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  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
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    Character Name: Rihrin Silverain (formerly Rihrin Dram)

    Race: Ascended Human (Yeleni)
    Gender: Gender fluid, currently male. Was born female. Both have their own quirks.
    Guild: Illuminai
    City: Enorian
    Order: Damariel

    Hair: White. Cut short with bangs. Straight.
    Eyes: Amethyst with notes of grey. Red around the outside of the irises.
    Height: Female: 6' Male: 6.5'
    Build: Fairly thin in both forms. Muscle where needed. Little bit more build in male.
    Defining Features: None in female. Horns as male.
    Clothing: Reds and whites in female. Blue and silver in male. Usually form-fitting in a tailored way. Manacles. Pendant from Saybre. Ring from the Illuminai leadership.
    Tattoos: Some random dath, but that's about it.
    Piercings: None yet.
    Scars: None yet.

    Strengths: Honest, kind, sincere, hard-working, determined, welcoming, generous, fairly open-minded.
    Weaknesses: Short-sighted, quick to anger (working on this), doesn't trust themself, insecure, not thinking things all the way through before acting, often oblivious.
    Attitude: Tries to keep a happy energy. Friendly. Wants others to be felt accepted and understood.
    Morals: Very Damariel-based, with a mix of Dhar. Life is precious, but sometimes life has to be taken for a reason. Make that reason matter. Avoid it at all costs otherwise. Be honest in all things. Treat people with as much respect as you can, make up for when you don't do it well enough. Care for all.
    Pet Peeves: Judging people too harshly or quickly. Not being willing to consider the thoughts of another.
    Best way to piss them off: See pet peeve.
    Best way to get on their good side: Bring a snack, preferably based off of bacon. Try to be friendly.

    Color: Red or blue.
    Location(s): A flower garden in the Silverain estate. Lleis' old temple. Arbothia.
    God/Goddess: Damariel, Omei, Ethne.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Roux
    Artifact (don't have to own): Their duck crown, mostly because it's hilariously ridiculous looking.
    Commodity: Bacon
    Animal: Ducks
    Item owned: Pendant from Saybre, manacles from Damariel, Illuminai ring.
    Village/forest/region: Arbothia
    Memory: Saybre proposing at the Waterfyre festival and that entire event (including him and Haven having a dance off)
    Song: None
    Drink: Kawhe
    Food: Bacon

    Goals: See the Age of Dawn - everyone and everything free.
    Ambitions: See above. Just wants to see Enorian and the Illuminai flourish so that the Age of Dawn can happen, whatever work is required to do it of little consequence.
    Nemesis: Ardent. Drystin.
    Rival: Aukan or Orunmila maybe?
    Best Friends: Roux, Straid, Aolin, Kalena, Saybre, Sryaen.
    Idol: Benedicto, Aloli, Tenshyo.
    Romance (forgot this before): No one right now. Has some trust issues here, mostly on their own side.
    Best personal achievement: Being given wings by Damariel from doing well in an event.
    Worst personal achievement: Lashing out at her boyfriend and fellow villagers after her adopted parents died. More modern time, letting other's opinions cause her to push a friend away.
    Proudest moment: When they were brought into the order.
    Most shameful moment: This one will be redacted, since it was before moving to Enorian. Since in Enorian, finding out their work ethic was in question because there was miscommunication on their behalf.
    Secret dream: To just ignore everything for a while and get lost in the Seer's Wood by themself. Or, just go hunt and ignore the world around them. Either one.
    If they could make one wish: Find their adopted parent's souls and speak to them one more time.
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    Character Name: Irys Valceren

    Race: Idreth, of Tsol'aa heritage
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Syssin
    City: Spinesreach, and ridiculously patriotic for it, at that
    Order: None. Doesn't particularly care for religion.

    Hair: Varying shades of red, from dark auburn to copper. Partially shaved on the right side, with braids holding back the left side. Length is just above mid-thigh, slightly wavy.
    Eyes: Gold, metallic at times and honey-like at others
    Height: 6'1"
    Build: Athletic and very muscular, a fact that she prides herself on immensely.
    Defining Features: Dath that moves (literally the skin underneath shifting about, Idreth-style). Occasionally wreathed in golden flame-like essence. Linked to a fire elemental.
    Clothing: Either practical and combat ready, or dressed to the nines. No middle ground.
    Tattoos: No tattoos, but covered in dath from head to toe.
    Piercings: Ears, navel, center of lower lip.
    Scars: None notable, countless small ones.

    Strengths: Diplomacy, foresight, analyzing people, problem-solving, showing only what she wishes others to see, physical and emotional self-control, generosity and creativity
    Weaknesses: Not always sure how to handle attention, takes on too much at a time, easily offended (although it won't show, it's there, and it burns), jealousy in romance, just a bit nationalist
    Attitude: A social chameleon, she will generally hold her own personality heavily in reserve in favor of connecting with whoever she speaks with. When she finds someone she meshes with naturally, her intense zeal for life and her interests burns quickly past her polite front. A born defender, she genuinely believes that the work she does is noble, and throws her heart into it.
    Morals: Loyal to a fault to the Syssin, as well as Spinesreach and its citizens, and everyone else can burn if it keeps them safe. Never needlessly cruel, but always willing to make the hard choice if it's the best choice in terms of objective good.
    Pet Peeves: Being dismissed, who who are arrogant but can't back it up,
    Best way to piss them off: Blow her off, or take control of herself from her (hypnotize, mindlock, tarot, etc)
    Best way to get on their good side: Ask about her dath,

    Color: Pink (shhhhhh!)
    Location(s): Spinesreach, her home, Sparklight Rift
    God/Goddess: Couldn't care less
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Savas
    Artifact (don't have to own): Wings of the eagle
    Commodity: Stone
    Animal: Phenkyre
    Item owned: Her axes, and her phoenix dirk
    Village/forest/region: Chaos Plane
    Memory: Ice skating with @Aramaeus, Albedi picnic with @Tetchta
    Drink: Spiked hot cocoa
    Food: Pancakes (as long as they don't have fruit in them)

    Goals: Those of the Syssin defenders- keeping Ohlsana contained and Spinesreach safe from all threats, without and within
    Ambitions: Lead the Syssin guild someday, be elected as Chairman.
    (Secret) Nemesis(es): Girls who look too hard at Aramaeus lmfao
    Best Friends: @Darrah
    Romance: Aramaeus, Tetchta
    Best personal achievement: Being elected as Senator
    Worst personal achievement:
    Proudest moment: [redacted, guild related]
    Most shameful moment: Irys builds her alcohol tolerance religiously to ensure she is never compromised in public situations by sitting in her room and getting buzzed once a week (and to recognize the names of dangerously strong drinks). Once, early on, she got unlucky with a sip of Liquid Death, and got so drunk that Savas had to assist her suicide to get it over with.
    Secret dream: Can't post it here, it's spicy. 8)
    If they could make one wish: Her family would come to terms with her decision to move to the North and resume communications.
  • Character Name: Flinn (just Flinn, for now)


    Race: Yeleni \ Fae\ Atavian
    Gender: none, generally female body
    Guild/House: Shamans
    City: Duiran
    Order: The Court of She Most Chromatic


    Hair: Waist length, autumnal shades of red
    Eyes: Starry black "whites" around a golden, vine-like ring housing a green glow, lidless and unmoving
    Height: about six feet
    Build: Slender, very subtly muscular
    Defining Features: Eyes, stormy dragonfly wings 
    Clothing: little to nothing, sometimes dath
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: A body-spanning network of vine-pattern scars, painted golden. Not self-inflicted, not on present body


    Strengths: Willing to look for good in (almost) anyone, creative, generous, loving.
    Weaknesses: Incredibly insecure, shows very few. Vain about their art and by extension, their body. Linked to an entity in their staff, for better and worse. Borderline obsessed with their twin sister. Mistrustfel of men.
    Morals: Be kind, unless the continuation of Freedom and Life demand you are not
    Pet Peeves: Being challenged on what they say of their own thoughts/feelings
    Best way to piss me off: Support or participate in slavery, dictate their beliefs/feelings to them, cruelty
    Best way to get on my good side: compliments, gifts, being pretty, paying well, making pretty things, simping, having any sort of head-mounted oddity, it's not very hard.


