IronCon - July 19th-20th in Las Vegas

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They'll probably make an official topic somewhere, but just in case nobody has seen the notification yet. Anyone thinking about attending?


Friday July 19th and Saturday July 20th, 2013 Registration Opens December 12th @ 12 pm Pacific/8 pm GMT!


Las Vegas

What is IronCon?

An extended Iron Realms party at a great estate. This is not a typical convention. Think of it more like a meet organized by Iron Realms than a typical 'Con'. The festitivies start at 5 pm on Friday the 19th and the estate will be open until 2 am that night. The next day, we'll open again starting at noon and go until 2 am again.

What do we do at IronCon?

Meet other players, volunteers, and employees of Iron Realms and throw down with them. Play poker and pool! Hang out in the multiple pools and hot tubs on the property, play on the water slide, geek out with board games and competitive video games. We'll have a couple of contests going and of course we expect groups of people will want to head out to the Vegas Strip to have some fun together as well.

What does it cost?

Admission to the IronCon is free...but you need to buy a special 150 bound credit package to attend. That package is $100. When you buy those credits, you'll be asked for your character name (of course) so you can get your bound credits, as well as the name of the person to put on the guest list for IronCon.

What's included?

The party itself, snacks, and all drinks while at the estate, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and an in-game item to commemorate your attendance.

What's not included?

Your hotel room (we'll be arranging a group discount rate at one of the hotels nearby on the Vegas Strip), your transportation to/from IronCon, your meals (though we'll have plentiful snacks at IronCon). If you share a room with someone, you should be able to get a room for $50-$70/person/night pretty easily.

Anything else?

  • There are only 75 total spots available. 50 are being sold today, 25 will be sold at a to-be-announced future date. Once they're gone we won't be able to add anyone else to the guest list, due to capacity restrictions in the rental agreement for the property. If you're seeing this, there are still spots left.
  • You'll need to accurately supply your name and bring government-issued ID showing you're you.
  • You'll need to sign a liability release form when you arrive.

Register for IronCon

IronCon registration opens at Noon Pacific/8 pm GMT on Wednesday, December 12th. Check back then!


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    Heeeell no! Risk being the only aetolian that gets a ticket? I don't want to drown in the sea of Achaeans.
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    Yeah, I was thinking about that. With there only being 75 tickets being sold, and the tickets going on sale just a few weeks before Christmas (bad idea for the cash strapped folks with families and kiddos to buy x-mas gifts for). Is why I'm trying to get a feel for anyone planning on attending, not interested in buying a ticket, flight, hotel and then not know anyone.
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    Mariena and I may still be in town that weekend, since we can just spend it with my family if nobody from Aetolia shows up. Though, if any of you do, let us know! I'd love to see (most) of you!
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    Ok, so Raz made the official post!

    Can someone close this thread so that the conversation can continue over in Raz's thread?
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    Whoops. Didn't even notice someone had made a topic already!
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