Welcome back, Squire Cayn!

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Context: Cayn just woke up and made himself known to the guild. Not meeting him before, naturally Ephi responded this way through guild channels:
Cayn: "Hail, Keep." (It was just Naos, Cayn, and myself on atm)
Ephi: "Hail Squire! That's voice I haven't heard yet."
Cayn: "Luck ran out I guess."
Ephi: "I'll say. So grating already! Keep it down if you can, Squire!"
Cayn: "What's your name, kid."
Ephi: "I'm not a kid!"
Cayn: "Uh huh."
Cayn: "Name."
Ephi: "-squire- Ephi. Remember it!"
Cayn: "No promises."

The belligerents:

Ephi: She is a typical Tsol'aa of a slim, fair-skinned profile. Standing at an inch or two over six feet,
Ephi is rather lanky. Messy hair of a golden blonde colour tumbles down to the knees in a
voluminous, haphazard tumble, the frankly ridiculous length making it quite a struggle to tame,
though there is an artful tousled air about the mess. A few golden strands cover her angular face,
usually over one of her vivid, bright green eyes which are downturned in shape, adding a
mischievous, cat-like air to the girl. Just above them are thick, gracefully arching eyebrows the
same bright hue as her hair. Long, pointed ears peek out from the blonde mass that is not uncommon
for her kin. Making up her facial features includes high, prominent cheekbones, a small, narrow nose
that just widens at the nostrils, and thin, pink lips. On the left-hand side of her mouth is a small
cut on the corner of her bottom lip, reddened and healing. She has narrow shoulders and her chest is
a bit small for her frame, her lithe torso extending down to a subtle widening at the hips to give
her an almost boyish look at a glimpse. Offsetting this are long, shapely legs that seem to make up
the most of her height, ending in delicate looking feet that have subtle arches with minute toes.
Her nails on her hands and feet have been trimmed and painted an alternating pink and white to add
to her girlish appearance. Translucent strands of spiderweb periodically weave around her form,
empowering her with Iosyne's blessing.


Cayn: He is a stalwart Azudim of Human heritage and is largely unremarkable. While unable to be considered
tall, his muscular frame is broad, sturdy, and proportionate. His head and face sport an unstyled
thicket of bristly black hair, calling attention to a sharp window's peak at one end and a
developing wiry beard at the other. Arranged with minute disparities in symmetry, his facial
features include a thin, naturally downturned mouth, heavy brows, a crooked, brutish nose, and one
icy blue eye, cold as a snowstorm. The other is notably absent, its eyelid crumpled and gnarled into
a messy confusion of scarring. It's neighbour is heavy and both sockets are dark, conferring an
unfortunate disinterested air to the majority of his expressions. Translucent strands of spiderweb
periodically weave around his form, empowering him with Iosyne's blessing.

(flecked with blood) : a formal Carnifex dress shirt
(left open) : a Carnifex's side-buttoning black wool longcoat
(scuffed and worn-in) : black leather hobnailed jack boots
(bloodied) : a pair of silver knuckled, black leather gloves
(worn on the legs) : black leather soldier's pants

(Tells): You tell Cayn, "No use hiding, Squire! Come out and say hello! That's the polite thing to

Galilei handles the tooth with the utmost care, very aware of how sharp the edges are. The Reaper's
passing proves to be enough distraction - her grip on the fang renews with a faint yelp as its
dangerously jagged point pierces her skin

(Tells): Cayn tells you, "Ahhhh piss on good manners. I can't find my bloody trousers."

(Tells): You tell Cayn, "Ehm. Well. Perhaps you ought to take the time you need to be presentable!
Although, if you like I can run to the market and grab you a uniform."

"Careful, Duchess!" Ephi blinks, and reaches for Galilei's hands again, but only
grips one of her wrists. It's unclear if she's more concerned for the tooth, or her friend. "We'll
have to bandage that," she tsks, now clarifying the concern towards Galilei.

(Tells): Cayn tells you, "I don't need a uniform. I just need trousers. And why are you so damn
peppy? You win some coin or something?"

