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    The weekly show is up for...the week! Check it out! Direct link is here.
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    @Zaila Somnium is not for insomnia, it gives waking dreams so technically it's an improved form of cactus weed :D .

    Concerning the mirror classes, I have some qualms that I haven't addressed on the forums (still bouncing ideas off others), but I think mirror classes will be beneficial for the game. A balance for one side would eventually be a balance for both sides, and while you would technically have situations where there would be 'mirror matches' the skins I believe will be different enough for it to be exciting. Also, @Aeryx of you have your instakill gagged by your system, you should ungag it. You should be able to relish in your instakills.

    As for questions for the show: You touched on news posts you glanced over, are there any posts or any things you absolutely love seeing pop up as notifications like unread news or messages, or even receiving letters? Is there a story line, divine, guild etc your character has nothing to do with that piques your interest when you read about it? Do you have a favorite event or quest you were part of or discovered? And to repeat questions from previous, if you had the option for a divine and class to suddenly switch tethers who and what would you choose?
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    Tiur said:

    I am good in the nearish future if we had a list of questions! I will assuredly digress and tangent away, but that'll prevent me from just rambling until you guys turn off the recording.

    @Tiur I'd love to get started on planning how to do this with you. Just let me know in game or email or however you'd like to get the dialogue started. Thanks!
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    Just finished up the interview with the lovely Erzsebet! We talk about penguins! And crafting! And other stuff. Direct link is here.
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    The return of the weekly episode is up! I will post it on the official Aetolia discord as well as soon as the administration tells me where would be best to do that! Direct link is here.
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    Hello folks,

    I wanted to give a quick update about this podcast.

    Recently, Aeryx stepped away from Aetolia and handed me the "keys" to the podcast. Unfortunately, some previously recorded episodes or interviews were lost in the transfer of ownership. It is certainly possible to re-record things later. I have already reached out to those who were lost for re-recording, but I welcome anyone interested in doing these interviews still.

    We’re still interested in doing interviews with key figures of the game (GMs, CLs, major combatants, Celani if possible, etc.) as a way to introduce their corner of the world to the new and young or entirely unknowing audience. Keeping in mind that this podcast airs on a lot of platforms and will be used to help spread the word about the game on different social media platforms when time allows! But these interviews are not the focus of the podcast, they would be like the icing on the cake but the cake is awesome!

    Fezzix has kindly agreed to do episodes with me. We have Zaila as well, though she doesn't play as much as she used to and has very limited availability. We're aiming for only one episode a month as we all have very busy lives. If it happens every month and a half that will be my fault. (Life is busy lately! … what is this year!)

    The structure will be somewhat different from the past, we're sorting those details out this weekend. However, we’re going to be absolutely strict with what gets aired in the final cut. Nothing negative about the game is allowed.

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    @Aloli and I had a discussion today about the structure of the podcast and future episodes. We want to focus heavily on organizational lore and historical lore, how the two interconnect, and what kind of roles the players have carved into said lore.

    We feel that the kind of people who play MUDs are drawn in by compelling worlds and the opportunity to write themselves into a good story backed up by game mechanics.

    With that in mind, we'll be reaching out to organization and class leaders in the coming months to schedule interviews. We'll be respectful of how some players in leadership positions claim a degree of ownership and pride in their orgs, so if said leaders are unwilling to be interviewed, we'd appreciate input on who can speak in their stead.
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    I would love to see updates on this! I listened to the earlier episodes and it's fascinating to hear the thoughts of my fellow players who have progressed I to leadership positions or have otherwise achieved prominence within Aetolia. Please keep them coming and I can't wait for the next episode yay
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    I appreciate the desire to see it continue going, but I haven't played Aetolia seriously in about 6 months, unfortunately. With my time zone change after I moved across country, and just generally being tired of certain aspects of the game, I just sort of drifted away. If anyone wants to just make their own new podcast, I think that would be great. Maybe I will revive this one seriously at some point in the next 6-12 months, that's a possibility as well, who knows. Until then I will keep all the existing episodes up, and I will keep the Discord server going even though it just has me and @Zaila in it now.

    There's a few reasons I lost interest in doing it, even when I was still playing, and judging by the fact that I've kept up with every single news post through the Android app, and kept up with what little messages I get, it doesn't seem like much has changed. In order to talk about things, you have to have things to talk about. So when you don't have specific subjects to cover, the alternative is just giving your opinion on things, and you know, a lot of people don't like my opinions. So, it is what it is.
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  • JuhaJuha Member Posts: 14
    I thought Aloli was continuing it while you take a break, is that no longer the case? Thanks for all of your hard work on the previous episodes Aeryx.

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    I had a disagreement with how it would continue on, and said perhaps she should just rename the podcast and make it her own thing, and then I just kinda gave up as well and told her to do whatever she wants with it. It didn't end up happening, and she eventually left the Discord server. I do however think that she just maybe felt like she didn't have time to do what she wanted anyways, as anyone who knows @Aloli knows she's a pretty busy woman outside of the game, and we all know how crazy life has been this past year. I appreciate your kind comments as well, and I do hope that any sort of negative tinge I've had to my posts here just now don't dissuade you from being excited about Aetolia. I was pretty excited about it there for a long time and I'm sure I will be again some day.
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    best wishes and success
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