    Color: Crimson and Gold
    Profession: Artisan, Healer, Shaman
    Profession Skill: Primality - Effusion
    General Skill: Papercraft
    Location: Their Haven/wherever Eirenne is
    God/Goddess: Omei, The Guardian Spirits
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Pilar
    Tattoo: Mindseye
    Artifact (don't have to own): Their staff
    Commodity: wood
    Animal: A capricious Liruma Paksivale
    Item owned: A Lantern-laden Staff of Renewal
    Village/forest/region: Duiran, the Seer's Wood, Omei's Temple
    NPC: None
    Memory: Sleeping in Sekeres' branches
    Song: Basically any
    Drink: Anything fruity


    Goals: Heal their grove, master their faults.
    Amibitions: Become
    Nemesis: Themself
    Rival: None
    Best Friend: Eirenne, Sekeres, Pieri
    Idol: Sekeres(sometimes), Pieri(sort of), they idolize specific perceived strengths.
    Best personal achievement: Reforging their fractured mind
    Worst personal achievement: Asking a terrible price of their most beloved friend in the process
    Proudest moment: Creating a landscape of Ka-la-kai
    Most shameful moment: Nearly surrendering to despair and splintering their mind to keep some small grip on hope
    Secret dream: To become a reliable, joyous force in people's lives. To see imagination set loose, in all its terror and glory
    If I could make one wish..: To undo all the bad that was/is done as they try to understand their newly 'whole' mind and heart. Bonus: to have met Lleis.
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    Character Name: Pieri Yara

    Race: Atavian
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Templars
    City: Enorian
    Order: Damariel

    Hair: Dark brown and chest length. Wispy locks of hair hang in front, too short to be bangs, and while she wears it in a single braid her preferred hairstyle is loose twin pigtails down her front.
    Eyes: Hazel. Downturned and doelike, with thick lashes. Green and gold flecks among the irises.
    Height: 5’6”
    Build: Lithe and toned.
    Voice: Cree Summer, maybe?
    Defining Features: Bushy eyebrows and ruddy cheeks, and dark brown wings that look taller than her when fully unfurled and raised.
    Clothing: When not in her undyed uniform, she favors a blouse-and-longskirt combination with boots. Almost never seen without her gradient indigo hair ribbon.
    Piercings: None
    Scars: Little nicks on her hands.

    Strengths: Resilient, ambitious, honest and loyal; to create is her nature, and she enjoys abstract thoughts branching from reality while priding herself on her dependability and her practical side. She places great importance on being genuine, and tries her best to embody it.
    Weaknesses: Vain, impatient, craves control and appropriately stubborn, self-repressing and somewhat self-deceiving. When outside the context of creation, she is prone to seeing uncertainty as a threat more than an opportunity. Can be envious from time to time.
    Attitude: While mostly mild and courteous, she is capable of surprising force and can channel a self that feels far older than her appearance and age might suggest.
    Morals: The world means nothing if you can’t make yourself happy, be it through principles, deeds, comfort, or people. Also, if there’s something you want, work for it.
    Pet Peeves: Brazen selfishness and entitlement. Wafflers, and those who are unwilling to take a stand for what matters to them.
    Best way to piss them off: Pry too much when she’s not ready to share or try to meddle with her choices. She shares at her own time and is her own birb, thank you.
    Best way to get on their good side: Bring her hearty or sweet foods. Talk to her about anything potentially fun. She takes it as her duty to make a conversation interesting if she can. Ask her to show her crafts.

    Color: Soft and sunny yellow, leaf green and white.
    General Skill: Tailoring, floristry, jewelcraft
    Location(s): Enorian’s gardens and Mrenadh’s glass tower.
    God/Goddess: Damariel
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Kalena
    Artifact (don't have to own): A shimmering moth trap
    Commodity: Cloth
    Animal: Cesario, her snow petrel
    Item owned: An Unbound-touched metal hand mirror.
    Village/forest/region: Barre Arevat
    Memory: [REDACTED]
    Drink: Most tea blends.
    Food: Most bread-based dishes and stews. She loves any dish that feels like home.

    Goals: [REDACTED]
    Ambitions: Become a true disciple of Damariel.
    Nemesis: None in particular.
    Rival: None in particular.
    Best Friends: @Flinn, @Straid
    Romance: [REDACTED]
    Best personal achievement: That hideously sexy sweater she made for Ho Ho No.
    Worst personal achievement: And not being awake to see Enorian react to it.
    Proudest moment: Entry into Damariel’s Order proper.
    Most shameful moment: Calling to Damariel while embroiled in envy and uncertainty and having Him respond; while she treasures the encounter, she is not proud of how she handled her emotions.
    Secret dream: One she knows she can’t be satisfied with - to live free from all entanglements and any need to make them.
    If they could make one wish: As with Galilei, to be strong, since life will never be simple.

  • Character Name: Roux Aquila, aka the Firestarter


    Race: Yeleni, no heritage, born Rajamalan
    Gender: Female and Male
    Guild/House: Illuminai
    City: Enorian
    Order: None


    Hair: Crimson colored and of varying lengths between shoulders and longer, with a white streak at the left temple.
    Eyes: Heterochromatic - Right is gold, the left is jade.
    Height: Around 6'6" whem male, 5' nothing as female
    Build: Swimmer's build with tight muscles and a lean figure, very flexible. Small curves when female.
    Defining Features: A mace-like tail of flexible spines, and a pair of horns with qufar either in his/her hair or attached to the horns.
    Clothing: Tight, flexible materials or loose and flowy. Comfort overall.
    Tattoos: A glimmering dath of an inferno-filled wolf crosses the upper back.
    Piercings: None.
    Scars: Scattered, nothing specific.


    Strengths: Loyal and protective, a gifted healer, open-minded, good at working with converts, able to read people.
    Weaknesses: Self-sacrificing to a destructive level. Often feels lonely, needs people, can be blunt and selfish at times.
    Attitude: Open-minded but protective of what he/she considers important, Roux is willing to sit and talk with almost anyone. He/she has a special interest in connecting and working with converts, and considers healing to be his/her personal reason for existing.
    Morals: Roux has a personal set of morals that edges into gray, and a sense of the ends justifying the means, though that has to still fit within the boundaries of what he/she considers to be right.
    Pet Peeves: Being ignored, being underestimated
    Best way to piss them off: Hurt someone Roux is close to.
    Best way to get on their good side: Offer to dance.


