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Though I've not played in years, it seems my NDB is still working. Now that I decided to swap over to Sunder rather than fix up my system, I figured I'd port over something that it's missing that I've also seen people ask for. (yes I tested it to make sure it works).

Clicky for download. I'll see about getting it posted on the Sunder Discord, as well. Note, this does require Sunder in order to work.

Commands below:

sndb settings - Self explanatory...
sndb install - See above.

sndb hl - Highlight Names
sndb hl (org) (colour) - Change highlighting of a particular city
sndb hlprio (org|enemies) - Change highlight priority between cities/enemies
sndb ehl (i|u|b) - Change format of enemy highlighting (italics/bold/underline)
PS: Enemy highlighting doesn't work rn because I'm lazy.

qwp - Parse online people. As a failsafe, it won't print if there's unchecked people. Just use it again once it's checked them.
whois (person) - Prints information pertaining to a person.
honours (person) - Will honours as per usual, but also check them via API.
sndb clearout - Remove unranked/low level people (under 50).
sndb redo - Will re-honours everyone currently in the database.

More commands to come soon. When I have time.



  • Forgot to include the current bits of API; more will follow when I'm not lazy. Those of you who used SVO in Achaea or m&m in Lusternia likely already know of these things.

    sndNDB_getColour(person) - Useful for highlighting; will return the colour of the person's city.
    sndNDB_Exists(person) - Will tell you if they're tracked by the NDB yet.

    sndNDB_getCitizenship(person) - Both self-explanatory.
    sndNDB_isCitizenOf(city, person) - Will return true if they're a citizen of X city.
  • Can't seem to get this to work, which is super sad! Ran through the install command, hit qwp and cwho and such. It reports that it's doing what it does, but everyone ends up categorized as a rogue. Any chance somebody else ran into this issue and has a solution?
  • You can no longer see someone's city or class via the API so it doesn't work.

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    you can still manually do it though
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  • Toz said:

    You can no longer see someone's city or class via the API so it doesn't work.

    Ahh, okay. Thanks anyway!
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    there is a database for download on Sunder's Discord server that is relatively up-to-date.
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