(Tells): You tell Cayn, "I'm not peppy! I'm always like this. Ask anyone!"

Galilei clicks her tongue quietly as she blinks a little faster, more at herself than anything else.
"I will heal in a bit, but if my friend so insists, I am not one to refuse."

(Tells): Cayn tells you, "Yuck."

(Tells): Cayn tells you, "Pep on over to the market and grab me some trousers. I'll pay you in...
what do I have here..."

(Tells): You tell Cayn, "...hah. Now now, don't be like that, Squire!"

(Tells): Cayn tells you, "I'm not being 'like that.' I'm always like this. Ask anyone."

(Tells): Cayn tells you, "I'll pay you in really old tequila."

Ephi clicks her tongue as well, and reaches inside of her pack, pulling out a
browned roll of bandages. With a firm grip on Galilei's wrist, she starts to wind the bandages over
her friend's entire palm, possibly unnecessarily so, using up nearly the entire roll. Then with a
satisfied nod, steps back. "There, all better, Duchess!"

(Tells): You tell Cayn, "I don't drink! I do this out of the goodness of my cold, black heart."

(Tells): Cayn tells you, "Good because I just drank it."

(Tells): You tell Cayn, "Ahem. You just wait there!"

Galilei holds up the rather cushy-looking hand as if to heft something, having recovered enough to
chuckle a little. "Not even the mighty fang of the Malevolent could pierce this now," she says as
she carefully transfers the fang to the palm in question. "However did you come across this?"

Ephi just grins, but that turns to an apologetic smile, as a look of irritation
briefly flashes over her features. "I'll -- I'll have to tell you later. This Squire is in need."
With obvious reluctance, she steps away from Galilei. "I'll be back very soon, Galilei," she says
with a wistful sigh.

-- Movement to the market! --

(Tells): You tell Cayn, "Shopping makes me so indecisive!"

(Tells): Galilei's psychic whisper trails through your mind, "Don't worry, my sweet friend. There is
time aplenty."

The Emerald Snake.
You pay 1000 gold sovereigns and receive cute periwinkle pants painted in pastel florals newly made.
(Tells): Cayn tells you, "You know them leather ones? Get me them ones. No the formal ones. I hate
them ones."

(Tells): You tell Cayn, "No no, I've picked the perfect one!"

--Movement to Rowdy ground floor of the "Soul and Steel" Tavern. --

You pay 563 gold sovereigns and receive black leather soldier's pants newly made.

-- Movement to the apartment complex of Bloodloch!

(Tells): Cayn tells you, "My doubt is swelling large enough to suffocate."

-- Now arrived just outside Cayn's residence!

(Tells): You tell Cayn, "Don't be like that. Here I am!"

You knock on the door to the south. (But there's no answer!)

You yell, "Open up, Squire Cayn!"

You yell, "Maybe I'm at the wrong residence! Can you hear me!?"

Cayn yells, "Which part of 'I can't find my bloody trousers' was unclear to you."

You yell, "I have them right here. I'm growing very impatient!"

(Tells): Galilei's psychic whisper trails through your mind, "My, my. Quite close by you were to my

Cayn yells, "Just leave them there and nick off, then."

You drop cute periwinkle pants painted in pastel florals.

You drop black leather soldier's pants.

Naos yells, "Oh just open the damn door. You know she'll get in there anyway."

Cayn yells, "I'd like to see that."

(Tells): You tell Cayn, "Very well! They're there! I hope you pick the right choice."

(Guess he doesn't want to say hi. Fine then! Off I go.)

West cavern entrance.
The tenebrous cavern ceiling looms ominously high overhead. A sign of protest has been nailed into
the ground here, displaying its message for all to see. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular
monolith is on the ground. Torso pulsing up and down on eight slender legs, a giant spider is here.
Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil.

(Tells): Cayn tells you, "...What was your name again?"

(Tells): You tell Cayn, "Goodness. It's Ephi!"

