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I usually avoid forums and the like, but I had some art to share, and I was told that, while I was here, I should make a post here to see what everyone thinks of Lilein. So... Have at it.


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    Axi's daughter! Such an interesting and very deep character, 10/10, I recommend interacting with her. She puts a LOT of thought into everything, and there's times that she out-thinks even Axi in areas that Axi's the leading expert in!
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    I'm not sure how to describe Lilein. Elene stumbled upon Lilein by someone's recommendation, and she herself approached Elene to seek out knowledge.

    Since then, we've had more or less a few interactions and I'm pleased to say that Elene has seen quite a bit of growth and development from her. Also, she's a research nerd and Elene's totally living for it.
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    yay research
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    Oh my god I love Lilein. Scary smart. But also so very flawed. And I love the back and forth of Aya and her on if she classified as adorable. Just... all around a delight to spend time with. 
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    Lilein's interactions with Ardent left a massive impression. From the first meeting on down to the general back and forth and then finally agreeing to that annoying "mortal" expression. He's got two awesome sisters now and he couldn't be happier. Even if he does get snippy over certain things.

    10/10 Good RP, will RP more and again and again and again. And call cute to get the cutest reactions ever.
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    Lilein is a wonderful childe and a dedicated scholar, and I enjoy her interactions with Rebra always, even the more difficult ones. Rebra is glad she met Lilein all those years ago in the Bloodloch Library.

    Here's to more tea, and more quiet talks together, through thick and thin.

    Thank you. <3
    Some lovely images of Rebra by @Konnorn, Acaisha Buffo, and @Eleanor respectively!

    Rebra chibi
    Callidora and Rebra
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    edited October 2020
    Forgot I already posted on this >.> basically repeated myself. 
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    Straightening into rigid, militant attention, A division of Bloodlochian soldiers squares its shoulders and crisply salutes you.
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