Is this common here for newbie's

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Decided I'll post this here since it was originally in the Newbie Section and removed 
This is my first hour within Aetolia.

----note last post was from Moirean who said I am obviously not a newbie since I was "Trolling" in Great Rock and thought I comment on that for ya Original post said Newbie to Aetolia  and if you would have paid attention to my echo's in the pastebin when I changed my target and also when I  was literally responding to tell while hunting and I know how to navigate my way around a GHELP file which listed hunting areas for Higher levels and anyone who ever played a game in life would tell you to acquire fast xp while getting a challenge you need to hunt levels above your current one outside of your safe zone. Also I'm not new to IRE having played Lusternia, Achaea, and Midkemia.


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    This is an important point. That thread should not have been deleted. Instead, I'll choose to close this one and leave it preserved. While Larissa clearly acted quite poorly, your dishonesty as to your experience level and your clear desire to push some kind of message do you no favors. Let's let this be the end of this attempt, please.
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