(Tells): You tell Galilei, "He's so shy! I wonder why."

(Tells): You tell Cayn, "Why are you so shy? And forgetful!"

Cayn arrives from the north.

Ephi greets Cayn with a pleasant smile, though that gesture falters somewhat when
she notices the cigarette in his hand. "Hail!" she says cheerily, despite that fact.

Cayn trudges in with a scowl scrunched onto his hair face, a cigarette stuffed into his mouth, and a
pair of very colourful trousers draped over one broad shoulder. He halts here in the cavern to take
in the measure of you with one pale eye, scouring the length of you in open appraisal. It's your
voice that confirms your identity for him. It does little to soften his expression.

Cayn says to you, "I'm not *shy*. I just don't want my wife up my arse about dangling my cock in
front of other girls. Got that?"

"That's right, it is I, your savior!" Ephi announces, gesturing to herself by
running a hand over her chest. "But no need to tha-" There's a look of mild surprise as Cayn
interjects, wiping that smile on her face. She just stares at Cayn for a moment, at a loss for words
before she wills that winning smile back. "Ahem. Indeed," she says awkwardly. The way her brow
furrows suggests something unsaid, and along with that smile just makes her look less than

(Tells): Galilei's psychic whisper trails through your mind, "Is the man wearing proper pants, now?"

Cayn sucks down a harsh draw as he squints at you through the unfurling veil of smoke. The exhale is
released in twin plumes of smoke through his nose. "What's this about?" he wants to know, snagging
the trousers off his shoulder and tossing them at your feet.

Cayn drops cute periwinkle pants painted in pastel florals.

Cayn takes a long drag from an lit ice-blue cigarette streaked with silver.

Cayn exhales a dark cloud of smoke, redolent with acrid scents.

Ephi coughs lightly, and waves her hand in front of her face as Cayn proceeds to
smoke in front of her. Happily, she brings her attention from him towards the very feminine pair of
trousers dropped before her. "I was... just making sure in case the other didn't fit!" she answers,
holding a hand aloft with her palm turned upwards, just level with her shoulder. "And I thought they
looked nice!"

Tells): You tell Galilei, "He is! But not the ones I hoped he'd pick!"

Cayn draws his chin up to an obnoxiously confrontational angle as the taller girl wafts a hand to
disperse his acrid fumes. But these perfectly reasonable answers defuse him -- there's nothing there
to take further issue with. But he looks elsewhere, plucking the cigarette from his mouth and
jabbing the cherry in your direction as he accuses, "You said you weren't a kid. What are you, like,
thirteen? Fourteen?"

Ephi runs a hand along her cheek, which is purpled from bruising. There's a
noticeable wince from that touch, but she seems much more focused on 'helping' Cayn out. "...hah.
Don't be such a flatterer," says in good nature. "Plus, I think that's awfully young to enlist in
the Keep!" It's obvious the insult's just flown over her. "I'll hmm. Nineteen in a few months!"
Studying Cayn more intently, she adds helpfully, "22nd of Chakros."

(Tells): You tell Galilei, "He could do with some ehm. Sprucing up!"

(Tells): Galilei's psychic whisper trails through your mind, "From what I briefly saw as he passed
by, I am half-inclined to agree."

(Tells): You tell Galilei, "He's not at all what I expected of a Squire of the Keep! But well, I
trust the jugement of my superiors..."

(Tells): Galilei's psychic whisper trails through your mind, "Once you become his superior, you'll
get to spruce him up all you like, won't you, Ephi?"

Being called a flatterer appears to cause Cayn great affront, immediately bristling at the very
notion. He grinds his teeth and narrows his eyes at you. Yet once again, the girl manages to subvert
his ire. "So you *are* a kid," he concludes, the harsh lines of his unpleasant face smoothing out
considerablly. "Alright, good. That's that sorted. Can never bloody tell with your kind..." His cold
eye drifts aside to land on a white warhound, whom he subjects to a cursory inspection. Then he
wafts his smoking-hand towards it and asks, "What's its name?

