[Halloween Dolls!]

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Okay! So! This is a temporary thing, so I'm making its own thread and getting it deleted once we're past Decorative Gourd Season.

I've been making tiny Aetolian halloween dolls! Here's the gallery of all of them so far:

These are all folk who've contacted me through the Discord, but I thought the forums might appreciate a heads-up too: you can buy one of these! For yourself, or for your friends, or whatever!

PAYMENT: Paypal only at this time. If you can't paypal, there may be someone who can on the forums who is willing to make an arrangement with you!
> Your description, or at the very least the following- skintone, eye colour, hairdo, hair colour, any extra limbs. Keep in mind, these little guys are very simplified!
> The costume. We're mostly going for cheesy halloween costumes, nothing too elaborate, but feel free to pitch your ideas. A picture from google of what you have in mind is extra helpful.
HOW TO CONTACT: Send me a PM here on the forums, or contact me through Discord (I'm in Aetolia servers).

Also: I will be using the collection of these images to test-drive a series of trading cards over at NeonMob! I'll post with details of that once it's ready to go.

Also also: You can often see these being drawn live on my Twitch stream!



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