Brother Engel cleans up his act.

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Novice Engle kisses Kaleigh and then refuses to leave her alone. Kaleigh goes to hide in a house with Ayanala, Engel follows and stands outside yelling to be let in. At which point Kerryn takes notice and is informed on what happened and summons Engel to her and drags him back to the Monastery for punishment.

Oblate Engel says through unhappy tears, "Are you going to harm me?"

You have emoted: "So you like kissing?" Kerryn asks quietly as she moves over to her desk and opens a drawer.

Engel shakes his head.

Engel looks around, eyes wide with horror.

Queitly, Oblate Engel says, "Drats."

You have emoted: Kerryn pulls a bar of soap from the desk and lifts it to her nose and grimaces, pulling it away quickly, clearly due to the stench. "Right well." she says as she approaches you. "Hold out your hand."

With a shocked expression, Engel gapes openly.

Engel holds out one hand.

You have emoted: Kerryn drops the rancid smelling bar of soap in your hand. "Kiss it." she instructs as she takes a half step back and folds her hands behind her back.

Engel cowers in fear.

You have emoted: Kerryn lifts a delicate eyebrow, "Do it."

"Why?" Engel asks inquisitively.

Engel gives a pained sigh.

Engel quickly pecks the soap.

Oblate Engel says, "There."

You have emoted: Kerryn smiles, "Again."

The stench rising up from the soap is overpowering, it smells like a dead animal.

Oblate Engel says, "Enjoying this?"

Engel blows a big kiss.

You have emoted: Kerryn tilts her head, "Keep kissing it until I tell you to stop."

Engel gives a pained sigh.

Engel quickly pecks the soap.

Engel suddenly gags without warning.

Engel shakes his head.

You have emoted: "You can do better then that!" Kerryn exclaims, "C'mon... really kiss it.. no need to be shy!"

Engel goes in to kiss the soap but pukes to Kerryn's right.

The more you kiss it the slimier it gets and the stench worsens.

Oblate Engel says, "N..o."

Oblate Engel says, "I've learned."

You have emoted: Kerryn seems unphased by the vomit, simply stepping aside to avoid getting it on her. "I did not say stop, Brother Engel." says lightly.

Oblate Engel says, "I've learned."

Oblate Engel says, "Please it smells horrid."

Engel swallows so as not to puke again.

You have emoted: Kerryn frowns at you, "I did not say stop, Brother." she says firmly, "You have learned your lesson when I say so. Now continue."

Oblate Engel says, "Perhaps I should ask the soap if it -wants- to be kissed?"

Oblate Engel says, "I'm doing to it what I did to Kaleigh."

You have emoted: Kerryn folds her arms across her chest, "You've got at least three more kisses to give, I mean -real- kisses... not these little quick pecks."

Engel kisses the soap.

Engel pales considerably as he faints.

Engel rubs his head.

Oblate Engel says, "Ow."

Engel looks to the soap "Oh god it wasn't a dream.

You have emoted: "Two more, Brother." Kerryn smiles, "Let's see your kissing prowess!"

Engel goes in to kiss the soap but stops mere inches from it, "Are you sure you don't want to be kissed instead?" smirks at his own pitiful joke.

You have emoted: Kerryn smiles sweetly, "Try it and you'll be begging to kiss the soap. There -are- worse punishments and I am -very- creative."

Oblate Engel says, "I'd rather have the pot."

Engel kisses the soap then gags "BLECH".

You have emoted: Kerryn folds her arms, "The pot is but a warning, one in which you didn't heed. So we're well past potting." she watches Engel kiss the soap once more, "Good, one more.. make this one worth it! Lips to it till I count to three!" she encourages.

Engel rolls eyes while going to kiss soap so you ((hopefully)) don't see put lips lightly on soap.

(Oblates): Engel says, "Oh my gods where do you get your soap."

You have emoted: Kerryn cranes her neck, "Aww. C'mon! Really show that soap how much you love it!"

Uneasily, Oblate Engel says, "Can i just eat some of it and  be done?"

You have emoted: Kerryn purses her lips in thought, "I tell you what. Hold the bar in your mouth till the count of ten, then you're done."

Engel ponders the situation.

Oblate Engel says, "How about i eat a fourth of it?"

You have emoted: Kerryn shakes her head, "No, that's your only option. Hold it in your mouth till the count of ten or kiss it till the count of three."

Engel grumbling he puts half the soap in his mouth.

You see Engel yell, "EW."
Engel suddenly gags without warning.

Beyam Rizial yells, "Did you look in a mirror?"
Beyam Rizial yells, "Shouldn't do that. You'll get sick."

