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She's a prickly, irreverent, temperamental, small-statured but big-hearted (don't you dare insinuate either one where she can hear it), incredibly nosy hedgehog of a Syssin.

Let 'er rip.
The Divine voice of Ictinus, the Architect echoes in your head, "I think you are cursed."


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    Compiling art and picrews here:

    ~~picrews ~~

    In order of time-linear appearance changes


    The Divine voice of Ictinus, the Architect echoes in your head, "I think you are cursed."
  • TetchtaTetchta The Innocent
    she doesn't like cake 0/10

    (jk ur pretty cool from what I've seen of your character IC)

  • Lenoriel. Lena. Reave had the most difficult time getting acquainted with her newest introverted guildmate and there were a lot of misconceptions to be had from that. However, they did eventually "connect", even after a bit of an abrasive start, and I'm enjoying the rp they have had so far. All of the little quirks about Lenoriel definetly shine through the longer you're around her, and I am thrilled how much she'll play along with different scenarios - yes, even @Tetchta 's surprise gift 😂 

    I definetly recommend getting to know the hedgehog as you call her 💙
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  • Maeve looooooves Lena, her Ice Queen 😈 Our characters' interactions have been moments that were surprisingly friendly fraught with a ton of uncomfortable, antagonistic turns. Dare I say they may reach frenemy status?  :p I love how you really imbue even the smallest interactions with such poignant loathing from your character. She's all cold and hot rolled into a lovely, lavender woman with a depth to her that just keeps going. Seriously, where does it end?!? 😝 Thank you for the enjoyment of roleplaying with you, you and Lena bring a lot of life to the game! 
  • TERRIFYING. It is the only word to describe it. Intimidating, scary, off-putting, mean, cruel.

    But honestly, Lenoriel is an enigma and an idol to Renli. Where much of the city and the guild can often feel overwhelming, mysterious, or hard to penetrate and dissect and understand, Lenoriel cuts through so much of that and has made Renli feel, in her very unique way, absolutely welcomed, invited inwards, and even pushed to a higher standard.

    I keep waiting for the day he steps a two out of line and finds three arrows in his throat weeks and weeks later for a thing he's already forgotten he's said, but she's yet to kill him - which I take as a good sign. And given that she's tolerated this little upjumped wanna-be Syssin, I highly doubt she's getting rid of him any time soon.

    You're a fantastic writer, imbuing your character with a great sense of depth and compassion, pain and motivation, often all in one. It's been really amazing getting to play Renli's boundless energy off of someone that is so comparatively cool (Ice-cold, rather :D) and I am excited to see what comes of it!
  • I have enjoyed what little interaction I have had with her. Might be going out of my way soon to find more. 
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    Some Midjourney art for Lena! Just for funsies.

    The Divine voice of Ictinus, the Architect echoes in your head, "I think you are cursed."
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    Talk about the most unexpected ally, and a complete 180 from how Sryaen used to regard Lenoriel. She's quickly become one of Sry's most well-liked Spireans, and he respects her dedication to the cause, primarily because her pragmatism matches his own. I've really been enjoying all this cross-tether RP, and interacting with Lenoriel has always been an absolute treat. She's a solid character with clear convictions and goals, but has very believable emotions when it comes to things that might threaten her home and family/friends. What a wonderfully well-rounded character, and your writing is beautiful.

    I always look forward to more, and hope we get the chance to interact more over the course of this War of Night 2.0 (and afterwards, if Sry and Lena live that long!)

    Tell me how I'm doing!
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  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    I really like Lena. Before this war, she and T didn't interact much at all, really, but now there have been plenty of opportunity. Even though T sometimes tries her best to reign Lena in a bit, especially when emotions run high, she can still understand where her feelings are coming from, because you portray them well through your rp.

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the chats our characters have had and look forward to seeing where things go in the future.

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    I'm almost afraid to do this, with Lena's role as a front-line antagonist or head-clashing antihero during the War, but....

    bump :#
    The Divine voice of Ictinus, the Architect echoes in your head, "I think you are cursed."
  • Despite in-game friction - and a lot of it, which I can only apologise about, neither Inkh nor Lena are particularly soft with their approaches to things - I do genuinely like the prickly hedgehog in an OOC capacity! And think it’s something of a shame that there’s no way to reconcile that in game.
  • Life without Iosyne. Life without Chiav. I wish I had gotten more glimpses of your take on Chiav-Lena. I loved it for its world building potential and upon returning designed my character around taking everything to the Chiav extreme. In my head there is a deep connection between Xenia and everyone who once served in the order of Malevolence - they were the body to her voice.

    I was always thankful to get an opportunity to play out this theme in how Xenia interacted with the order members; it can be a delicate thing, a hard line to walk between imposing too strongly and providing just enough guardrails to give the concept enough life. I always approached this idea as something that existed only in the god-essence addled, chiav-mind of Xenia. Every interaction between Xenia and Lenoriel was such a treat for me because it really pushed me to explore that dynamic and tension.

    I don't think Lenoriel and Xenia have had a chance to interact really now that she is Idreth with a semblance of self. They never truly got to know one another and I eagerly await that opportunity because there is so much about Lenoriel that I really wanted to explore but could never quite figure out how to approach while maintaining true to the Chiav-phase of Xenia's character arc.

  • Oh, Lena!

    Where to even begin? Kalena and Lenoriel have had some pretty rough interactions, but they definitely do not compare to the good ones that developed an unlikely friendship. While the two stand opposed in most things, there have been several occasions where Lena has more than proved to be an unlikely ally. Lena's straightforward and bluntness is a quality that not many know how to interpret, I find it to be one of her best qualities! It has certainly proved to open so many avenues to interesting roleplay!

    Lena is definitely a well rounded character, fierce and prickly on the outside but underneath her compassion and convictions run deep. Nobody can say that Lena does not stand up for what she believes in, and the best quality is that she's unapologetically willing to go down in flames to stand behind it. She is wonderfully multifaceted and is absolutely never predictable in response or action!
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