(Tells): You tell Galilei, "We'll see, we'll see! Squirehood is pretty much the first and last step
to knighthood! Quite an arduous road. I... may be out of my element here though!"

(Tells): Galilei's psychic whisper trails through your mind, "Share that burden when you've time, my
friend. Even if you feel lost from time to time, I'm sure there will be a way.

You have emoted: "Oh him?" Ephi asks with that all too cheerful smile. "This is Leifen, bred by Ser
Tetchta himself!" she practically boasts. "Leifen, come say hi!" she tells her hound, but when it
slavers and growls at Cayn, suddenly she draws her boot back and kicks at its side with an audible
yelp. "Bad dog!" she scolds, and it just tucks its tail between its legs and huddles behind her
ankles. "We'll work on that," she says to no one in particular.

(Tells): You tell Galilei, "I don't believe I've met someone like this! He's a handful, Duchess! But
no one is beyond hope!"

(Tells): Galilei's psychic whisper trails through your mind, "Handful. Not in the way a Bloodwood
spirit might be a handful, I hope?"

(Tells): You tell Galilei, "An entirely different sort!"

"Ser Tetchta's one of the best ones," Cayn comments matter-of-factly, not supplying so much as a
blink in reaction to the hostility from a white warhound. He's no stranger to dogs; rather like one
himself, really. He opens his hateful mouth to make some other blithe commentary, but then you
delivers that swinging blow to the hound's side, and he shuts up. Surprised. And chasing right
after: impressed. This time when his eye lands on you, it's with a newfound consideration, like he's
only just now begun taking you seriously. "What's Leifen mean?"

(Tells): Galilei's psychic whisper trails through your mind, "Hm. I will still be in the area,
should you need backup."

You have emoted: Ephi frowns, looking a bit off guard with the question. She brings the hand over
her cheek towards her mouth and sucks the blood off her fingertips to buy herself some time. Eyes
wandering upwards for inspiration, she drapes that hand over her mouth to her hip. "Hmm! It means
Lily Blossom!" she decides with a sure nod.

Galilei enters from the west, followed by Evoran.

Galilei leaves to the north, followed by Evoran.

(Tells): You tell Galilei, "With backup from the Shadus! That will be my trump card, then."

(Tells): Galilei's psychic whisper trails through your mind, "Keep it *very* close to your chest."

--Nevermind. The instant flattening of Cayn's wintry gaze is all the testament required to the
reception of that name. He sends ash scattering to the dirt and stone underfoot with a practiced
motion of his thumb, then draws the stick of vice up for another drag. "Okay," he begins on the
exhale, smoke framing the word. "We met. You're Ephi. I probably won't forget after all this unicorns.
You don't drink so we're probably done here, right?"

You have emoted: Ephi sighs, unable to help herself but place a hand over her heart with a little
shake of her head. "For now, Squire Cayn," she answers with utmost politeness. "Find me if you need
help with your studies! We can work together. I'm sure we can learn a lot with our combined might!"
And with that, she steps off to the side, as if she were barring your way from moving anywhere else,
her hound scurrying to stay at her flank obediently.

Cayn keeps his ugly face turned towards you as he strides past, not quite glowering anymore at
least. No response whatsoever for your generosity, kindness, and exceptional manners. They might
just be wasted on him. As the gloom of the tunnel system swallows his broad frame, he can be heard
muttering to himself, "Snake eggs, huh..."



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    cute periwinkle pants painted in pastel florals
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    Galilei said:

    cute periwinkle pants painted in pastel florals

    You have no idea how hard I tried to come up with an excuse for him to pick those ones.
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    I then took those periwinkle pants painted in pastel florals and gave it to Taj. I hope he wears them. Recycling your purchase, @Ephi!
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    Ephi said:

    Context: Cayn says to you, "I'm not *shy*. I just don't want my wife up my arse about dangling my cock in front of other girls. Got that?"

    Cayn understands his wife well.
    (Thanks for posting this, it was a ton of fun to read and ya'll are great!)
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