You see Engel yell, "I'll make you eat this soap fool."
Beyam Rizial yells, "You're welcome to try squirt."
Oblate Engel says, "You can start counting whenever you like."

You see Engel yell, "EWW."

You have emoted: Kerryn nods, "One." she says as she peers at you to make sure the soap is actually in your mouth. "Lips wrapped tight now... drop your hand, only hold it with your mouth!"

Engel puts hands slowly down and by reflex he uses his tongue to push to soap to the ground.

You see Engel yell, "OH COME ON!!"

Beyam Rizial yells, "Hush."

You see Engel yell, "You come up here and do what i am and try not to scream."

You have emoted: Kerryn tsks softly as she shakes her head, "Best pick it up." she urges as she moves to sit down at her desk. "Now I have to start over again." she sighs dramatically.

Plato McCloud, Yeleni Lord yells, "Now now children learn to play nice."

Engel puts soap in mouth and clenches down with teeth.

Oblate Engel says, "You're loving this."

You have emoted: Kerryn watches you calmly, "One." she says before sitting back in her chair, "Two." she crosses her right leg over her left, "Three." another short pause, "Four."

You see Engel yell, "Shut up plato don't patronize me oh my it's horrid."

Oblate Engel says, "5 ,6 ,7,8!"

You have emoted: "Five." Kerryn continues, "Six..." she suddenly seems to get distracted and stops counting for a moment, "Oh.. right counting. Where was"

Oblate Engel says, "Oh my gods!"

You have emoted: "Eight. Nine." Kerryn watches you before smiling, "Ten! Okay, take it out."

Engel spits it out.

Oblate Engel says, "Ew it's on my throat."

You have emoted: Kerryn nods to a bucket of water in the corner, some rags draped over its side, "Clean up your mess now, Brother." she says as she pointedly looks at the vomit on the floor.

Oblate Engel says, "Seriously?"

Oblate Engel says, "I'll puke more."

You have emoted: Kerryn lifts a delicate eyebrow, "Then I guess you'll just have more to clean up then."

Engel draws a tear-choked, shuddering breath, sobbing openly.

Oblate Engel says, "This is hoirrible."

You say, "What did we learn?"

Engel wipes up all the puke leaving some spilled on his robe.

Jokingly, Oblate Engel says, "Don't kiss a snitch? Oh umm hmmm."

"Aha!" Oblate Engel says, "Ask first!"

You have emoted: Kerryn purses her lips, "I see I'll need to hold onto that soap for future lessons."

Oblate Engel says, "NO!"

Oblate Engel says, "That's unnecessary!"

Oblate Engel says, "Don't bombard personal space! That's the lesson!"

Oblate Engel fluidly says with airy inflection, "No more please."

You have emoted: Kerryn nods slowly, "Good." she smiles faintly, "You will write an apology to Prioress Kaleigh. Any more nonsense such as this and you will think that bar of soap was a piece of cake. Am I clear, Brother?"

Oblate Engel says, "Yes ma'am."

Oblate Engel says, "Actually."

Oblate Engel says, "In person is much more personal."

You say, "Do you really think she wants to be near you right now?"

Oblate Engel says, "She needs to see it form off my lips."

You say, "Do you want to stay with the soap? I doubt it.. she probably feels much the same way. A letter will suffice."

Engel shakes his head.

You say, "She's seen enough of your lips."

You smirk.

Oblate Engel says, "It won't."

Oblate Engel says, "I will not feel just untill I apologize orally, Sensei. You understand yes?"

You say, "A letter it will be Brother. Afterwards if she accepts it, then you may apologize personally."

Engel says nothing at all in a very pointed way. His silence is deafening.

You have emoted: Kerryn peers into her desk, "Oh dear.. all out. But I do have another bar of soap, and why it's a different flavor! Want to try it?"

Engel scowls miserably at you.

Oblate Engel says, "That's not funny."

Firmly, you say, "A letter. You're free to go. Stay away from Prioress Kaleigh for the rest of the month. If you disobey me..."

You have emoted: Kerryn holds up the other bar of soap.

Oblate Engel says, "The end of the month is in a few hours."

You say, "Then I guess you best start writing."

Engel presses the open palm of his left hand against the clenched fist of his right and bows respectfully to you.

Engel disappears in a flash of light, teleporting by the power of the Gods.



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    Hah! Love it! <3

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    BEST  AUNT  EVER!!!! <33333333 

    Seriously, a good sport for going through with it. Must make note to self, don't tick Kerryn off, she keeps odd things in her desk drawers.. :D

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    It was great
    "Seriously, a good sport for going through with it."
    I know ;D
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