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Hey everyone,

I disconnected from the game last night (my internet went down) while I was bashing in Fengard Keep. I'd hoped I would be ok because there were no mobs in my room when my internet went out but I guess something walked in and killed me because I've logged back in and I think I lost around ~40% xp (level 93). I'd popped Chalice & Bronze key XP and Book tattoo and yellow ylem orb and even then I think I was hunting for around ~3 hours to get that last night.

Do the admin consider restoring lost XP for the cases of dying while DC'd and losing a bunch of XP for it or do I just chalk it up to being unlucky?



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    40%? That's...a lot to lose from a PVE death. Are you sure on that number? In any case no it's not commonplace to get reimbursed XP unless it's due to some sort of critical bug.

    Edit: In fact I'd say that's an impossibly large amount of xp to lose from a PVE death or any death, given this section in HELP DEATH
    Numerically, death costs about 14% of experience to next level total. There is a cap upon lost experience, which ultimately reduces that cost until roughly 1% at level 99. From 100 onward, death costs 1% of your experience to next level.
    There's not a lot you can do to mitigate that without arties, but having a short timeout set can help you in the worst case scenarios. But I've noticed when I unexpectedly DC I end up getting kicked pretty fast.
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    Player Death
    Juha was slain by a horrid basilwyrm.
    Used to be if you stayed dead without approaching mirror you would keep losing xp until you d/c'd or did the thing. But that was like Aetolia Classic era stuff.

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    It's entirely possible I misremembered how much XP I hunted to, if it's not mechanically possible for me to have lost close to 40% then I find it more likely that I was mistaken
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