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Rivas and Arbre have spawned in the form of Liev Silverain.  He's now about 18, so we're in need of someone to play him.  Riv is Enorian Luminary and Arb's Duiran Shaman, so there's a lot of openness there with where to take the kid as far as city and guild.  We haven't done much to develop the personality, so there's a lot of freedom there too.  He's got a pretty large family that he'd be rather fond of and he'd have a lot of reverence for Auresae (doesn't have to follow Her, per se, just extreme respect).

Talk to me in game if you're interested.


  • They grow up so fast. *tear*
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  • Bumpity bump. Still looking for a player for Liev, and a few things have changed:

    After going through logs and using the lovely DATE command, it turns out he's turning 16 this IC year, so there's still a little time. Arbre is a Carnifex now, but Riv is still an Enorianite Luminary and the family is primarily based out of the house in Enorian right now. With Arbre being a Carnifex, it opens up the possibilities for RP...the kid could decide to follow his mother up north, or stay with the rest of his family in the south/forests.

    If anyone is interested in playing an alt with an established family and RP in place, let me or Arbre know IC or here, whatever. We'd rather not have the kid become a faceless, imaginary NPC, y'know? Guaranteed RP! Be an Aquila -and- a Silverain all at once, no matter what side you play on!!

    @Jasline, tell them all how awesome it is.



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  • Well, my favorite part is that there's literally almost always someone to RP with at any given time of the day. There's so many family members and also friends around to make life interesting on a day to day basis. People are usually willing to drag you hunting with them as well, especially Arbre. She dragged me up to..level 92? Somewhere around there. I think Rivas dragged me up to around level 60 and then Arbre took over from there. Anyway, there's multiple people willing to help out at any given time for various things. These people are a nice bunch to RP with and I'm glad I was able to get in on it.
  • At least if the kid is Rivas' he will actually like them being part of the family. *teases and ducks*
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