    Color: Green, Amethyst
    Skillset: Luminary
    Ability: Scent
    Location: A wild, overgrown outlook
    God/Goddess: Auresae, though Ethne is starting to come in a close tie.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Aren
    Tattoo: Tree
    Artifact (don't have to own): crafting gnome
    Commodity: obsidian, and diamond dust
    Animal: Roth the wolf, Ravi the salamander (elemental)
    Item owned: A miniature mace of the Luminary - a charm linked to Spark
    Village/forest/region: Esterport, Saluria
    NPC: Sir Jax Shaydo (housemob)
    Memory: Being welcomed into Enorian by Aren after leaving Duiran.
    Song: A lullaby Roux's sister used to sing.
    Drink: Slushed Fire Punch


    Goals: To rebuild the Illuminai into glory and greatness.
    Ambitions: To be known as one of the better leaders of the Light.
    Nemesis: None
    Rival: None
    Best Friends: @Rihrin, @Saybre, @Sryaen, @Aren
    Idol: Arbre (Sister)
    Best personal achievement: Becoming the Dhie Lacinier of the Illuminai after supporting the guild for more than two centuries.
    Worst personal achievement: Unknowingly putting a lover through terrible mental torture in order to recreate his/her body.
    Proudest moment: Standing between Severn and a close friend despite the mortal threat involved.
    Most shameful moment: Being unable to let go of revenge when he/she was given the opportunity.
    Secret dream: To be able to take the man he/she wants as a lover and mate.
    If they could make one wish..: To rewind time a century or so, and allow him/her to make some decisions over again.
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    Character Name: Aramaeus Varens

    Race: Idreth, of human heritage
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Sciomancer
    City: Spinesreach
    Order: Tanixalthas' congregation

    Hair: Pure white, faintly wavy, jaw-length. Typically styled meticulously, but is growing more and more prone to just letting it do whatever.
    Eyes: Really, really weird. Black sclera. 'Irises' are shattered discs of mirror-like chrome. Strewn throughout are shifting, crystalline shards of colour that glow, and change in hue for various reasons. Very hypnotic to look at for any length of time.
    Height: 8'6" (and climbing, him big)
    Build: Narrow hips, very broad shoulders. Sharply defined, powerful musculature.
    Defining Features: Eyes. Mostly covered in scales formed from flowing, liquid black. His aura of midnight, similarly flowing and liquid.
    Clothing: Black. Tight, sleeveless tops, loose pants, dragon-embroidered boots Irys gave him. Little to no jewellery, just a band that's for functional reasons.
    Tattoos: Nope.
    Piercings: Nuh-uh.
    Scars: Boy, howdy. Uh. Lots. They're all hidden beneath the scales, though some bleed through as silver marks. His back is a ruined mass of scar tissue - burns, slash marks, stab wounds, etc. Most prominent are the big, messy lines on his mid-to-upper back, layered ridges of skin horribly torn from many whippings. Back of his hands have so many small scars layered across them they're like tapestries of knitted flesh. Has a big ol' gnarly mark on his lower left back and abdomen from being run through with a blade.

    Strengths: Extremely patient, takes the long view on all things. Observant. Highly intelligent. Ambitious, but willing to work for what he wants. If his loyalty is earned, it’s nearly fanatic in fervency.
    Weaknesses: Blunt. Very prone to offending people or rubbing them the wrong way, without intending to, and not understanding why. Can be too slow to act. Paranoid. Overanalyses and overthinks. Very unsociable. Obsessive. Generally entirely lacking in empathy or compassion, so he struggles with situations that require it. Either feels nothing at all or feels far too much, and has a very poor ability to deal with emotions. Despite the arrogant facade, actually has horrifically poor self-worth, and is extremely hard on himself.
    Attitude: Clinical, calculating. Aloof, polite, largely unexpressive.
    Morals: Amoral. Everything and everyone (barring three exceptions) are tools to be used and disposed of as appropriate, or obstacles to be removed. Will do absolutely anything for the sake of his goals and not bat an eyelid, no matter how vile. The closest he has to a conscience is 'Will this upset Irys?' or 'Will doing this negatively impact my plans or standing?'
    Pet Peeves: Poor manners. Not using titles. Idiots and the incompetent.
    Best way to piss them off: Insult or harm the few people he does care for - Instant enemy for life status. Otherwise, be rude, or ungrateful to him. He intensely dislikes being touched by most. Restraining him, invading his mind or controlling him will make him near berserk with rage.
    Best way to get on their good side: Do good things for Irys and/or show appropriate respect to her. Be mannerly, be smart, be useful. Show him fine art.

    Color: Black. The hue of Irys' hair. The silver of Tetchta's eyes.
    Location(s): His new home. High places, especially cold ones.
    God/Goddess: Tanixalthas (If she would ever wake up). Has a positive regard for Omei, - generally views their dynamic as transactional and impersonal, but in a pleasant way. Otherwise entirely indifferent to gods, unless he can figure out a way to eat one and take its power.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None. Has been very unimpressed so far.
    Artifact (don't have to own):
    Commodity: Kagamine.
    Animal: Dragons, anything reptilian.
    Item owned: The dragon plush Irys gave him, and the sword Tetchta made for him.
    Village/forest/region: Asper.
    Memory: Most with Irys. Relaxing in the tea house with Irys and Tetchta.
    Drink: Ice cold water.
    Food: Meat, fresh vegetables.

    Goals: Everything. Attain omnipotence - he wants to be able to kill anything with a vague effort of will, and reshape reality to his liking , or destroy it and make a new one. Marry Irys.
    Ambitions: Everything. Warden, Shadow Judge, then Shadow Warden, Heir to Tanixalthas. Make the Sciomancers into something he can respect and be proud to be a member of. Find a way to purify Shadow into what he theorises is its true form as pure Dark.
    Nemesis: Nobody.
    Rival: Nobody. (Plenty of people dislike him, but he doesn't have anyone he would remotely consider a rival.)
    Best Friends: Aolin. Doesn't have anyone else he considers a friend.
    Romance: Irys is his everything, and she has him, heart, mind and soul. Has complicated feelings for Tetchta.
    Best personal achievement: Hasn't done anything he believes is worth remarking on yet.
    Worst personal achievement: Similarly has done nothing he really regrets, achievement wise.
    Proudest moment: Orchestrating the death of everyone in his household, strangling his mother and watching the light leave her eyes, burning the family estate to the ground, all in the same night.
    Most shameful moment: Upsetting Irys so much she phased out of his arms and made her angry enough her aura went dark red. Otherwise, nothing - he doesn't really do shame, as a general rule.
    Secret dream: Marry Irys and Tetchta, close the triangle.
    If they could make one wish: Omnipotence. Duh. Otherwise, make Irys immortal and invulnerable, both physically and mentally. (He would be a nightmare about wishes, he'd have a contract three miles long to close any conceivable loophole or way to twist it into something other than specifically what he wants.)
    Discord: Amondrask#8476
  • It's been nearly a full length IRL year since I last did this. When I did it, Elene was part of the Carnifex guild and was still finding herself. A bunch of stuff has since happened and I like where she is now. This time, I have included the bit on mindset!


