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You know what's fun? Doing self-indulgent bullhicky about your characters. Something I love to do that's a bit tumblry is mood boards. Milanote is a great service for it, it supports gifs, images, videos, etc. Great stuff. Be sure to put stuff that's not just an aesthetic choice that look like your character, but just stuff that inspires you and feels right. Here's a link to mine that's fully media-supported:
(Note, I made this without the intention of sharing it, so the link has one artful NSFW video in it, which is censored below)

And an image:
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    Neat board! Never come across that app before, but it seems useful.

    Mostly used pinterest boards, myself. Too long to share a screenshot of, but here.

    Aramaeus' Board
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    Czcibor said:

    Bulrok stole Czci's.

    Not tryna steal your thunder bro but....well. 99% of my kills as Emir were just holo traps. Someone once even asked if I knew how to pk cause that's all I did.
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    Aolin said:

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    I'm a bit new to this, but here's Sekeres' general moodboard! To see it better, click here.

    This took so long, and it was a cool challenge. Maybe I'll update it as things change!

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    I'm no good at this either, but here we go. Rihrin.

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    Hi. I'm relatively new so still building a profile but here's a start :)

    Also I don't know how you put the pic up there, sorry :#
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    < Alystrine mood board! this was fun
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    I thought I'd give this a try too.

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