Into the Woods

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A grand duchess, a squire and a reaper walk into the Bloodwood. It's never boring with @Ephi and her Carnifex pals I swear.

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "Me? Just dandy as always! Maybe a little sleepy."

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Good, good. You bounce back so quickly, it's

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "Nothing ever bothers me, Duchess! But everyone knows that! How has your week been?"

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Few complaints, few complaints. I am thinking of moving out of my studio and getting a bigger suite."

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "A proper palace, I bet!"

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Ahaha, not really. My House's estate not just anybody in the House can have rooms in. But once I move into the suite in the Bloodloch housing caverns, I will decorate the place properly and make it mine."

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "I've had ideas of moving out of my bunk too! There are all these housing units I stumble upon outside cities. Maybe something like that. Lofty goal as it is!"

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Hm? Outside Bloodloch proper, like in Esterport or other such places?"

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "That's right! Overlord Zenobia has hers within the Bloodwood for example!"

It is now noon on Tisday, the 1st of Severin, year 488 of the Midnight Age.

(Bloodloch): A humble bellman says, "Noon is upon us - get to the shadows."

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Goodness. This I need to look into."

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "See? Your palace can be a reality!"

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "If you venture into the Bloodwood bring plenty of support! Dangerous!"

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Ohhh, yes. I've gone there before once, I think, on some hunt."

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "You are not braving the place alone, are you?"

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "It's a pretty place! And I'm told our kin used to reside there."

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "The one time I went there, it was quiet! I'm not sure of it right now. Only one way to find out!"

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Hm. I could venture there with you, if you would like company."

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "I'll meet you at the gate! The usual one!"

Bloodloch West Gate.
You greet Ephi with a sincere smile.

Ephi adjusts a pristine pair of reading spectacles over the bridge of her nose and squints at you
before she smiles warmly.

Ephi says, "Aha. There you are, Duchess!"

You say, "The one and only."

Ephi says, "I can't be certain. There were two of you just a moment ago!"

Dramatically, you say, "Who dares impersonate the seamstress?"

Ephi's head swivels one way to to the other to look for something else. "Where is that Reaper Naos?" she wonders aloud.

Naos enters from the west, riding a midnight black stallion.
He is followed by a white warhound.
Naos leaves to the east, riding a midnight black stallion.
He is followed by a white warhound.

You have emoted: Galilei's eyebrows rise at the name, but she only says, "He could make a decent guard."

Ephi says, "Tha-."

Comprehension flashes across your face.

You say, "Shall we chase him down, or shall we call?"

Ephi says, "He's... impersonating someone else. We'll have to call."

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Naos's mind, "Rea-per."

(Tells): Naos tells you, "Yeeees?"

Ephi stares at you with a hopeful look. "Do you want to do the honors or..."

You have emoted: Galilei nods solemnly. "You may trust me with this task."

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Naos's mind, "There is a Grand Duchess and a Squire who are in need of your services."

Ephi sniffs softly and nods back in return. "Very well, Duchess. How exciting!"

Naos arrives from the west.
He is followed by a midnight black stallion and a white warhound.

Actually appearing surprised, you say to Naos, "Well now, we do appreciate a speedy arrival."

Ignoring decorum, Ephi places both hands on her hips and stares at Naos with an unreadable expression. "I thought you were going to shout, Duchess! But somehow you did it," she muses to herself.

Naos wrinkles his nose as he approaches the pair of you, a hint of suspicion easily visible in his gray-green eyes. "I was in the area," he replies warily. Both hands move together to the small of his back, folding comfortably. "What can I do for you two?"

Ephi draws her left hand from her hip and holds it aloft to shoulder level, palm upraised. "We're going on a recon mission, Reaper," she explains, if vaguely.

You have emoted: Galilei clasps her own hands at her front. "And your martial prowess will surely come in handy for us all."

Zhukov enters from the west, riding a white-cloaked gryphon.
Zhukov puts some gold sovereigns in a wyrmskin pack.
Zhukov inclines his head politely to those around him.
You incline your head politely to Zhukov.

Zhukov says, "Greetings."

Ephi greets Zhukov with a pleasant smile.

Ephi says, "Hail!"

Naos absently chews at his bottom lip for a moment. "Very well," he decides with a shrug. It's obvious that his ego has been sufficiently stoked, in evidence by the barest hint of a smile that plays on his lips now. "Where are we going?"

