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Naos has been around for a little while now, making all the friends, and I would love to hear if anyone has any feedback for me. Playing a character like Naos is a first for me, so good or bad, let me have it. 


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  • Naos is an ass. Which I rather like, because there seems to be a rather distinct difference between the player and character and that's difficult to do. While the one real interaction we had was short-lived, I was a little confused as to Naos's stance towards Aros and without knowing any background, the condescension didn't feel all that well founded. That being said, it was executed well and certainly fit the theme of the character and I got a good chuckle from it.

    It's got me intrigued enough to want to RP at you again and see what might pop out of it, see if Naos is all swagger or not.

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    I've mostly shared all that I have in our esteems to each other, but it's worth repeating some of it.

    To be real honest with you, Naos wasn't someone that was in Elene's sight to approach, until she was instructed to sharpen her skills on him. What that led up to was definitely something I did not expect, and the way it has developed and defined the character so much was an early highlight to Elene's return to Corruption's embrace.

    I think it's incredibly bold for you to play Naos the way that you do. His personality grates anyone the wrong way, especially how narcissistic he comes across, and the sexism he seems to exude when interacting with females would make me want to beat him up in real life. However, at the rate things keep going, it feels more and more like Naos and Elene are intrinsically tied in their personal descent down the Spiral and I, for one, can't wait to explore more.

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  • I get a lot of tells, messages, and DMs about Naos and I cackle every time. Whenever someone asks for my take on him I respond with some variation of "He's a cocksure prick with a mouth doing his part to remind the world that the Carnifex are Savage beasts" You execute the role perfectly, even to the peril of your own plans sometimes. Keep on keepin' on, I need to see more of The Hound.
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  • Naos has a mouth on him, but Nisavi has only gotten the brunt end of it once... and then when he recognized her, it quickly turned into friendly banter. Like Mjoll said, he's definitely a cocksure something and a reminder that savagery is an inherent part of the Carnifex, while "nobility" and "manners" are largely optional. He's respectful to those that he holds in high regard, while generally egotistical and mouthy to those he's pretty sure he could take. He's a good take and a breath of fresh air. I'm glad you haven't been deterred on your personality for him, as some can take his personality the wrong way or perceive it as a slight on them. In reality, I think you're just fine and I hope no one has taken anything that Naos has said personally!
  • I liken affirmation threads to something I heard from an audiobook interview with an author I listen to, where he explains that he listens to his own audiobooks (that someone else narrates) to try and find any inconsistencies in the story he's attempting tell inside his head. Essentially, if what he thinks he's writing, what he's intending to put down on paper, is how it comes across when narrated to others. This sums up my entire reasoning for creating an affirmation thread; to find out whether the story I think I'm telling is coming across the way I am wanting it to.

    For the most part, it seems like it is. Thanks to all of you for the feedback, and thanks to @Aros in particular for adding in something I can work on. Because you're right, the very brief scene Naos stepped into was most definitely not my finest work, and I need to make an active attempt towards expanding on the feelings that Naos exuded.
  • Naos is certainly a number of things for Galilei. He is the first to know her mortal name; he is the first person to dispel a certain false sense of security she had attributed to the Blood; his is the face self-doubt sometimes wears when it comes knocking, even though her experiences with him has only led her to embrace the beliefs she has previously held - and also helped cement her faith.

    He has been a strong influence on her, whether she likes it or not, and some of it was definitely positive. You've also revealed enough about Naos for someone like Galilei to be ambivalent about him, even after all that's happened. Which says a lot about pacing on your end, and little details - big, big kudos. Things aren't exactly resolved between them, but we can see how that goes!
  • Aya personally despises Naos, and we both know why. I do not want that mistaken for what I think of you as a player, however, even given our recent disagreements. I cannot wait to see the pile of uhm... unicorns?... Naos continues to throw her way. 
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    I'll admit, at first Naos flat out pissed me off. You actually do SO well at playing a jerk face, that you caused me to get OOC grumpy! I had to step back for a moment and remind myself of my own lesson, that what a character says/does ICly has no bearing what so ever on how they are as a person OOCly. You really did give me a taste of my own medicine which is now an experience I look forward to whenever I see Naos around. Naos is the perfect rival for Drystin. They're nothing alike in personality, in fact they're mirror opposites in many ways. The way Naos gets in your face with no fucks given, looking for a fight is a fun contrast to Dryst's veiled promise of "I'll get you later while you're sleeping." approach.

    The encounters have been very few but each time I was nearly on the verge of dozing off and you made me sit up straight and wake up. I don't know too much of Naos' motivations, but I look forward to spyi-- err.. getting to know more about him in the future.
  • I LOVE Naos. If Sry was back in his 20's again and I had as much experience with RP and emoting as I do now, I firmly believe Sryaen and Naos would be the best of bros and the realm would be at their mercy. Unfortunately, they find themselves on opposing sides. HOWEVER, Naos is a wonderful villain. He has such a palpable, raw in-your-face attitude that it is an absolute delight to interact with him. I don't think I've ever met anyone else IG who pulls off such a vulgar and crass character so well. Some of the things Naos says even has me flinching at the sheer brazenness of it IRL.

    All that said, I love how absolutely rock-solid your emotes are. They're well thought out and worded in such a way that Naos' actions flow so naturally that it pushes me harder to work on my own emotes.

    One of these days, Sry isn't going to be this old man re-adjusting to the world and will be back in fighting form. And I am beyond stoked for the day that RP happens because I'm sure there will be more destruction than just a table and chair getting tossed around.

    Much love, brother. Keep doing what you're doing. <3

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  • We have had limited interactions so far and I love every one of them. Eor's attempts at figuring out someone who is very brazen has been great -- she may come off as uninterested (head-trading) but she's definitely intrigued. I look forward to more interactions even though we tend to be on different sides of the world!
  • There is absolutely something to be said, for someone so willing to play a character who is harsh, narcissistic, fueled by mysogynistic love for woman....or perhaps just parts of women.

    The thing I enjoy most about Naos, is he just doesn't give a fuck. I have said many times how much I loathe the fact that in a fantasy world there are so many real-life comparisons of things that upset people and in turn we limit ourselves to be this safe version of everything. Now I do not want to discount atrocities that happen in real life, but also, there should be a realization that a player acknowledges some of these horrible things, but is not existing as these things as a player....its a roleplaying game. Ultimately if someone wants to be a vile character, then so be it....but Naos, does it with such an impeccable flair, magnificently worded emotes, and absolutely fantastic environment/mood setting in his story.

    You really just want to pop him in the face, but also part of his charm, honestly.

    I love what you have developed, and I hope that one day others can embody the complexities your character does. Little piece of shit that he is.

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