Golem Imprints/Earthpaints

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Hey, guys, I'm looking to get some input on what imprints (and maybe even reflexes) and ink colours you use on your golems and why. Animation's setup is completely new to me and, honestly, at this point I've simply been using my golem as a mobile defenses platform.

So, what do you use and why and such!


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    blue with gold ink on the golem seems to be the norm for most Teradrim people.  The reason for this is so we keep pushing salves so while they are curing the freezing they are not curing a limb break or bruising, which allows us to get ahead.  

    I, personally, have also used green with gold so to give extra afflictions with the loki hits.  but I tend to use either and continue to test the blue with gold myself
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    Has anyone run the tests to find the proc chance on blue both with and without gold? Just from observation, the proc chance didn't really seem to be worth it, considering the golem was striking on a 7 second tick timer and the chill only seemed to be proccing every 1 in 4 strikes, if that. Again, that's just raw observation, no real testing done, so I'd be curious to know the real proc chance.

    As for loki, it seems to be a "decent" route for stacking swelter/fracture affs, but given that it's loki... yah.
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