Akkeron arrives from the east.
Akkeron bows respectfully.
You incline your head politely to Akkeron.

Ephi raises her left hand to push a pristine pair of reading spectacles up along the bridge of her
nose, squinting as the lenses align with her green eyes.

Akkeron says, "The academy awaits."

Akkeron winks knowingly.

Ephi says, "Well. Things are getting lively here!"

With a polite smile, Naos says to Zhukov, "Hey there."

Akkeron leaves to the east.

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Akkeron's mind, "May your lessons be fruitful. They usually

(Tells): Akkeron tells you, "Thanks!"

Ephi clears her throat and straightens her posture, fixing her attention towards Naos. "I'm glad you asked, Reaper! The Bloodwood has a castle that the Grand Duchess wishes to infiltrate. But the wood is very dangerous," she briefs, angling her arm out with her fingers pointed behind her.

You have emoted: Galilei pauses, silvery eyes flickering to Ephi and then back to Naos at the

Ephi says to Naos, "You will be her shield. If she falls, you're probably dead first."

Ephi nods her head solemnly.

Zhukov's eyes sparkle with amusement.

"Perfect," Naos declares easily. "At least the dead-bit saves me from the shame."

Zhukov inclines his head politely to those around him.
Zhukov leaves to the east, riding a white-cloaked gryphon.

Gesturing expansively, you say to Naos, "I've rarely seen you die during hunts you lead, I am sure we will all be fine."

Clicking the heels of her boots together, Ephi snaps to attention, her posture tall and rigid. "Look lively, ladies and Naos! We'll be moving out soon!" she calls out loudly.

You have emoted: Galilei holds her head high and offers up a solemn nod.

Ephi daintily pulls a pristine pair of reading spectacles from her eyes, the frame dragging some of her hair from their loose confines, then stuffs the lenses in her front coat pocket.

Naos breathes out a long, put-upon sigh as he steps forward, falling in beside you. "Following you, Squire," he declares, giving Ephi a nod.

Ephi says, "Very good. My patience has its limits, Reaper!"

Loudly, Ephi says, "Time for a stroll!"

(Tells): Naos tells you, "This is going to be a long day, I think."

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Naos's mind, "Ah, ah. It shall pass in a blink of an eye in *our* company."

(Tells): Naos tells you, "Mm." You can feel his doubt, but beneath that, a layer of contentment and, dare you believe it, happiness? "If you say so, Miss Nehekhara."
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    Actually in the woods.
    Dwarfed by bare-branched trees.
    Very loudly, Ephi says, "We've arrived! Don't make too much noise. Hostile territory!"

    You have emoted: Galilei looks down at a length of jade and onyx prayer beads in her hand, squeezes them, then looks back at the surrounding area. "Indeed."

    Naos breathes out a long sigh, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose in dismay. Real dismay, not that mock business.

    Ephi rummages in her coat pockets, her hands emerging with various oddities like half-eaten jerkies and frayed cloth. Eventually she seems to have picked out what she was looking for, a crumpled up piece of parchment with a rough sketch of some area. Donning her spectacles once again, she starts to look it over.

    (Tells): You whisper psychically into Naos's mind, "I do." You feel her silvery glance come to rest on you, out of the corner of her eye. "It will be alright."

    Ephi's arm shoots out towards the south, one finger extended imperiously. "Our target lies to the south. I'm going to suggest discretion. The forces here will eat Reaper Naos for breakfast. We will edge our way through the perimeter," she starts to brief once more. "Let me know when we are ready to commence operation."

    "I-.." Naos cranes his neck, attempting to look over Ephi's shoulder. "Is that scribbled on a bit of tavern scrap..?" He sounds faintly incredulous.

    Ephi hastily stuffs the paper inside of her coat pocket with an indignant wrinkle of her nose. "That's classified, Reaper!" she says, sounding just a bit offended.

    You have emoted: Galilei rubs her chin, opting to check upon the surrounding area instead. She quickly turns back to the company gathered at Ephi's voice. "Ready and waiting, Squire Ephi."

    Naos's brow furrows as he falls back beside you. Leaning to one side, he murmurs into your ear.

    Naos murmurs to you, "When we get lost, we eat her first. Deal?"

    The excitement getting to her, Ephi runs her fingers through her hair as she gazes into the depths of the wood before she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath to scream.

