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@Eoros made me do it. But I think it's a good enough idea to see how Kalena can grow more or what the general consensus is of her.


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    y u no catch on fire
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    I often forget these types of threads exist until someone posts in one, so thanks @Eliadon.

    When Kalena started out, I didn't really get a chance to know her because she'd spent most of her time with her family which were also in the Templar at the time. Then sometime later things put us at odds with each other before I took my 9 month break.

    All this time later, and I think she's grown and changed as a character. Our characters made up some time ago and she has become one of my favorite leaders in Spirit. She's always present and ready for anything.

    One time someone esteemed me with something that I think applies to Kalena too. You are one of Aetolia's true treasures.
    Childhood's over the moment you know you're gonna die.
  • Kalena said:

    @Eoros made me do it. But I think it's a good enough idea to see how Kalena can grow more or what the general consensus is of her.

    You're right. I did. Everyone deserves to shower love and praise onto the best person I know.

    Who knew that when Drystin scooped up two tiny Pages that it would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to me (as a person) and Eo as a character. We clicked instantly and so did they. Kalena has always been Eoros' light, the one to calm the storm within her and they just fit together like pieces of a puzzle. They have their arguments and disagreements but the moment someone threatens one, the other is right there by her side. I have so enjoyed watching the girls grow together and Eo is SO proud of her sister's accomplishments and even though they are parted (for the time) they still manage to hug and make up because they can't stand to be parted from each other. Eo is Kales' built in cheerleader and always will be.

    I am so glad we found each other and I am happy to call you one of my best friends. Your writing style is unique and the way you bring *all of you* to Kalena's character is something to be treasured. Love youu <3
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    I know we don't really get to RP much, but I wanted to leave something here. I don't even know how Rin and Kalena's friendship started at this point, and it's had its bumps here and there, but I really do appreciate it. I don't think my gametime would be the same without Miss Moo to my Miss Ducky!

    But all of that aside - our interactions have always really shown a lot of depth in Kalena. She's warm, friendly, and caring - but also more than willing to put you in your place when its needed. She doesn't back down, and from what I gather is the good kind of defensive for those she cares about. She's really brought life to the organizations she's taken part in, and I do feel I'm missing out by not seeing how leadership has been under her.
  • We've had the chance to talk a few times now, and I enjoy the takeaways I get from each interaction. In addition to being a classic templar who is true to her beliefs, she is also respectful of people around her, regardless of their class or social standing. As a result of the engagement, Reave has gained insight into how to treat other people and how to be aware of those around her.

    As a writer, you have also surprised me in some ways. Due to your character's ability to pick up on queues, as well as confront them, I often hit backspace to respond to her awareness. Thank you for the interactions
    Kalena's eyes crease in the corners at Tala's feigned innocence, fighting back a grin from forming against her lips. "Yes, I see. Clearly all Reave's idea." the woman states, a mixture of amusement and sarcasm dripping from her words. "You two be careful, don't accidentally hang each other." The redhead teases before starting to make her way into Esterport. "I need to rest for a while. Nice to see you both." A thought seems to hit the woman as she turns back towards you, "Tea is boring, if you're going to get caught doing things... at least have some of <<redacted>> to blame it on. I sell it in my tavern, you know the way." the woman offers up with a knowing grin before disappearing into the city.

    Tala tilts her head towards you, laughter in her eyes, "Yes. Maybe not get in trouble" she points out and then curiously, "what you done?"

    You have emoted: Reave inhales, obviously not impressed but equally confused by the redhead's remarks as she watches her disappearing form, "Feck do I know?" She lifts her hand, disheveling her curls with an annoyed scratch of the head, until awareness overtakes her, "That bast-..." She darkens considerably, scowling at nothing in particular, before she walks off and calls over her shoulder, "Men."
    Feirenz Ourborian tells you, "Kids these days...nobody talks face to face anymore! You're all buried nose deep in your telepathy!"
  • Wjoltyr respects the living delights out of Kalena. When she expressed her disappointment at his participation in the raiding one late evening at the onset of the war, it felt like disappointing a parent or mentor. Really a super class act and I hope we get a chance to emote rather than just get my face smashed in with a weapon and send nice tells about after it all! 
  • Kalena is spectacular. Her and Rasani have bonded quite a lot and their dynamic is one I treasure. You're not afraid to play her as unsure or needing help, and she's been nothing but incredible for the guild as a whole.

    Can't wait to see what other things she does, she's become a staple of Aetolia!
  • A big bully. Threatening aya! 

    But seriously. One of Aya's best friends. Who knows where she would be now if Kales didn't give her a chance. <3
  • I could quite literally write a book on Kalena. She is an amazing character played by a fantastic roleplayer. A smaller version of Rhine in some cases, especially when their tempers get involved. I love the dynamic between them so much and Rhine is forever grateful that something as simple as a guild progression requirement brought this little red-head into her life. So, the back of the book would read: Kalena is amazing. If you ever happen to run into her, you should say hi. Seriously. Do it!

    My only pet-peeve.... Did you know that there is a little button next to your enter button? It is called an apostrophe. :tongue: I love you!!! :heart::heart:
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    Kalena is literally one of my FAVORITE people to interact with. We have aptly dubbed each other our nemesis, and the fury of the small is rich between our characters.

    We have had back and forth roleplay, victories and defeat, strife and peace...but I can always depend on Kalena for a wonderful interaction filled with conviction and hatred.
    I truly adore her and the communications we have, and I look forward to more interactions in the future. Plus she gets to always be my #1 nemesis, to which I have had to tell Iesid, he will always only be a silver medalist in Nipsy's cold, dead heart.

    Keep doing you, you are wonderful at it and I enjoy it greatly.

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