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We had this thread on the old forums, and surprisingly not here yet!

We've been consistently ending up in the lower portions of the voting board if not completely absent of it lately! If you aren't aware, there's a lot going on behind the scenes right now with the recent releases of some pretty cool things and events.

For those of you that don't know, voting for Aetolia bumps us higher up on the Top Mud Sites website, a site that many people go to when they get bored of their current MUD, or go to when they're looking for a MUD period. By getting us higher up on that ladder you increase the odds of people deciding that day that it's Aetolia they want to try - and who's going to complain about more players?

So with that said, vote and CONFIG VOTEREMINDER ON within the game!

I think that shooting to place at least 5th by the end of this month is quite the reasonable goal, and it's one we've hit before albeit not recently. 



  • SlypheSlyphe Member Posts: 617 Immortal
    Row row row your vote.

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    @Slyphe post a screen shot in the other forum and I will vote!!  heh
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    I assure you there's nothing to see! Simply a Mudlet screen with no fancy gauges, buttons, or fancy prompts.

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    I fell for your sig, @Slyphe.  I was totally expecting that picture of him in a dress.
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    We've dropped all the way to 10th place, c'mon guys. At LEAST secure 8th for us!

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    Do what Midkemia does and code up an ipspoofer/autovoter so we can be 3rd or 4th every round.
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    Make funnier - You're a pretty swell fella, Azton! Thanks for bringing down the vote-hammer! - Pretty sure we've all seen the same things over and over, Time for some new so people talk about it and people Vote to see what he/she gets!
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    Turns out our datacenter is fueled by votes. I think you all know what needs to happen.
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