    Race: Azudim

    Gender: Female

    Guild: Archivists

    City: Bloodloch

    Order: Chakrasul


    Hair: Silvery white.

    Eyes: Pupiless, white eyes.  Now she has one pupiless white eye, and the other is a storm-laden grey feline's eye. It ain't hers. :]

    Height: 6'0"

    Build: Well-proportioned. Lithe with athletic muscles from carrying too many books.

    Defining Features: Metal jaw covered by flesh, peppered with Numerological symbols. Brilliant golden crown on one hand. Her heterochromatic eyes, and an ill-attached ear.

    Clothing: She used to only wear robes, but she has since enjoyed wearing gowns and dresses, heartening back to her days of indulgent nobility.

    Tattoos: That golden crown on her hand. Mark of commitment and ownership from her husband, Desian. Dath of Jherza, which occasionally fades and has to be reapplied.

    Piercings: Ears!

    Scars: Numerous scars along her body, worse upon her back. A faint silver one across her right side of her features, from a steam-scalding 'incident'. It's nearly gone though. There's a few additional scars around her clavicles, like someone has decided to try and rip off her head and stopped mid-way.


    Strengths: Intelligent and mostly self-composed. Thoughtful. She is true to her promises, and does not over promise i.e if she says she will do something, she will accomplish it.  

    Weaknesses: Sadistic. Masochistic. Malicious. Scheming. Arrogant. Aloof. She is not particularly one for idle conversations, like "How are you?" She is also weak against obligations; if she sees something she feels she has the ability to fix or improve, she would try at her own expense unfortunately.

    Attitude: Quiet. Polite if propriety calls for it. Arrogant. She has an old-fashioned way of speaking. Ever since mixing in with the Carnifex, however, this has loosened up a little. You can see this in her market advertisements.

    Morals: She doesn't have any.

    Pet Peeves: She is intolerant towards those who purposefully close their minds from knowledge and awareness. She also dislikes individuals who simply don't try to improve their circumstances, and would only raise their voices in complaint. She also dislikes those who engage in dramatics, and would sooner distance herself from them. 

    Best way to piss her off: She hates being looked down upon. Further, demonstrating ignorance and being unaware of the Self is by far the most flagrant crime you could ever commit in front of her. 

    Best way to get on her good side: Be honest; honesty leads to better corrupt- I mean, communication. If you're honest with her, she'll be honest with you. This hasn't changed.


    Colour: Jade green and bloody crimson.

    Skillset: Numerology.

    Skill: Unravel. Or Sciomancy's purity which turns her eyes pitch-black.

    Location(s): A vaulted study of Jherza. Jherza's Court, and her bedroom overlooking Djeir. 

    God/Goddess: Chakrasul, though Niuri came a close second.

    Guild Master: Mjoll is a pretty decent GM, and she's reasonable to boot, while being harsh when circumstances dictate.

    Person: Desian. Greatest love of her life, so much so she married him twice.

    Artifact (don't have to own): Macabre chains of razor glass.

    Commodity: Silver.

    Animal: A tiny whale swimming inside a globe (she's aware that it's a link through which Slyphe keeps tabs on her, so she enjoys agitating it by shaking it endlessly), rabbits, and a certain mummified cat.

    Item owned: A corrupted band of pallid rosebuds, a merciless band of contorted helicals, and a freshly made Rajamala-fur stole *cackle*

    Village/forest/region: Djeir.

    NPC: None.

    Memory: Jumping into Desian's arms and physically being able to hug him after he returned from a centuries long slumber in his tower at the Chaos Apex.

    Song: Screams.

    Drink: Alcohol (god damn it, Carnifex). It used to be kawhe, I swear. She has since cut down on her alcohol drinking, and has replaced that with tea. She sells lovely tea brews you know, at her terrace in Bloodloch, and she has to drink them from tea cups. Especially the one that Iosyne gave her to poison and kill Ardent with.

    Food: She still doesn't have a favourite.


    Goals: Perhaps, quite selfishly, to pursue the Immortal Number and the knowledge it embodies. Elsewise, to enlighten the world that the knowledge they acquire of the world will allow them to make informed choices and carve new paths for their growth.

    Ambitions: Attain perfect control and grasp over the arts of a Sciomancer. She never learnt control over pure Shadow, in part due to the fact that she acquired their powers through non-legal means.

    Nemesis: None.

    Rival: None.

    Partner-in-crime: @Naos.

    Best Friend: She considers almost nobody her friend, because they are vulnerabilities, and she hates being compromised by relationships. That in mind, @Saidenn has by far become one of the few who she can communicate very well with.

    Idol: @Desian, for his dominance and ability to lead. @Ashmer, for molding Elene into who she is now. 

    Best personal achievement: Helping to rebuild the Archivists, and helping to engender a culture where no one should be afraid to share their opinion. 

    Worst personal achievement: Being contested for Overlord in Bloodloch without even given a chance to properly serve. 

    Proudest moment: Being knighted and earning her magenta cords in the Carnifex, and giving up her heart to Chakrasul in the ceremony.

    Most shameful moment: Having had intimate ties to the former Cabal and the Archivists guild, it was always a regret that she was unable to return. When the opportunity to return was made manifest a few weeks after her knighthood ceremony, Elene took it up and had to leave behind her cords that took so long to earn.

    Secret dream: To transcend her mortal shell through a fusion of Numerology... beneath Chakrasul's hand.

    If I could make one wish..: That those whom have managed to penetrate past her shell and forge relationships with will never ever leave her to suffer alone.

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    It's been six months and Aya has done some changing so... let's try this again

    Name: Ayastia Aldrati
    Titles/Nicknames: Aya, Loudmouth, Brat
    Race: Idreth/Human Heritage
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Carnifex
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: None

    Hair: Red, short, obviously cut with a dull knife
    Eyes: Cobalt.
    Height: 5'5"
    Build: Stick
    Defining Features: Jade cat ears and tail
    Clothing: Black dress, stockings, biker-chick is like boots and jacket
    Tattoos: Clenched fist gripping a soul stone on left shoulder, a portrait of the oath of slaughter on her wrist, a swirling pattern thingy down one arm, and some dath marks.
    Piercings: Ears
    Scars: None

    Strengths: Loyalty
    Weaknesses: TEMPER (much better than it used to be)
    Attitude: Who is she with? Some will claim her caring and helpful, others a loudmouth redacted.
    Pet Peeves: Hypocrisy (even though she has a fair share of her own)
    Best way to piss him off: Kill one of her friends
    Best way to get on her good side: Make her laugh.
    Hobbies: Chess
    Voice: Never gave it thought but I guess I imagine it a bit deeper than would be expected from a woman her size
    Quirks: Lots of innuendo if she knows it makes someone uncomfortable, a tendency to lick her lips when she gets nervous or excited

    Colour: Green.
    Location(s): Her house.
    God/Goddess: Has developed a '*censored* the gods' attitude
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Mjoll . Hands down
    Artifact (don't have to own): Her chessboard
    Commodity: N/A
    Animal: Fox
    Item owned: Necromantic ring given to her by Marin
    Village/forest/region: Anywhere that can be considered 'natural wilderness'
    Memory: -redacted-
    Song: No Consequences (Nightcore version)
    Drink: A delightful mango rum @Pentas made
    Food: Fruit
    Flower: Not really into flowers

    Goals: Prove herself to the Carnifex once again and work back up the ranks.
    Ambitions: Be able to support those she cares for
    Nemesis: Tetchta
    Rival: Currently none.
    Best Friends: Marin, Lilein, Galilei, Kanivara, Raynia, Zareen, @Pentas
    Idol: Kanivara
    Best personal achievement: The time she didn't shout at Omei when annoyed with Her
    Worst personal achievement: The many times she has embarrassed friends and loved ones by being her usual loud, confrontation self
    Proudest moment: The praise given by Kanivara when knighted
    Most shameful moment: Not tellin'
    Secret dream: She doesn't do much in the way of secrets. IF she does, it's really important and not going here
    If she could make one wish: Probably for Marin to come back
  • ArchelausArchelaus Alaska
    edited March 2021
    This seemed like a fun exercise to to evaluate where Archelaus is at as a character. He's certainly developed in ways I didn't intend when first rolling him.

