a bit of a loss of what to do with himself since the elemental split
    Amibitions: to the best fighter, but he achieved that in his day, at least to him
    Nemesis: Never had one, he would eventually beat them down to a satisfactory level
    Rival: Desian
    Best Friend: Anya
    Idol: Jagged
    Best personal achievement: crushing Arion's Order by himself in a Holy War. No help required!
    Worst personal achievement: the way he lost Ard-Dhasani due to a political gamble he made involving Missari, or so he feels
    Proudest moment: becoming the Elemental Axis
    Most shameful moment: he's not a shameful man, he won't feel that way. Everything has a reason
    Secret dream: it was to channel Spirit, but a lot has changed since then

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    Kikon's favorite animal is MoonMoon?

    Arbre-Today at 7:27 PM

    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

    Lartus-Today at 7:16 PM

    oh wait, toz is famous

    Karhast-Today at 7:01 PM

    You're a singularity of unicorns awfulness Toz
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    He typod, he meant Starsparklefairyprancerprincess.
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