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Couldn't think of a better title, but another game did this awhile back as a way for fighters to pay respect to one another. Basically, you list all the classes and then think of people that have given you the best fights, think they're one of the best to touch it, or a name you just associate the most with a class. Also, it was good for people to use as a resource for who they should go to in order to ask questions about the class if that person still played. Probably best to use spoiler tags to avoid spam.

Ascendril: Tahl, Xavin.
Bloodborn: I didn't know many that fought with it, but Exzuryx legitimately made the most of the class in my opinion.
Cabalist: Clouser
Carnifex: Luna
Druid: Illidan
Indorani: Moirean
Infernal: Didn't know a soul that used it.
Luminary: Daskalos
Lycanthrope: Xentor
Monk: Benedicto
Paladin: Hadoryu, Edhain, Yos.
Praenomen: Kaedok
Sciomancer: Mazzion
Sentinel: Missari (as far as best fight I've ever had against another Sentinel)
Shaman: Illidan (if you used Druid, it'd probably still be Illidan)
Syssin: Balzic
Templar: Caed
Teradrim: Feichin, Haedyn
Zealot: Gepideth



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    I'm just going to write in a few, not all... 

    Bloodborn: Acino 
    Praenomen: Dyron
    Infernal: Missari
    Old Sentinel: Moirean
    Paladin: Hadoryu/Yos
    Zealot: Kylan
    Indorani: Desian
    Sentaari: Benedicto/Tessra
    Old Mage: Kikon
    Atabahi: Saarlamen
    Templar: Belgarion
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    Here I thought this was an idea for some sort of evolved class concept :(
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    @Lin: Those guys suck. They aren't good at anything. Go home, you're drunk.
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    Ascendril: Tahl
    Bloodborn: Acino, though of course Bloodborn were allegedly retarded OP
    Cabalist: Clouser, though when I fought him my curing was terribad. 
    Druid: None of them fought, except me and Brunneng. I'll say Brunneng. 
    Indorani: Desian. Though again, terribad curing :/
    Infernal: Definitely Missari. 
    Luminary: Bartholomew all day. Bartholomew OP. 
    Lycanthrope: Xentor, terribady curing strikes again.
    Monk: Hadoryu
    Paladin: yD
    Praenomen: Kaedok
    Sciomancer: Tralendar
    Sentinel: Serrice
    Shaman: Literally have not fought one yet. 
    Syssin: Serrice
    Templar: OPtholomew.
    Teradrim: NerfHaedyn
    Zealot: Kylan Valingar. Because he's the only person I can't beat as a Shaman.

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    They didn't listen when I said Shamans were strong in groups. 
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    A++ for yD.
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    Ascendril: Xavin. I remember we never had any fighting mages, and those that we did have (*cough* Xavin *cough*) killed us more often than they slew the enemy. 

    Shaman: Illidan. Because there aren't any others I've seen fight for than one or two engagements.

    Luminary: Daskalos. When I was small and everything was fresh and new, I remember sparring Daskalos the Living Artifact and doing decently until I got hit by a series of lightning bolts and died. It stands out in my hand, despite everything that's happened since then. Isto. Because of that one time I was just standing around and a series of Carnifex died, outside of their guildhall, to Isto's judgement. I was somewhat amazed.

    Templar: Belgarion. He would have hilarious mishaps where his weapons wouldn't switch or what not, but he was creative and innovative, and always thinking of new ways to push his class despite OP flails and retribution.

    Sentinel: Kiyotan. On the old forums, his signature was a quote of me asking where he was and that I'd feel safer with him around. Now I know he just spams the same alias over and over, but when I was small, he was like a god.

    Zealot: Valingar. The day I beat him when he was in Zealot was one of the happiest days ever. He eventually picked up Templar and I could more or less beat him with 50/50 odds there, but if he was in Zealot and on top of things, the odds were more like 95/5 in his favor.
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    Serrice said:
    Ascendril: Xavin. I remember we never had any fighting mages, and those that we did have (*cough* Xavin *cough*) killed us more often than they slew the enemy. 
    Just call him Tralendar when he does that.
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    I had more deaths to Tahl my first war than to the entirety of Bloodloch, as Kog - Xavin will always be mini-Tahl, at least to me.