    I also filtered some of the answers, can't give away all his secrets.

    Race: Imp, he doesn’t regard Azudim of being an actual race
    Gender: Male
    Guild: None
    City: Spinesreach
    Order: Ivoln

    Hair: None at all. Completely bald
    Eyes: Yellow and lifeless
    Height: Between 3 and 4 feet tall. Closer to 3 feet
    Build: Thin and corpse-like. Being undead means he doesn’t gain weight
    Defining Features: A pig like nose, large ears, flabby jowls, underbite
    Clothing: He’s always wearing robes fit for an Impish noble
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: He performs surgical and necromantic experiments on himself, so there are scars here and there

    Strengths: Patience, loyalty, hardworking
    Weaknesses: Spiteful, a tendency towards fanaticism, arrogance
    Attitude: He has many hats: A zealot devoted to spreading Undeath to all corners of the continent. A zany chef determined to push the boundaries of the word ‘edible’. An inquisitive necromancer determined to rediscover the secrets of the Indorn Empire. A mischievous imp eager to explore and meet new people.
    Morals: Archelaus is devoted to Ivoln, and sees anything that helps spread Undeath as being inherently ‘good’. The ends always justifies the means
    Pet Peeves: People who touch him that he doesn’t know, or anyone who attacks him even in jest
    Best way to piss them off: Say something disparaging about Ivoln/Undeath
    Best way to get on their good side: Give him some food, or compliment one of his dishes. Show him a minipet, the rarer the better. Be Undead

    Color: Purple, saffron yellow, burnt orange, marble white
    Location(s): Spinesreach, particularly the Spire of the Gods
    Skillset: Necromancy
    God/Goddess: Ivoln. Though, Archelaus harbors a certain respect for all of the Elemental Gods, even those on the Spirit Pantheon
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None. Though when it comes to leaders, he has great respect for @Sarita, his Order Head
    Artifact (don't have to own): Minipet delivery tube
    Commodity: Marble, slate, clay
    Animal: Pigs, monkeys, octopuses
    Item owned: His earthen bonedagger, and his necklace with a marble egg pendant
    Village/forest/region: Mojave Desert, Tsinkin Principality, Xoral, Libec Cay, New Sehal
    Memory: Cooking his first recipe, proposing to Celeun in El’Jazira, meeting Ivoln
    Drink: Any fruit or vegetable juice
    Food: He goes through phases, currently it’s pizza
    Flower: Tiger lilies

    Goals: Have Ivoln join the Spirean divine advisory, win the Iron Epicurean, reach the top of the unique minipet rankings
    Ambitions: Aren’t these the same as goals?
    Rival/Nemesis: No one person. Though, there are a couple people Archelaus intensely dislikes.
    Best Friends: @Didi, his mother
    Romance: His wife @Celeun, obviously
    Best personal achievement: Becoming a representative of Ivoln’s Order
    Proudest moment: Delivering his first sermon in the Spire of the Gods
    Most shameful moment: Getting scolded for being the first to attack Varach Scolrys
    Secret dream: None. See ‘Goals’
    If they could make one wish: More wishes
    [Insert annoying gif here]
  • StigandrStigandr v5735
    edited April 2021
    Character Name: Stigandr the Wayfarer.

    Race: Human.

    Gender: Male.

    Guild/House: None

    City: None

    Alignment: Chaotic Good vs Chaotic Neutral.

    Divine Leaning: All of them.

    Class: Lycanthrope. Classless Swordsman.

    Hair: Bright blonde, hacked short.

    Eyes: Blue.

    Height: A little above average for a human.

    Build: Athletic and lean.

    Defining Features: None.

    Clothing: Very wayfarish. Clothing and gear for the outdoors and wastelands of Sapience.

    Tattoos: A simple woad blue tattoo of a wolf with a crescent moon in it's mouth, left shoulder. A simple woad blue tattoo
    of a wolf pinning down the sun, right shoulder.

    Complexion: Naturally pale.

    Strengths: A slow rate of set-in-stone style of judgement. Altruistic on an individual level. Doesn't mind dancing with the
    devil. Utterly immune to fear or intimidation, no matter the method. Knows where he's going in life, even if it
    doesn't seem obvious to those looking in.

    Weaknesses: Dryads

    Attitude: Very open.

    Morals: Mixed

    Pet Peeves: Preaching or recruiting.

    Best way to piss him off: Ideology of any kind.

    Best way to get on his good side: Be yourself and value discretion when it's needed. Keep your bulls**t in your pocket
    where it belongs.

    Color: Green (all shades). Red. Black. Subdued versions of other colors.

    Profession: Woodland Ranger/Explorer.

    Location: Ithmia in general. Unspoiled nature and environment. Paths with no footprints.

    God/Goddess: xD

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None.

    Tattoo: None.

    Artifact: None.

    Commodity: None.

    Animal: Squirrel. Wolf. Eagle. Snake.

    Item owned: A burlwood walking staff. The sword @Sryaen made for him.

    Memory: Getting his hands on a map of the continent.

    Song: Nature unbroken and undisturbed. The chittering of squirrels.

    Drink: Opium infused wine by @Phoenecia and Oneiromancy Ale by @Rasani

    Goals: Freedom.

    Amibitions: Maintaining individual freedom.

    Nemesis: None.

    Rival: None.

    Friends: :3

    Idol: None.

    Best personal achievement: Becoming a full-blown rogue.

    Worst personal achievement: Not getting one of those Dryads in the Ithmia to be his girlfriend.

    Proudest moment: Pride comes before the fall, and he tries not to give into it.