    You see Ephi raise her voice and shout, "Operation Palace initiated!"

    (Tells): You whisper psychically into Naos's mind, "...Oh."

    A hidden dirt path that becomes a cobblestone road.
    An old dirt pathway weaves through the heavy underbrush, wagon wheel ruts and other pockmarks made travel difficult besides the bloodwood trees and other thick flora that chokes the ground. Further going west ill-kempt stones start to appear in the dirt path while the odd misshaped trees slowly transform into a smooth cobblestone road and well tended if stunted trees. Wear and tear can be seen on the stones including from wagons as the path heads deeper into what appears to be a better kept land than the eerie spirit filled woods.
    You see exits leading east and west.

    You blink.

    Without so much of an encounter, Ephi gestures towards the supposed castle buildings in the distance. "We're here!" she announces.

    "Where exactly is /here/, Squire?" Naos queries slowly, craning his head to try and catch a glimpse of what lies further down the path.

    You have emoted: Galilei's eyes widen, taking small, almost enraptured steps forward - clearly seeing more in the distance than the darkness of the woods offer. "I remember this place."

    You say, "The Primus and Empress Rebra were married here."

    Ephi's mouth hangs open as she stares at Naos. "Reaper Naos..." she says with a hint of disappointment. "Didn't you listen to the briefing!?" She walks towards Naos until she's standing chest to chest with him, and probably uncomfortably so for one of them.

    Naos is already groaning as Ephi makes her way over towards him. "I listened, Squire," he relents once she is directly before him. "I am sorry, it was a stupid question." He says all this in a dejected sounding monotone, clearly trying to assuage Ephi in the most minimal way possible.

    You have emoted: Finally noticing the reprimanding behind her, Galilei moves back to her companions to watch.

    Seemingly satisfied, Ephi reaches out and tenderly pats Naos' cheek once, then takes a step back and is all business again. "Is that right, Grand Duchess?" she queries, looking around herself. "Since you've got experience here, you're on point!" There's a slight pause before she adds, "With Reaper Naos as the shield, of course," she reassures you. "I'll be vanguard!" She waves her hand in some vague, if militarised gesture with her fingers outstretched. "Let's shift our formation!"

    You have emoted: "I don't know how far we might go before we encounter a locked door, but certainly," Galilei offers cautiously, watching Ephi scurry to switch positions. "I believe we are in safe territory, at least."

    Naos steps around Ephi, the wry smile on his lips briefly showing his amusement with the entire ordeal. He makes is way back to stand beside you, both hands slipping down into his pockets. "Shall we, Miss Nehekhara?"

    With a smile for both of you, you say, "On we go."

    Rose tree covered crossroads.
    A very large area is covered with fiery black opal in the shape of smoothed cobblestones, giving plenty of space for large gatherings without trampling the grass. Beyond these stones are several flora strewn about including several twilight rose, black rose, and red rose bushes. In the center is a fountain overgrown with many large tree trunks that twine together the further they go up towards the center. It seems these were trunks of several roses of twilight blue, black, and red that merged over the eons into a tree that could even rival a redwood. Branches lush with leaves and roses compose an immense canopy that covers practically the entire area giving enough shade for any to rest underneath. Hints of spider webs can be seen through the branches, bridges of the webbing heading to various other trees in the estate causing a glimmer in the light. To the west is a massive gate set between a rather tall black opal wall with pahpanvel wrought thorny vines decorating the top. Refracting all light around it, a crystalline arachnid scuttles about here.
    You see exits leading north, east, south, and west (closed pine door).

    You have emoted: Galilei is clearly distracted by the roses littering the area, her head tipping back to examine the canopy with wondering eyes before heading forward.

    You knock on the door to the west.

    In hushed tones, you ask, "What do you think? Shall we brave the gates, or look around a bit more?"

    Naos easily hefts a blackened warhammer onto his shoulder, now standing directly behind you and looking over your head at the door. "Doesn't look like anyone is home," he declares loudly.

    Ephi frowns as they've come a halt before the large estate doors. Running delicately manicured fingers over the wood, a faint frown mars her features. "We might need a battering ram," she suggests, her eyes too becoming fixated with the roses growing here.

    You can feel him directly behind you, a hair's breadth away from contact.