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    Ascendril:Valkalkas, taught me about the affliction Gorged and how branding works.

    Bloodborn:Xavin, this was pre-endgame days, and the only time I fought one in a no holds bar. Taught me that no matter how good your class is, you'll still have a hard counter. Back then I only had like 3k mana and with how mana intensive luminary combat was, I was ready to be annihilated like every 3 minutes. 

    Cabalist:Clouser, even with my old system fully triggered and rocking Luminary with all my artifacts. This was a dude I still needed to play defensively against in duels and spars. However, outside of it he had my back if I ever needed it. 

    Indorani:Isto, when I first started up Xiuhcoatl, I got really cocky and he put me in my place. I thought I was the best, and being a 16/17 year old, I was rude offensive and out of my mind, and full of myself. He put me in my place.

    Luminary:Driga, the first Luminary besides me to use the new class and did it amazingly well. When I went down the wise route for faster afflictions like dazzle, purity, and evoke sear. He went down the limb damage route with dexterous. If you weren't careful he'd kill you, no matter who you were or how many arties you had. Honestly, a good guy all around.

    Lycanthrope:Xentor, honestly an amazing lycan and I had a lot of fun fighting him. He honestly made me add in an extra function in my old parrying/prerestore system just to handle lycanthropes. Just added that one back in, thanks to Zion for reminding me of it.

    Monk:Benedicto, always. There will never be another EVER.

    Sciomancer:Toss up of Mazzion and Tralendar. I remember one FFA in Bloodloch where they set up 2 singularities with full vibes and retardation. I believe it was against Mazzion. It came down to who could shoot the most lightning at the other person the fastest. As I was in Luminary and was a lightning tank, and he had a lot more max health than I did. 

    Old Sentinel: Moirean, this is a fight I will always remember from my Luminary days. Fought her in Ciem and everytime I got an inch on her she'd leave the room mysterously, had heatsight up. Then a second later I was pulled through into another room filled with dart traps, and the fight would start again. This repeated for like 20ish minutes. Was a lot of fun. I had no idea where the fight started and no idea where it ended. 

    Druid/Shaman: Illidan. Always a challenge to deal with his damage, always trying different ways to make my system anticipate attacks. He was the reason I put in advanced forms of parrying into my old system, and remembering the ground works put in my new Parrying system. 

    Syssin: Old Sysin Tyrak/Balzic. Illusions broke my system so hard, wasn't even funny. When I diagnosed I was already so far behind, I was flabbergasted. New syssin aren't even worth saying they PVP, no offense to the players, just your class is neeeerfed. None of the same checks required and I can actually see your hypnosis afflictions.  

    Templars: Not a class I've fought against really, and they're kinda weak right now so I haven't had that many good fights with them. Old Templars, would 3 shot people.

    Teradrim: Feichin. He's found many different bugs in my salve curing order every time I fight him, and every time I fight him, his class has been revamped. Two different pros.

    Zealot: There was one, and he was the first person that I fought when I put in my pre-restore/parrying. Man was I glad when I did that.
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    Ascendril: Tahl
    Bloodborn: Acino
    Cabalist: Clouser
    Carnifex: Luna
    Druid: Illidan back when he could just bite me to death.
    Indorani: Desian
    Infernal: Sorry, none stick out.
    Luminary: Daskalos, stupidity whoring owns Syssin.
    Lycanthrope: Sanosuke(sp?)
    Monk: Benedicto hands down. Nobody has gotten close.
    Paladin: Hadoryu, Edhain.
    Praenomen: None I can think of.
    Sciomancer: Mazzion
    Sentinel: Main deaths to them were when they could bash me to death.
    Templar: Caed
    Teradrim: Not sure
    Zealot: None I can think of.
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