    Secret dream: A neutral wayfarer lodge where they can all gather and eat cheese burgers without any politics or drama
    involved. ( @Kjell )

    If I could make one wish.: Bring back Kelsys, and reverse-engineer every last piece of tech that he can get his hands
  • edited July 2021
    Race: Idreth/Human heritage
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Archivist
    City: Spinesreach
    Order: None

    Hair: Black hair, short and neatly parted to the side.
    Eyes: Dull/grey, heavy lidded. A slight golden tinge/aura around his irises since he ascended
    Height: 6'0"
    Build: Lean and skinny, but sinewy.
    Defining Features: Pallid skin, tired lidded eyes with dark eye circles.
    Clothing: Typically formal(ish) clothes. Suit jacket, pants, leather shoes. Plus a scarf for that cold Spirean air.
    Tattoos: None observed
    Piercings: None observed
    Scars: Lips has the scars of poorly healed cracks from previous poor maintenance

    Strengths: Neat, polite, well-groomed, respectful
    Weaknesses: Standoffish, reserved, insecure, quiet, judgmental (but never to peoples’ faces)
    Attitude: Keeps to keep to himself. Neatness and cleanliness is king, possibly a bit of a germophobe, although ironically he doesn’t really take as good a care with his own health compared to his grooming. Tries to keep his emotions locked up behind a mask, because to show it is a sign of weakness! (to him)
    Morals: Without cutting corners, takes the shortest path to the best results. Ends justifies the means.
    Pet Peeves: Unkemptness, messiness, disrespect (but tolerates/maybe even expects it from his superiors)
    Best way to piss them off: as pet peeves.
    Best way to get on their good side: Shared admiration & hunger for knowledge, or be a well known scholar

    Color: Duller colours, prefers to not stand out.
    Location(s): Spinesreach Greenhouse. Despite being Spirean born and raised, the cold and dry air doesn’t really agree with him
    God/Goddess: None
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None
    Artifact (don't have to own): Shopping guidebook. Efficiency!
    Commodity: Wood
    Animal: His mare? Only because that’s the only animal he’s really known.
    Item owned: His journal – contains all his thoughts, musings and sketches
    Village/forest/region: None
    Memory: Probably the number of times that Taye’s bogged him down with food and drink to get whatever’s bothering him off his chest.
    Song: None
    Drink: Nothing in particular
    Food: Lemony deserts

    Goals: Learn everything there is to learn about souls
    Ambitions: Censored (for now!)
    Nemesis: None
    Rival: None
    Best Friends: At this stage, Taye but she's the only other person he’s talked to in any depth since joining the Archivists
    Idol: None
    Best personal achievement: Nothing yet!
    Worst personal achievement: Accidentally unweaving himself and ascending to Idreth while trying to clean the dirt off a coffee cup with Numerology
    Proudest moment: Also nothing yet :(
    Most shameful moment: Realizing he can’t just charge forward with soul research (and experimentation on himself) when he realized just what exactly he’s dealing with while observing a soulstone being used.
    Secret dream: Censored (for now, linked to his ambitions!)
    If they could make one wish: To possess a single journal containing all of Aetolia’s secrets and knowledge.
  • Character Name: Azarae


    Race: Ascended Djeirani (Azudim) ((born as an albino Mhun))
    Gender: Female (She/Her)
    Guild: None
    City: None
    Order: Chakrasul

    I drew this picture when Azarae was still Omeiian initially, and so I tried to make some blended adjustments, turning her once Rajamala tail into tentacles and instead of four feline ears, two Djeirani ones. There has never been enough description room for Azarae.
    P.S I only included eyes and height because those are not apparent in my picture.

    Eyes: An all encompassing amethyst.

    Height: 5'0


    Strengths: Sincere, Creative, Passionate
    Weaknesses: Avaracious, Spiteful, Vengeful, Austere, Easily exciteable
    Attitude: Tends to be mistrusting of others, having a jaded outlook with how others approach her. She is quiet in public and tends to be apathetic towards conflicts that do not involve Chakrasul or Omei.
    Morals: Chaotic
    Pet Peeves: Soulless artwork, shoes
    Best way to piss them off: Being told that how she feels is not the way she actually feels, to have her sincerity questioned.
    Best way to get on their good side: Depends on their mood


    Color: Jade and Violet
    Location(s): The Duskywing's Enclosure within Chakrasul's temple
    God/Goddess: Chakrasul, Omei, Ohlsana (This goes back to her youth as a Mhun)
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None
    Artifact (don't have to own): None
    Commodity: All of them
    Animal: Cats, Duskywing, Moth
    Item owned: Her reri wo esityi medal and her corrupted violet-eyed eldritch scythe that she made.
    Village/forest/region: None, Seer's woods, Astral Chaos
    Memory: Being awarded a reri wo esityi medal after being victorious of Might vs Strife, and her time in the Astral realm/plane with everyone to help Omei's vessel.
    Song: has never heard
    Drink: Blood
    Food: Hearts
    Flower: Lotus


    Goals: Continuously create unique works of art or twisted versions of others, Affect others with her art in some form.
    Ambitions: Spread the teachings of Corruption throughout Sapience
    Nemesis: -
    Rival: -
    Best Friends: Tina
    Idol: Chakrasul, Omei
    Best personal achievement: Created a cage that helped contain the Nightmare aspect of Omei with assistance (If memory serves me right, due to Iesid) to help make whole.
    Worst personal achievement: Lost 2 of her 3 most precious items at the time for something she threw away afterwards.
    Proudest moment: Being awarded a reri wo esityi medal by Chakrasul
    Most shameful moment: When Omei stripped Azarae of her tattoo and denounced her as Her artisan (Or it was 'mask' as artisan, unsure if there is a distinction between the two) throughout all of Sapience for having left on a whim, rather than thinking it through.
    Secret dream: The ability to dream once more.
    If they could make one wish: The ability to control time, so she may undo past mistakes that she regrets.
  • Character Name: Reave Lavalde


    Race: Azudim, Mixed Race (Human Father & Kelki Mother)
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Syssin
    City: Spinesreach
    Congregation: Chakrasul
    Birthplace: Village of Kald


    Hair: A haphazard mess of black curls that falls chin length
    Eyes: Grey
    Height: 5'-0"
    Build: Lean
    Clothing: She tends to favor clothes for their practically and ability to blend into the background. Her current outfit is a black leather bodysuit with a fur lined coat
    Tattoos: One on her right forearm
    Piercings: None.
    Scars: A chain-like scar that wraps around her left hand


    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Strengths: Resilient, Charismatic, Social, Intensely Curious, Avid Collector of Experiences, Semi-Loyal
    Weaknesses: Impulsive, Motivated by her own Wants and Needs, Manipulative, Conflict-Averse, Craves Affection/Attention, Stubborn
    Attitude: 'What's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine too.' 'As long as my heart beats, I thrive.'
    Morals: Free-wheeling and footloose, rules tend to go in one ear and out the other. She does not allow much to get in the way of living life.
    Hobbies: Journaling, Weaving, Day Dreaming, Gambling
    Best way to piss her off: Speak down upon the living. Tell her no.
    Best way to get on her good side: She loves people who are interesting or odd as they make for the best stories. She also enjoys wagers and secrets.