    You have emoted: Galilei stands still before the gates, a lifted hand briefly resting against empty air before she lowers it again. "I would suggest not using our guard as a battering ram, though, good Squire."

    Naos's eyes widen at the suggestion, and he looks slowly between the two of you.

    (Tells): You whisper psychically into Naos's mind, "Don't worry." Again comes her voice, a little lower, a little warmer. "I'll do my best to stop that from happening."

    There's an unbecoming, startled squeak from Ephi as she turns about with her bardiche pointed in the direction she thought she caught some movement, facing whence they arrived. "Enemy forces inbound!" And for once, there's a bit of fear in her voice.

    Naos turns smoothly, and a blackened warhammer comes off of his shoulder and into the waiting palm of his other hand with a hearty 'smack'. "Call them as you see them, Squire," he announces aloud, sinking down into the beginnings of a fighting stance.

    It is now dusk on Tisday, the 1st of Severin, year 488 of the Midnight Age.

    The mists part and shift as the spirits of the Bloodwood rise from their unhallowed graves.

    You have emoted: Tension seeps into Galilei's body as well, slowly turning, claws at the ready, and her gaze a focused, burning silver as she prepares to face whatever is headed their way.

    As dusk casts its eerie glow across the Bloodwood, semi-corporeal spirits slowly rise up from the ground, a few of them even close enough now to catch sight of you.

    Ephi holds her bardiche at the ready, fingers gripping at the haft tightly. Though she surreptitiously maneuvers herself to stand just right behind Naos. "...hah. Ehm, Reaper Naos has been reassigned vanguard!" she announces with a nervous laugh while she stops at your side.

    "Well, only one way forward, isn't there?" Naos queries aloud. He looks back over his shoulder towards the pair of you, and the smile he wears is a genuine one. He turns back to face the eastern direction, stepping forward to meet the challenge.

    You have emoted: Galilei's eye narrow as she stares into the twilit woods and moves ahead, never walking too far ahead of Ephi nor too far behind from Naos.

    The spirits surge forward, their attentions truly and horrifically focused now - on you. They number no more than ten, perhaps even less, but they spread out wide as they approach, coming like a wave from the direction you all face.

    You have emoted: The pads of Galilei's fingers flick across her forehead, sending a translucent bubble rising up around herself. "Shield!"

    The mists of the Bloodwood curl in eddying whorls around you, shifting with an otherworldly grace and tinging the air with the chill of death.

    Ephi steps backwards until her back meets the closed double doors leading into the estate. Seeing at how they’re barred, her flight or fight instincts kick in, and her next actions make it clear the latter has been picked. Slamming the end of her bardiche onto the ground, she points forward, the wind catching her hair in a way it billows her silken tresses behind her gloriously as she calls out the order to fight. "Forward, Reaper! Defend the Duchess with your life!" Then without hesitation, she starts to stride forward, gripping her weapon in both hands in anticipation for a fight.

    The light tinkle of children's laughter reaches your ears, muffled by the distance.

    Naos doesn't need anymore motivation, and stride forward he does. A few steps into the procession, and he meets the first two spirits. In a tight, two-handed grip, the hammer whistles through the air - a high-pitched, keening dirge to those about to fall. "Strength!" he grunts, and the hammer connects into a mass of semi-corporeal figures, blasting away a mixture of wispy smoke and dripping, liquefied ectoplasm.

    Two more move to replace the fallen, while one each manage to approach from the sides - stepping directly now into your field of challenge.

    You have emoted: Galilei's movements shatter her shield as she moves forth. Her mouth opens in a vicious snarl, eyes only for the advancing spirit. With inhuman speed she swipes and claws at the wispy being before her, tearing ectoplasm from its surface with the gashes she lays into it.

    Ephi moves to cover one of Naos' flanks, moving in tandem with you. With a wild, unrefined swing that emphasizes strength than technique, the blade of her bardiche carves through the remaining spirit with a mournful wail that leaves a pile of its innards in its wake. Without missing a beat, she brings her weapon high above her head in an unneeded strike on its remains, sending its ectoplasm splattering in all directions. "That's five down from me!" she announces.

