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Well this should be interesting. I know she doesn't interact much with people outside of her guild, but I thought I'd throw this up here anyways and see what people think of her so far. 



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    I really like Alycena.

    She's vulnerable at times, assertive at others, thoughtful and inquisitive, and not afraid to ask questions, even as she appears to be displeased with herself if she's wrong when the answer comes.

    Daingean sees a whole lot of potential in her, as both a person and a Zealot. He's not really good at social interaction - as I'm sure he's mentioned - but it's people like Alycena that make him want to try.

    Mechanically speaking, you seem to mix says with emotes in about equal measure, and it does give a little bit of insight into the mannerisms and feelings of your character at various points, so, plus one to that, keep it up.
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