    Color: Black and Gold
    Skillset: Subterfuge
    Ability: Evade
    General Ability: Racial Revive
    Location: Atop the apex of Old Mara, Before the Winterbreeze Inn, & Tcanna
    God/Goddess: Loyal to Chakrasul, Girl Crush on Omei, and interested in Severn
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Seurimas
    Tattoo: Boar
    Artifact (don't have to own): A mantle of dissolution, Skull of Divining
    Animal: Fiery wolf pup named Zurati
    Item owned: dusky violanthe thigh chains (given to her by Maeve), a length of jade and onyx prayer beads
    Memory: Any memory where she gains acceptance from another
    Drink: Whisky & Tea


    Goals: To become Chakrasul's Chosen
    Ambitions: To experience life with no restrictive expectations
    Idol: Maeve & Feirenz
    Best Friend: Validan, Tetchta, Taye, Tala
    Friends: Lenoriel, Eoros, Kalena, Wjoltyr, Aeryx, Taj
    Allies: Seurimas, Inkh, Pietre, Darrah, Gatny, Ardent
    Acquaintances: Elene, Kaiara, Whirran, Roux
    Best personal achievement: Gaining the favor of Chakrasul
    Worst personal achievement: Running for a political office
    Proudest moment: Chakrasul smiling at her
    Most shameful moment: Anytime she has to enact Malice on someone she cares about
    Secret dream: To find her younger sister who she has been separated from for years
    Lores: 'If you cannot make it, fake it', 'Memories are a sacred resource', 'Know when to surrender', 'How to keep composure while terrified', 'Grasp your own desires regardless of the consequences', 'It pays to be prepared'
    Feirenz Ourborian tells you, "Kids these days...nobody talks face to face anymore! You're all buried nose deep in your telepathy!"
  • Bumping because there are a lot more new characters!
    Feirenz Ourborian tells you, "Kids these days...nobody talks face to face anymore! You're all buried nose deep in your telepathy!"
  • Character Name: Almol Duses

    Race: Minotaur
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Teradrim
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: Ivoln

    Hair: Dreadhawk, has whitened over time
    Eyes: Slate grey
    Height: Tall
    Build: Exceedingly tall and gaunt
    Defining Features: Horns scarified with Carnifex and Earthen imagery
    Clothing: loincloth, armored vest, technicolor desert shawl
    Tattoos: Carnifex tattoos, crossed hammer and halberd between the eyes
    Piercings: None
    Scars: Ceremonial scars of the Exalted, otherwise innumerable


    Strengths: Indomitable, Loyal
    Weaknesses: Subterfuge, Politics
    Attitude: Determined, and solemn with streaks of humor
    Morals: Nothing is wrong that protects the Pillars or is the will of the Father
    Pet Peeves: Unfairness
    Best way to piss me off: Be good at running away
    Best way to get on my good side: Give it a rock


    Color: Black
    Profession: Wrath of Azvosh, Councillor of Ash
    Profession Skill: Terramancy Hammer
    General Skill: Discernment
    Location: Bashing
    God/Goddess: Ivoln
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Mjoll
    Tattoo: Owl
    Artifact (don't have to own): a weeping helm of blackened iron
    Commodity: ores
    Animal: Screm
    Item owned: wyrm-headed crozier
    Village/forest/region: Fortress Town of El'jazira
    NPC: Gruxxmal
    Memory: Sentencing and Subjugating a Sorcerer King
    Song: Oblivion
    Drink: Whiskey


    Goals: Titan
    Amibitions: Earthen
    Nemesis: Valorie >:{
    Rival: Taj/Valorie
    Best Friend: Kurak/Taj
    Idol: Mjoll/Ivoln
    Best personal achievement: Wrath of Azvosh
    Worst personal achievement: Choking in every duel/tournament
    Proudest moment: Carnifex Knighting
    Most shameful moment: Shameless.
    Secret dream: Become Earthen
    If I could make one wish..: Adherent of Earth T_T

    Slightly outdated art:

  • TetchtaTetchta The Innocent
    Most shameful moment: Shameless
    you dropped this, king: 👑

  • Haven't played too long, yet, but I felt like making one anyway for "so far" ...

    Character Name: Akrios (no last name for now)

    Race: Tsol'aa
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Sentinels
    City: Duiran
    Order: Haern

    Inky-black, and slicked back from his face
    Eyes: Hazel, very slightly slanted
    Height: 6ft-ish
    Build: "Athletic" - not overly muscular, not scrawny
    Defining Features: Dunno if he really has any defining appearance features, yet. A scar over the bridge of his nose, I guess.
    Clothing: Pants, sentinel medallion. Sometimes shirt (not usually), sometimes shoes (whenever I replace them after decaying)
    Tattoos: Nada, yet
    Piercings: None
    Scars: See above

    Honest (to a fault at times), loyalty (in many forms)
    Weaknesses: ...Too honest, sometimes. Penchant for daydreaming.
    Attitude: A bit sarcastic (ok a lot), often to the point of annoyance for many. Makes a lot of puns... Also to the annoyance of many.
    Morals: As Haern says, "Morality has no place in the Wilds." Nature can be far crueller than any mortal. Also not making promises that one can't keep.
    Pet Peeves: Willful ignorance.
    Best way to piss me off: Being pissed off takes too much effort. He's more likely to annoy, than the other way around.
    Best way to get on my good side: Make fun of Iesid. He does it all the time.


    Color: Blue (the specific hue is a secret)
    Profession: ¿Que? This isn't Imperian. (Tidesage tho)
    Profession Skill: ^ (Wavebreaking Harpoon, because the deathsight is amazing. And Permafrost.)
    General Skill: Uhhhhh... Campfire.
    Location: FOIG. One thing that won't be publicly divulged!
    God/Goddess: Haern, obviously.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): No favourite.
    Tattoo: Chameleon
    Artifact (don't have to own): Wings, hands down.
    Commodity: Obsidian
    Animal: Wolf, white wolves specifically. Which is what his own would be, if it weren't obscured by mist and lightning.
    Item owned: Salt staff
    Village/forest/region: That'd just give away his favourite location!
    NPC: Technically not in-game right now. Maybe soon :(
    Memory: At the moment? Probably meeting Ixmi. Or joining Haern's order finally.
    Song: Quiet
    Drink: Strawberry milk


    To actually get off his (my) ass and learn Tidesage properly.
    Amibitions: To see Kalavar
    Nemesis: Too much effort to have one of those.
    Rival/Best Friend: Ixmi for both (meant in the best of ways, of course).
    Idol: Uhhh. Doesn't have one.
    Best personal achievement: So far, joining Haern's order
    Worst personal achievement: Outside of group pk, every one of his deaths has been to something really dumb (see below for an idea)
    Proudest moment: Too cheesy to admit here, ngl
    Most shameful moment: Most of his sect fights lost are because of forgetting something important. Like forgetting to re-ink tree, or restock mending/decongestant (rip).
    Secret dream: As above, the one thing he presently wants is to have Kalavar among the Guardians.
    If I could make one wish: Make Shaman Great Again

    Quotes (OOC, mind you, but I feel they're applicable to him, also the Wilds):
    "Everybody dies. Some just need a little help."
    "To entertain doubt, is to dance with death."
    "Should you be found wanting, death shall be your sentence."
    "Assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups."

    Very edge, I know.
  • Character Name: Alela

    Race: Djeirani (technically)
    Gender: Girl
    Guild: Teradrim
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: Ivoln

    Hair: A shock of straight plum-black hair right on top
    Eyes: Violet
    Height: Not tall. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5'4".
    Build: Thin and angular
    Defining Features: Chitin and oh god why are there so many eyes!
    Clothing: Headscarf, sherwani, tunic, breeches, boots. Belt made of bone-links. Random shinies because Djeirani obviously.
    Tattoos: soulstone clenched in a gauntleted fist from her Carnifex days
    Piercings: None
    Scars: Ceremonial scars of the Exalted on her palms


    Strengths: Writing good posts, shouting good shouts, being clever and tricksy
    Weaknesses: Ego
    Attitude: Varies. Leaning more heavily toward seriousness lately.
    Morals: Devotion, Piety, Purity
    Pet Peeves: Whirran
    Best way to piss her off: Disrespectfulness
    Best way to get on her good side: Acknowledge Ivoln is the best.


