Calculating affliction rates (check my logic?)

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One of the ways I'm getting my head around class changes is figuring out old vs. new affliction rates, but it's late here, and I'm not sure if my process works. Would someone do me a favor, look it over, and let me know if I'm messing up?

Let's take Sentinels as an example.

Sentinels have an affliction speed (I'm told) of 2.35 seconds with Dhuriv. 
Darts trap hits at 3.5 seconds.

To figure an affliction rate, we need to figure out how many seconds it takes them to hit with one affliction (to me, this is a cleaner number than the number of afflictions they hit with every second).

Step 1: Calculate the number of "hits"

We need to find a least common multiple for 2.35 and 3.5. 

LCM of 2.35 and 3.5 is 164.5  (I made this easier by finding the LCM of 235 and 350, then dividing everything by 100).

2.35 and 3.5 should divide evenly into 164.5. 

Over 164.5 seconds, you hit with a Dhuriv combo 70 times.
Over 164.5 seconds a darts trap will hit 47 times.

Step 2: Calculate the number of afflictions

Dhuriv delivers 2 afflictions - 70 x 2 = 140 afflictions in 164.5 seconds
Darts delivers 1 affliction = 47 afflictions in 164.5 seconds.

Dhuriv + darts = 187 afflictions in 164.5 seconds.

Step 3: Convert that into a number of seconds per affliction.

187 into 164.5 = 0.88

New Sentinel affliction rate while in a darts trap: One affliction every 0.88 seconds (rounded)

To help me compare, since last time I fought, they had quickfoot:

Sentinel with quickfoot = 1.89 seconds dhuriv combo = 2 into 1.89 seconds = 0.95 seconds (rounded)

E.g. sentinel in darts is marginally faster (8%) at afflicting than a Sentinel outside of darts used to be.

Am I messing up here?

(Sentinels, this is an example, not a complaint)


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    That formula is pretty boss.

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