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Here are just a few ideas for Triptycha - some of which are repeats - because I may be obsessed. No promises on quality or plausibility, as I'm mostly throwing them out there.

Game Modes:

Things that change how numbers are compared and how tiles are captured.

Assault: The primary number is subtracted from the enemy tiles to which it is compared.
Diplomacy: The primary number is added to the enemy tile.
Match: Match a side or the primary
Archers: Compare the primary and the non-touching side.
Single Match: Match a  single side or the primary number.
Collection: Every tile must come from a particular collection.
Limited: Only X number of tiles of each type can be used in the deck. Not sure what number to put (2 or 3, ballparking), but it'd be nice for forcing some deck vulnerability.
Change - You pick your hand, other person plays with it.
Handicap - Gives a modifiable sum change to one person or the other. For simplicity's sake, -# subtracts from the challenger, # adds to the challenger. Leave it to the players to make sure it fits the game type.
Tournament - Calls for a set deck size of 25, and it plays as a best of three. Tiles are considered used once they are in your hand, so you can't use them again in the next games. Initial rules carry throughout, play separate games if you want different ones.

Capture Rules:

You could call this more "Things that happen when you capture a tile" than anything.

First, I'd like the main chain rule and confusion rule explained to a better degree and added to the HELP TT scroll. Seems to be a common desire!

Second, additions!

Reckless: Every capture causes the tiles to be compared again. 
Shift: Capturing a tile rotates it once.
Swap: Capturing a tile causes both to switch sides, flipping if necessary.
Quake: All touching tiles are randomly rotated once when a tile is laid.


Shiny tiles or ultra rare, cosmetically different versions of tiles would be good for collectors while not doing anything to the game.

Bosses should have tiles on their loot tables! >.> You lay a darkly glowing tile of Zsarachnor in niche 9.


Add "decks" to the TT cache. Allow people to TT CHALLENGE person RULES WITH DECK# and TT ACCEPT WITH DECK#. It's what people do anyway, so might as well make it internal. I also don't see a reason to limit the number of decks too much, but ten would probably be a good number if the game and capture rules are expanded.

I think that's all I have for now. I will probably add more, and I don't mind updating the first post with other ideas so any admin-types can have a nice, shiny list of Triptycha ideas *winknudgewink*

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    There's one thing I would like to change about a current rule. I have a feeling people will not like it, but I'm going to say it anyway, because I'm one of those fair players who enjoy fair games.

    As it is, players are able to remove tiles from their decks, leaving behind only their best tiles for the current rules in their decks. For example, leaving behind only 0-0-0-0 tiles for an undercut game or only Chakrasul tiles for inversion.

    This makes the 'random' rule kind of pointless, seeing as there is nothing random about the game if people only have their best tiles in play anyway.

    I'd like to see a change to that rule, making the game draw random tiles from all decks AND inventory. At least then it would actually be random.

    I understand drawing specific tiles for other rules, but random is random, no?

    Alright, waiting to get shot down now.

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    I agree that Random is a misnomer at current for everyone but nawbs who do not think about gaming it that way, and I would imagine that most others would as well.

    My Limited suggestion was sort of aimed at that, since I can't see a good way to avoid outtd all;intd deck;#50 drop 50 tile. If you did Random Limited Inversion, you could only have two or three Chaks in the deck, for example.

    Random checking the inv still doesn't stop tile dropping, so people would have to play nice. Dunno a clean way to fix it.

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    Easy way to fix it is deck playing min. Currently at 25, which let's face it. Not hard to get 25 great tiles to play. Up it to say 100. You still will have a good random. 

    As for a true true random game. that is the disc rule.

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    Damon linked me this in IRC: Haven't gone through it all myself, but it explains the chaining as it stands and might have other useful bits.

    Having to pay to play randomly isn't a sensible solution, in my opinion, plus won't you get loaded with tiles? Can't argue against it being the only real random option, for now.

