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    So let me get this straight...

    The Administration of Aetolia makes an event to cull inactive-do-nothing Houses. - This is awesome.

    The Administration of Aetolia makes a formula, designed by them and only known by them to cull behavior and Houses who exhibit behavour that is not conductive to a healthy environment given the shrinking playerbase of the game - This is also awesome.

    People complain that the formula is working as intended - This is odd.


    I understand the idea that 'I cant do what I want and love to do and improve the score' and 'I cant idlebot or do stuff in my Haven'. That does suck that what you 'want' isn't part of the formula. One would think though, since this is a -game- that you could at least bend your behavior a bit to the rules of the game. Play the game, as it were. Its not like it's forever. I don't get it.
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    I thought someone said they were settling for 5 Houses for the time being anyway?
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    Haven said:
    I thought someone said they were settling for 5 Houses for the time being anyway?
    for the time being yes, but there is still the ultimate goal of getting to 4 Houses at some point.  When that will be has not been released yet, that I know of 
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    @Malok It's a game--I shouldn't be forced to bash and fight and grind things so my gameplay experience isn't completely screwed--which it will be, if 'kahi dies. Forcing those things for the rewards that come with such things is one thing--forcing it as the only method that is sufficient for stopping the destruction of the org you've spent the last however many years helping to build up is something else entirely.

    Aetolia is a roleplaying game--that's why I play--that and the crafting. I shouldn't be punished for wanting to RP. And...well, I don't think I should be punished for crafting either, but I do acknowledge that there's really no way for them to adjust the score to allow crafting to not make it take a hit unless they go back to it being just logged time--which I agree with having done away with  that system.
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    ...that's not what I mean at all. I mean that as the HL, my grinding is worth way more in terms of points.
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    I don't know why you bash so obsessively. Ve'kahi's actually doing pretty comfortably in terms of points. We may not sit at #1 often but we're not hanging around the bottom rung too often either. I doubt the admins will be like, 'Wellp, it's cut off time and Ve'kahi are arbitrarily at the bottom right now, let's axe them.'

    I think if we just do what we usually do, and maybe hang out more as an organization, we'd not die.
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    Figured I'd post this hear since there's no real thread about the Dominion, but I have to say that I love the changes with the Dominion and Bloodloch, I think it's awesome to give a stronger link to the blooded community with the city since Big A founded the place to begin with!
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