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Dhagon inhales sharply and raises his arms beside him. He brings them up above his head as if conducting an orchestra, and then cocks his head to the side. Closing his eyes, he begins to concentrate upon a distant, focal point. Seemingly unaware of what is happening around him, you see his shadow jerk to life. It slithers up his body from his connecting feet, and extends its hands in an action of pure malice. Inky tendrils burst forth from the shadow's hands, sinking deep into Dhagon's chest, whose eyelids flicker open in alarm. Shuddering at the sharp pain growing from his chest, he cries out aloud, before the formless figment fades away into nothingness. All is quiet for a few long moments, before you see the flesh of his chest brutally torn open. A shimmering curtain of essence forms over the gaping wound, reforming and re-molding the wound until naught but a scar is left. As he trembles visibly, you realise that Dhagon has embraced his new form as Azudim.

The skies darken momentarily as tendrils of shadow creep across the firmament to form the terrible visage of the Azudim, Dhagon.



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    Woohoooo! Well done!

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