    100 would help sorta kinda. Hardcore collectors would still have the advantage, since if I have 10 great tiles for the mode and you have even just 30 or 40, it's not reaaally equally random. I'd probably rather have discs be the 'random' and the Limited option I suggested being the way you equalize things between the Damons of the world who have 827389123 Faceless Gods and other people.

    And another game rule idea. A tournament rule that calls for a set deck size of 25, and it plays as a best of three. Tiles are considered used once they are in your hand, so you can't use them again in the next games.

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    I only have 20 Faceless gods now. during the tournament my confusion deck was 4 faceless, 2 giant rats, 3 nuiri, 3 gatekeeper and the rest Maghak, I really got lucky with random drawing of faceless though.

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    So...during the tournament I discovered that if you are a serious Triptycha player, you know not to keep 463 tiles in your deck if someone springs a randomizer on you.
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    I also consider it like a CCG, I spent a lot of tickets and gold to get a ton of tiles and spent hours with aliases to set up different decks and combination depending on the play type. But, I love the game enough to be like oh, well alright I will happily play this way, just give me some time to move everything around. Want to play an armor game, or like the old MtG a rat deck, let's go. The problem I belive was the introduction of the gods tiles. If we were just using the armor, rat, weapons, flowers tiles things would have been different for everyone involved.

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    Building the decks should be the thing, not coding to do it. That's why I suggested having separate decks you can choose to play with and just one mighty main cache.

    It's a tricky situation. You have to give power to and encourage collecting while keeping things level enough to give good play a fighting chance. Not every rule combination is going to do that, of course, and deck building being part of the game isn't a bad thing.

    If anything, releasing the god tiles illustrated issues in the design, not created them. Even without them, you would still have some people who had more of the best tiles for any given situation.

    The Random thing and getting around it seems unintended, to me. There is no reason at current to adjust your deck (for most people) unless you take Random into account. Adjusting your deck eliminates (for those who have bothered to collect a fairly small number of tiles) the problems Random is supposed to put into place. Increasing the deck minimum is a stopgap only targeted at Random that is merely annoying otherwise, and it only fixes it until they want to release more tiles. 

    As to the CCG thing - 

    The Collection rule is similar to the MtG set rules, so if it was put in you could just play with armor or rats. Limited is similar to the copy rules for their decks, and it can go even further if you limit tiles based on matching numbers as well as matching names. MtG has tools in place to limit power creep, though it definitely hasn't eliminated it. The simpler concept of TT should make it more than doable. 

    Couple more ideas -

    Change - You pick your hand, other person plays with it.
    Handicap - Gives a modifiable sum change to one person or the other. For simplicity's sake, -# subtracts from the challenger, # adds to the challenger. Leave it to the players to make sure it fits the game type.

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    I never actually got a chance to sit down and play as I found getting to that state kinda overwhelming. Sorting the tiles and all that is pretty confusing if you've never played a game since you have no idea what tiles you want to be using, but it seems that you need to learn tile management before you can sit down and play a few games. If there is any way to reverse that (maybe make tiles go into a default deck which can be used to play with, or something), that might make the game more accessible to new players.
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    That's the thing, @Moirean. You can just INTD all your tiles into your main deck, then ITD SORT BY SUM to get a general idea of your tiles.

    For a friendly game of Triptycha, that would be just fine for normal artifice rules with a random draw. You won't be an expert, but you get to play the game and understand how it works in general. As for the other rules, you might want to just have a sitdown with someone to play a few rounds with you, while explaining. I've done plenty of those IC and I've had a blast teaching people how to play Triptycha. Come look me up if you want!

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    I really enjoy the game as it stands, but I would love to see a few more rules added, and the ones already suggested sound nifty.

    I will admit to being a little disappointed when the tournament began to feel like a who could buy the most 0-0-0-0 tiles rather than a skill thing. Not to say that those who were playing don't have skill, just a comment from an observer. Something that was suggested to me by Saybre that might be interesting to see, is a game or tournament where you have to use the deck they provide for you.

