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I think there's been enough time for me to put one of these up for Iesid. Leave a message at the beep!


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    Am I the first to steal this? I hope so!

    Iesid is...well, to Aloli...Fire and ice?

    I've always been able to take an enemy and turn them into a friend or at least someone I can be civil with when opportunities arise and respect comes back again later so long as certain lines aren't crossed. Iesid has that power too, in spades.

    Even though Aloli and Iesid were at each others throat, in such a horrible and ugly way that made me cry sometimes, I am so happy with their relationship now and I have to give you (the player) so much respect for never allowing that to pour OOCly! You're a pretty chill guy :)

    Side note: The ferocious facet of their personalities that showed while they were fighting is now the basis for why Aloli respects Iesid and has come to value his opinion where applicable. Some things only another Duirani guild leader can even begin to understand so it's nice that things are where they are now. Thank you for all the support!

    All that aside, the sense of humor is cool, almost right there with the same kind of @Kalinaar-level trolling!

    I look forward to the new bridges!
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    Eee-sid Muh-lair-ee-ad is great! You portray him with buckets of subtle flaws that you-the-player are self-aware of him having, which I always attribute to a stellar RPer: because it's obviously not just you playing yourself. It makes Iesid a convicing, real character.

    He obviously has plenty of personality strengths, too, but strengths are way more boring to compliment someone for playing. It's comparatively easy to portray good qualities (since it's easier to deal with the consequences of good behaviour/choices). That said, one of the things I've really enjoyed about Iesid is that you play him dynamically. He grows, but at a convincing, slow speed! And when he does, it's often reacting to the world around him and the influences that impact him. You always feel like you're playing with everyone else, not just writing your own little story in your clique, and that's great.

    Anyway, you play him great, you've got just lovely writing that I enjoy RPing with and I'm always kicking myself for not actually approaching him in person and just having 95% of their friendship over tells, lol.
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    I'm not sure where to even begin because there's so much I can say here.

    On a technical level? You're an amazing RPer. I love your writing style and how well it flows, and I always find myself trying to mix up my writing to match - you're descriptive, but not overly flowery, and you have a way with words that allows you to convey exactly what you want or need to while still delivering a big impact.

    I love interacting with Iesid. It's been fun and interesting watching Phoe and Iesid's bond grow and change over the past few months since we started RPing. In that time they've gone from awkward acquaintances to close friends with an unbreakable bond, and the impact they've had on each other's lives is undeniable despite how slow and gradual the changes have been.

    There's never been a dull moment between them, whether they're working, talking, or fighting - there's always something meaningful in their interactions, and there's been more than a few occasions where I've been hit hard in the feels or just teared up. I always find myself looking forward to RPing at Iesid, and I never get tired of it.
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    Warhammer. Tcanna. Nuff said.

    15/10 would RP again.
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    I have enjoyed the interactions I've had with Iesid. He, in a lot of ways, has a different viewpoint on the world than Swara. Yet somehow they don't tend to argue but appreciate each other's difference and are willing to listen.

    He's always been a good friend and a shoulder to lean on. He comes across to Swara as a sort of guide, someone to turn to when life is falling apart or she doesn't understand the -why- of something. If it wasn't for the RP interaction with him, I'm not sure if she would have joined Omei. He explains things in a way that can be understood and clung to, when he takes the time to do so.

    And even though he comes across as fierce and is, in his own way, frightening, I've seen a caring and humorous side of him that rounds him out well. I've enjoyed our friendship and roleplay so far and hope it continues!
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    Interesting character, solid roleplayer, good writer. I appreciate in particular when someone takes on leadership roles and actually uses them to lead. In terms of mentoring, guiding, and fostering growth in the characters he interacts with, Iesid is ace. Stamp of approval.
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    I'm glad that Lex and Iesid got past the initial issues that would have made them rarely interact with one another. Their complicated relationship with Isia in the middle there (new step-father vs fresh ex-husband) as well as the heavy handed politics Lex hit Iesid with over the accords could have gone hundreds of different ways, and somehow the two of them ended up friends.

    I'm sad that we don't get to interact more, as the way that the Omei and Dhar styles just don't mess between them would be very fun to see long term, but I know we're both busy being busy. Still... RP. I demand it.

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    There is not much I can say that has not already been said here, but I'll push my opinions in anyway!

    Iesid is probably one of the most dynamic characters I have had the pleasure of RPing with on any character. You have an amazing imagination and it shows in everything you do with Iesid. You have a way with words and phrasing that has pushed me to try to improve upon my own writing. I've had so much fun learning who he is over the course of the last few months and am still surprised and impressed when Rhine peels back a little more and is able to see more of that amazing character that you've created. He's has a major impact on her own development and I am looking forward to seeing more. 
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    Where to even start?

    Iesid and Sera's relationship started slow, it wasn't anything explosive....if only for the fact that Iesid gets her. She was this tiny thing who was afraid of everything. She tries to be brave, she wants to be able to see again and he understands that but also that she has insecurities too, that touch is a comfort thing because it's real. She started coming out of that fearful shell near Iesid through Omei's Order with Trixkya's help and the dreamscapes is where she knew she truly connected with her.

    Iesid is dynamic and fluid and your writing is wonderful, conveying emotions is A+. I look forward to many more interactions.
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    @Konnorn is on a Mulariad animating spree!

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    @Iesid keeping an eye out for @Tythos...
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    10/10 would pk again
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    Iesid, thank you SO much for all your patient instruction in Zealot combat. You help me grow tremendously brotha, you're one of the best! B)
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    Iesid and Czci share a peculiar relationship. Czci looks up to Iesid and sees him as a sort of father figure because he can tell that they share many of the same values and views on the world. The key difference, and the reason their relationship is strained, is that Iesid has many more years and experiences that have made him more wise but cynical, whereas Czci still views the world more innocently and naively. This has provided an interesting dynamic between our characters and so far I am very glad to have engaged in it. I very much look forward to seeing how their relationship develops over time.
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    Kjell is not a very traditional Sentinel and Iesid is always very patient with him! Some times the crazy eyes and smile make Kjell very nervous but Iesid makes Kjell feel empowered and like he has found his home!
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    I'm surprised I haven't done this yet - but I want to make sure to.

    It's mostly to repeat what others have said - our interactions, especially early on, really helped shape Rihrin in many ways. She started out as this strict, specific zealot who didn't really want to think about things. She wanted to be that, a zealot. But when she decided to try to give Omei a shot, and you started to interact with her? I really feel like you specifically, though Omei in part, took her foundation and shook it. She ended up with her best friend, Stagbird, and a mind that was far more creative and willing to open up. Now, thanks to this, I still have a zealot - but one who is willing to look at other aspects of life with a more open mind.

    Your character is well-written and you are a great writer of his story. I've known you for a long time, and I cannot say it enough. I miss us having more than just tell sessions, but I take every little bit of Iesid time that I can. Thank you for sticking it out, and being an amazing part of the game.
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