Yeah I know I haven't RP'd much with many people, just thought I'd get feedback on the bits I have participated in.


  • LinLin Blackbird The Moonglade
    Sorry I disconnected, but you can't really control these things. Stathan was a pretty fun guy, I see you're really into the Sentaari spirituality, which is exciting for me because that was the avenue of RP I wanted to explore myself, so who knows, maybe Lin'll have a buddy.
  • KerrynKerryn The Black Flagon Inn
    If I had to describe Stathan in one word it'd be: Awesome!

    You emote beautifully and are always a delight to talk to ic and ooc. Even when Stathan is being stubborn or driving his aunt up a wall, I can't help but smile.

  • I will second the awesomeness. It's always fun to RP with you even though our sessions are usually short ones. We need to fix that, by the way. More RP! Also, he has this bit of randomness to him that comes across well. Don't change that part.
  • In all honesty, Kal enjoys teasing the bageesus out of her little brother. Their relationship is unique in the sense that they truly are brother and sister. She still hopes for that little sister one day (even if the wheel gives you another sex change, it will make her dreams come true! :D), but Stath is a great brother, and will have to do for now. hehe

    Your emotes completely amazing, and blows my mind at how fast you get those out! He's working on his own anger issues and accepting things as he goes and it makes Stath that much more unique and interesting to interact with. You're doing a GREAT job with him. <3 

  • Stathan's always interesting and amusing to interact with. Plus.. I know his real identity! Dun dun duuun.
  • StathanStathan Hot springs
    Been a bit, had more chats. Curiosity has taken over.
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    Stathan and Xenia had an interesting interaction early on in Xenia's life. She had been around for maybe a week, and was in the position of being both enemied and bountied to Enorian for hunting some protected hunting ground (to this day, I -still- don't know which grounds they were!). After an altercation with Isto, a few fights, and a mild bit of trash talk, he finally agreed to allow Stathan, someone closer to Xenia's size and level, to stand in for the bounty. Xenia runs in swinging and doing the best she can, but eventually falls victim to deliverance. The loss stayed with Xenia for a while and eventually she confronts Stathan asking for a rematch, to which he declines but instead offers some time in the arena. They briefly spent time there, and he kindly offered to teach Xenia so as to encourage her in her path, quite the gentleman!

    Since then, there's been quite a bit of time and character development for Xenia, and I'm sure for Stathan as well, and apart from the occasional run in at the BFI, the two have not interacted. It would be interesting to run into Stathan again and see how things have developed for him. 

  • StathanStathan Hot springs
    So I've made a slight bit of a comeback and am curious about interactions with people. Let er rip!
  • SolariaSolaria Charlotte, NC
    I've loved our interactions so far. Their conversations have been thoroughly entertaining! They have quite the same sense of humor and wit, which isn't something that I see for Sol much. I really hope that we get a lot more interactions. ^_^

  • StathanStathan Hot springs
    Starting to get back and I'll regret it but I'm curious how I'm doing.
  • I'll say this.. the first day you started talking over BFI I was like, 'I don't know who this bleepidy bleep is, but I'm about to tell him to go eat a bleep with some bleep.' But despite first impressions, you're a cool cat and what little I've seen of your RP seems solid.

    Looking forward to more.
  • StathanStathan Hot springs
    Thoughts, Suggestions, Input? Open to anything, been back a bit now.
  • StathanStathan Hot springs
    I'm back, been out and about. Thoughts, suggestions, input, critiques?
  • AloliAloli Between Books
    Stathan is a sweetheart! Don't go away again!
    Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost. - Khalil Gibran

    How am I doing?
  • StathanStathan Hot springs
    Been a month. Hit me with what ya got.
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    Disagree. Not a sweetheart. He's the grumpy old guy telling me to get off his lawn. Jokes aside, he's definitely someone Kal looks up to and considers to be his first true friend and teacher in the Sentaari. 
  • ZailaZaila Pacific Time
    Stathan's been a lot of fun to interact with! I appreciated that you latched right on to my lulzy conversation starter and it's been a great fun time interacting with him since! You're always eager to jump in and get to some RP or chatting and you're great at incorporating new ideas into the conversations. Your emotes are also always fun to read and I like how you incorporate his inhumane features into them, that always brings a character alive for me!
  • I think Stathan is great! I have had some fun interactions with him. Though still morning that kitty... -cough @Ayanala -
  • Wow, where to start. Stathan definitely came around at a point in time where Arista was transitioning from nobody crafter to a speaker. And on top of some other issues icly, he was a great source of venting and friendship. He handles her sass and temper when it flares about something well, and I really do miss the interactions! Arista needs her frand! Joking aside, I am so glad to have gotten the chance to meet you icly and get to know the various layers of Stathan as well as learning more about Arista with a different perspective.

    PS All the snark
  • Scrawny, but likable. Put up with shouty, drunk Mjoll with the best of them A+ would shout drunkenly at again.
    Toz says, "Dishonor on you (Mjoll), dishonor on your family (Seirath), dishonor on your cow (Bulrok)"
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    For a man that lived as a single child, Iesid is surprisingly touched to have the brother he has in Stathan. It made him realize that there were things he wanted in his life that he never really picked up on.

    Stathan is a fascinating character with more history than he lets on, and that is always really cool to me as a player. Storied characters are awesome. Ex: 'You think it's weird that I know all these Shadow people on a first name basis?' - yes, Iesid does think that is weird, but it is cool!

    The turn both characters have taken, as well as the shared responsibility in their Order and council has been very enjoyable. Thanks for riding the same route and being in the same story, I wouldn't have it any other way. :smile:

    Great writing, 15/10, would bloodbrother again.
  • He's grumpy! More grumpy with Kal than most people! Love it, keep up the good grumpiness.
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