    THANK YOU FOR THE LINK TO HOW CHAINING WORKS. I have been sitting and trying to figure it out for a while now!
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    Someone want to write up a dummy match on the forums, explaining how to play?

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                         * *       Game #1
                        *   *      Xarian vs Wyle
                       *     *     It is Wyle's turn.
                      *  ~1~  *    Rules: A-RC-P
                     *         *
                    *           *
                  * *           * *
                 *   *         *   *
                *     *  ~3~  *     *
               *  ~2~  *     *  ~4~  *
              *         *   *         *
             *           * *           *
           * *           * *           * *
          *   *         *   *         *   *
         *     *  ~6~  *     *  ~8~  *     *
        *  ~5~  *     *  ~7~  *     *  ~9~  *
       *         *   *         *   *         *
      *           * *           * *           *

    This is the board, explaination to follow.

  • EzalorEzalor Emperor D'baen CanadaMember Posts: 1,307 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Could we put chaining rules (including Confusion ones, which no one seems to understand) into HELP TRIPTYCHA? It isn't exactly the most intuitive thing to figure out.
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    @moirean, the way I learned was I bought enough discs to get 25 tiles and then played random games. What this meant was the tile picking process was removed and just learned the basic rules. After a few games this way, playing with a start to always capture when I could, I was able to pick up the game, learn what tiles i want and then hone on start. Point is, to learn I recommend just getting the discs and starting with a random set of tiles and playing under random rules.

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress SwedenMember Posts: 2,208 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    @Toz: I'd prefer explaining it in game, but sure. Here's what a normal artifice game would look like:

    It's with explanations of commands next to it and all. Let me know what you think of it. And don't hesitate to approach in game and you'll get a much better explanation there, while also getting some nice RP-interaction!

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    Also, for those who want a quick reference of the commands when handling your tiles:

    This shows all the tiles you have in your main deck

    ITD <collection>
    This will show all the tiles in a specific collection. There are currently 6 of them:
    Armor, weapons, rats (sold in Delos)
    Flowers (sold in Mhrenad)
    Gods_sapience, gods_albedos (sold in Delve)

    The main deck and the collections can be sorted in different ways.
    - TYPE means it's sorted by the name of the tile, i.e. a leather armor tile.
    - PRIMARY/A/B/C means the tiles are sorted from high to low based on corner or primary numbers respectively.
    - SUM means the tiles are sorted from highest total sum to lowest.

    INTD <tile>
    This puts in a specific tile from your inventory into your MAIN deck. If you want to put it into a collection instead you add TO COLLECTION at the end. You don't have to specify collection, as it picks the type automatically.

    This puts all the tiles you have in your inventory into the MAIN deck.

    This puts all the tiles in your inventory into their separate collections.

    OUTTD <tile>
    To take out a tile from your MAIN deck, you have to know what number it is. These numbers are listed at the far left side when you check ITD. Keep in mind that you can sort the decks and this will shift the tiles around. The same goes for when you draw a tile of a low number. All the tiles with higher numbers will now fill that space and get a lower number:

    Example: This is part of an ITD

    18    a steely Maghak the Sovereign tile             9   3   4   3   19
    19    a pale yellow Niuri the Ultraist tile              8   2   2   6   18
    20    a crimson Auresae, aiyr Vahaitnari tile       2   5   6   5   18
    21    a pale yellow Niuri the Ultraist tile              8   6   0   3   17
    22    a violet Omei the Dreamer tile                   5   8   2   2   17
    23    a pale yellow Niuri the Ultraist tile              8   5   3   0   16

    OUTTD 20 would in this case take out the Auresae tile.
    However, if I try to do OUTTD 21 next, I will not get the Niuri tile, I will get the Omei tile.

    If you OUTTD <number> FROM <collection> you will draw that numbered tile from a specific collection.

    This allows you to pull out all tiles from the main deck. To take out all from a specific collection just add FROM <collection> at the end.

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