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No need to be gentle.


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    Oh what to say about him? I have LOVED their interaction so far. The dynamic is interesting and he definitely has Aya intrigued. 
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    Le bump. Stigandr has become...somewhat more active as of late, and been running around like the madman he is.
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    Sryaen really enjoys how simple and effortless it is to talk to Stigandr. It's a rather low-maintenance.. dare I say.. friendship? They banter back and forth a fair bit on CT and have only really met in-person maybe two or three times, and I'd always be down to RP more but it's tough to figure out where Stigandr stands. From a player perspective, I got the impression this was something VERY casual for you to do and didn't have a whole lot of purpose and goals for Stig - so I was pleasantly surprised to see you complete a full character breakdown of him.

    Sry would like to get to know Stigandr better, he seems very chill. It's nice to not have friends who are so serious all the time.
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