    Color: The ruddy gold of blood-soaked sand
    Profession: Hand of the Earthen Lord, Shaper of the Earth, Security Minister
    Profession Skill: Apocalyptia Reckoning
    General Skill: Weaponry Returning
    Location: Mhojave badlands
    God/Goddess: Ivoln
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Mjoll
    Tattoo: Bell
    Artifact (don't have to own): A tiny, crystal-encased singularity
    Commodity: Ashes
    Animal: Screm
    Item owned: a macabre link of bleached bone
    Village/forest/region: Mhojave badlands
    NPC: Itzel
    Memory: The resurrection of Azmogol or becoming Hand
    Song: The Dirge
    Drink: Liquid is impure


    Goals: Earth stuff
    Amibitions: Earth stuff
    Nemesis: None of you are important enough
    Rival: None of you are important enough
    Best Friend: Ivoln
    Idol: Ivoln
    Best personal achievement: Hand of the Earthen Lord
    Worst personal achievement: That stint as Carnifex Commander (in absentia)
    Proudest moment: Becoming Hand of the Earthen Lord
    Most shameful moment: What's shame?
    Secret dream: Earth stuff
    If I could make one wish...: I wanna ride Azmogol and have a screm familiar
    (Web): Abhorash has joined your web.
    (Web): Abhorash says, "Nerds."
    (Web): Abhorash has left your web.

    Alela's Affirmations
  • Character Name: Rasani Morrog

    Race: Duamvi Troll
    Gender: Girl
    Guild: Templar
    City: Enorian
    Order: Damariel

    Hair: dark reddish hair in a short military cut and grey hair peppered throughout
    Eyes: gold
    Height: Monstrous in size, eight feet
    Build: Thick and hardy, Fine Trollish musculature
    Defining Features: Missing arm replaced by a god-magic infused armor arm
    Clothing: custom Templar uniform, aforementioned magic arm, vestments of the Varouk-saad, Damariel's manacles, prayerbeads
    Tattoos: the Havothi triangle, omei tattoo
    Piercings: None
    Scars: battle scars, lash marks on the back, Duamvi melding scars, ritual scars from Ethne's order, a bloodied brand of a slender handprint


    Strengths: zealous shouting, forging, brewing
    Weaknesses: stubborn
    Attitude: pious fury, resolutely focused
    Morals: piety, liberation at any cost, dragging a reluctant world into the age of dawn
    Pet Peeves: complacency within the Light
    Best way to piss her off: Have any number of slaves
    Best way to get on her good side: Fight for the freedom of those around you, show dedication to the purpose of the Light


    Color: Purple calms her, but her favorite color to wear is blue
    Profession: Captain of the Enorian Guard, Knight-Sergeant in the Templar, Envoy of Truth to Lord Damariel
    Profession Skill: Templar combat and being vaguely intimidating
    General Skill: Forging
    Location: Enorian
    God/Goddess: Damariel
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Kalena Emerson
    Tattoo: starburst baybee
    Artifact (don't have to own): forging hammer
    Commodity: steel
    Animal: Doggie.....
    Item owned: an anointed forging hammer of the Godsmith
    Village/forest/region: Iron Hill/ Moghedu
    NPC: Saebi, Rhulin
    Memory: Forging Damariel's prosthetic leg alongside Lady Ethne
    Song: A vague tune that she can't quite remember emanating from somewhere deep in the memory of her Duamvi
    Drink: Sewer Grate beer


    Goals: Liberation of all enslaved peoples
    Amibitions: to get her mitts on a double banded manta blade
    Nemesis: Whirran
    Rival: I don't know what she has one
    Best Friend: Sryaen
    Idol: Sir Syvelium
    Best personal achievement: Godsmith
    Worst personal achievement: Penitent of the Templar order
    Proudest moment: becoming the Envoy of Truth
    Most shameful moment: Again, Penitent of the Templar
    Secret dream: She's too Himbo to keep secrets
    If I could make one wish...: No slaves........

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    Character Name: Lenoriel (Lena)

    Race: Djeirani Idreth
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Syssin
    City: Spinesreach
    Order: Iosyne

    Hair: White, knee-length, pale blue/mint/cyan hints near the ends - floaty and nearly weightless, keeps it braided with a weighted cord.
    Eyes: Left natural eye is amethyst, right eye is a constructed gemstone one emitting shadowy wisps
    Height: Without heels, about 4'7". She always wears heels.
    Build: Trim and curvy
    Defining Features: The color-shifting frost that crawls over her and sublimates away
    Clothing: Black, barely modest, fishnet and chains. 2008 Hot Topic. Cool shadow cloak.
    Tattoos: Iosai crossed fists at her neck, a few dath
    Piercings: None - yet
    Scars: None notable


    Strengths: Loyal, courageous, bold, proactive, sincerely kindhearted, generous, selfless
    Weaknesses: Lighting-fast temper, untactful, holds grudges fiercely, sincerely kindhearted, can't let provocation go unaddressed
    Attitude: Icy exterior to strangers and enemies, from professional to outright glacially hostile. To friends, warm and teasing. To children, especially street kids, ferociously protective.
    Morals: Freedom for all, no system of authority should be used to oppress those beneath it. Eye for an eye, if not the whole damn head. Protect the disadvantaged.
    Pet Peeves: Hurting or exploiting innocents, especially kids. People talking crap. Being pulled out of phase.
    Best way to piss her off: Throw an eye sigil
    Best way to get on her good side: Entrust her with something


    Color: Violet and amaranth
    Profession: Mask of Artifice
    Profession Skill: [redacted]
    General Skill: Lock picking
    Location: The chess garden in Spinesreach
    God/Goddess: Iosyne and (shh) Damariel
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Seurimas
    Tattoo: Starburst
    Artifact (don't have to own): her Shadowcloak
    Commodity: Elemental Ice
    Animal: Snow leopard
    Item owned: intricate fractals of frost
    Village/forest/region: Any of the tundras
    NPC: Lemaen
    Memory: A particularly fateful farkle match with Feirenz
    Drink: 'Seeing Stars'


    Goals: Dismantle or reform oppressive governments, particularly Djeir's. Protect the world from Ohlsana. Make life better for street kids.
    Amibitions: Senatorship
    Nemesis: The list of grudges is long.
    Rival: Maeve
    Best friend (and husband): Feirenz
    Idol: Severn
    Best personal achievement: Night Markets
    Worst personal achievement: Idk there's a few
    Proudest moment: [redacted]
    Most shameful moment: Being tricked into helping Benedicto kill Fei
    Secret dream: To be utterly undetectable
    If I could make one wish...: Every Eithaga member and Djeirani noble wiped out.
    The Divine voice of Ictinus, the Architect echoes in your head, "I think you are cursed."
  • Akrios said:


    Amibitions: To see Kalavar

    Guess I need to find a new one of these.
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