    Naos turns to the side you hold and assesses the situation. Hefting the blackened hammer once more, he hurls it forward with a one-handed throw. It screams forward, and a second later it obliterates through the spirit still reeling from your own attack. He turns back to face the next challengers, and by some uncanny magic, the hammer is once more in his tight grip. Mimicking his first strike, he quickly dispatches these two as well. At Ephi's declaration, a loud, rolling laughter emanates from the man, and he pushes his way forward, step by bloody step.

    You have emoted: Galilei's eyes bore into Naos' back, the glow of those spheres almost like the moon. Her gaze quickly slides to Ephi, checking her friend and guard for scratches before stepping after the Reaper and continuing her own attacks.

    Spirits fall on either side - be from claw or polearm or hammer - and soon enough, the clamour quietens down once more as the alerted spirits are dispatched.

    (Tells): You whisper psychically into Naos's mind, "Tekal indeed..."

    Ephi pauses now, her blade slumping into the ground with a low thunk as she sees the situation becoming quite dire for the offending party. Craning her neck to watch the wisps of smoke fleeing into the skies, she reaches towards the skie with her free hand, clenching it into a fist. There's a sort of reverie in her eyes as the soulstone embedded within her armour pulses, and her green eyes glow in a sort of mimicry. Soon, the wisps of smoke come hurtling back towards her, disappearing within the foul mechanism of her soulstone. Following that, there's an elated, even suggestive sound that leaves her lips.

    You feel a multitude of eyes upon you, gazing at you from beyond the wreath of mist that blankets the whole of the Bloodwood.

    Naos's hammer returns to rest across one shoulder as he turns to watch Ephi, his previous joviality masked once more behind an unreadable expression. "Strength, Squire," he murmurs quietly, and he nods his head once to show his respect.

    You see him turn then, fixing that cool gaze onto you - equally unreadable, equally masked - yet with a hunger that appears sharper given the faint, sunken nature of his features.

    You have emoted: Galilei slowly unfurls, pale ichor dripping from her hands and forearms, white veil rising and falling the faintest amount as the Consanguine catches her breath. She does not turn her head from the human before her, nor does she shy away from that look. Her eyes are like disks now, appearing impenetrable, but flashes of emotion visible beneath.

    "Mm." Ephi merely sounds, running a hand over her cheek in some sort of attempt to make the high she's feeling linger over herself. As her soulstone's glow fades, her shoulders slump with some hidden, but ponderous weight. With what looks like some effort was needed, she raises her head to glance at you and Naos. Her hair is in such a disheveled state that it nearly veils all of her features. "I'm not sure how they sniffed us out. I was very discrete!"

    You have emoted: The moment having passed, Galilei at last lets her lashes fall lower; a few blinks and her expression has cleared somewhat. "That... was a rush."

    The night air is still and silent, save for the ominous whispering of the leaves high above.

    Naos's gaze, locked tight onto you, finally pulls away. "Your guess is as good as mine, Squire," he hums supportively. He takes up that calm, almost lazy gait once again, one hand holding the hammer onto his shoulder while the other slips down into his pocket. "But uh, what now?"

    Ephi gingerly brings her fingers over her face to brush the hair from her eyes. Then with a stately demeanor, stands stall, looking around herself. "Mission accomplished. The duchess knows of the possibility to build her own palace now," she voices out calmly, the wear of exhaustion evident in her tone.

    Naos quirks a smile. "How about you let me take point and get us back home?" The smile widens a crack further. "I need the practice, you see."

    Ephi takes a deep breath and gives Naos a considering look, running a finger over her bottom lip for the duration of that stare. "Very well," she decides. "On point, Reaper Emory. We move out in five!"

    You have emoted: "You've proved your prowess once and for all," Galilei murmurs to Naos' back. "Thank you. Thank you both."

    (But thanks a lot to @Zenobia for the lovely castle too.)
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    Back in Bloodloch.
    Bloodloch West Gate.
    Ephi sings, "We're back."

    Murmuring, you say, "So we are."

    Loudly, Ephi says to Elene, "Squiiiiiiiiiiiiiire. Our mission was a success!"

    Naos stops beside you. A gentle nudge with an elbow prefaces a quiet, "You alright there, Miss Nehekhara?"

    Ephi takes a deep breath and falls backwards onto a comfortable, jet-black sofa, sinking into the cushions with the weight of her armour.

    You have emoted: Galilei looks up at Naos, expression soft. "Mm. Thanks to you and the Reaper. All is well."

    Elene nods her head at Ephi, before glancing over at you and Naos.

    Elene says, "Now where did we go to this week?"

    You have emoted: "Come, sit as she sits," Galilei declares, sinking onto the cushion beside Ephi. She holds a hand out to Naos as if to beckon, a grin settling on her lips.

    Naos takes a pale cream cigarette banded in red from a leather cigarette case.

    "A top secret mission!" Ephi tells Elene, then places a finger over her lips in a secretive gesture, her eyes wandering over to you and Naos as one takes a seat by her.

    Naos doesn't need much more motivation than that, and soon he's sprawled onto the couch alongside the other two women, a lit cigarette dangling from his lip.

    Naos takes a long drag from a lit pale cream cigarette banded in red.

    Naos exhales a heavy cloud of smoke, redolent with sharp scents.

    Naos gives Elene a helpless sort of shrug. "If I spill, I'm actually kind of worried that I'll be the sudden victim of a horrible accident."

    Elene licks her lips.

    Elene's pale gaze gleams and her lips twist briefly.

    Naos's lips quirk at the edges.

    You say to Naos, "Oh, be careful of what you say."

    Elene says, "I would not be worried. Galilei would not seem like one to do that, but Ephi? Perhaps."

    Elene bares her teeth in a feral grin.

    Ephi doesn't seem too bothered by Naos smoking, but perhaps it's because she has something else in her mind. Looking towards Naos, she casually comments, "I think I might need you to tend to my clothing just one more week."

    Ephi tugs at the collar of her dress shirt meaningfully.

    You have emoted: Galilei's hand rises to her lips, concealing and broadcasting her mirth.

    Elene folds her arms across her robed chest.

    It is now midnight on Falsday, the 2nd of Severin, year 488 of the Midnight Age.

    Naos tilts back his head and makes a lazy show of blowing smoke rings up into the air overhead. "Going to have to give that a pass, Squire Ephi," he drawls aloud. "You should have savored last weeks final load. Drawn it out, made it last."

    Ephi idly fingers at her shirt, running them over the collar pin affixed there. She frowns, staring at Naos pleadingly. "I never did get to see your technique, Reaper Emory. Just once more, so I can be set for life?" she suggests, holding her other hand out to the side with her palm raised.

    Naos rolls his head lazily to the side, looking towards Ephi over your head. Suspicion hints at his words. "What do I get out of it?"

    Ephi says, "In fact. If it makes it better, the Grand Duchess and Squire Elene can watch too. It can be a... a class!"

    Elene licks her lips.

    Naos takes a long drag from a lit pale cream cigarette banded in red.

    Naos exhales a heavy cloud of smoke, redolent with sharp scents.

    You have emoted: Galilei looks to Naos with a faintly amused expression, watching the smoke trail through the air.

    Elene says, "I am likely going to pass on this."

    As if in afterthought, Elene says, "I am going to visit Squire Taj."

    Elene leaves to the east.
    She is followed by a white warhound.

    Ephi says, "Oh dear."

    "I don't know what you would get out of it, Reaper," Ephi says thoughtfully. "I'm sure you have everything you ever want already! So do it out of the goodness of your heart," she presses.

    The body of Teflin appears in a flash and his soul descends to fill it, causing the previously expressionless face to fill with emotion.

    Chuckling, you say, "Everything he ever wants? That is quite an assumption."

    Ephi says, "Well! He seems content enough!"

    Straightening into rigid, militant attention, Teflin squares his shoulders and crisply salutes his fellow soldiers.

    Glancing at her comfortable perch on a comfortable, jet-black sofa Ephi lazily waves at Teflin with a cheerful smile.

    Naos only wastes a second on deciding his response. "Paaaaaass." Smoke still trailing from the cigarette hanging from his lip, he looks up from the couch, gaze finding Teflin. "Evening, Reaper!"

    Teflin relaxes and stretches, reaching for a cigarette and lighting it. "Mornin."

    Teflin says to Naos, "Could I borrow a light?"

    Muttering to himself, Teflin says, "I seem to have lost my tinderbox."

    Ephi's eyes narrow somewhat and stands up from the couch. "I'll be right back!" she tells no one in particular and hurriedly makes her way to the markets.

    Ephi leaves to the east.
    She is followed by a white warhound.

    You have emoted: Galilei blinks at the Squire's departure. "Hm."

    Ephi arrives from the east.
    She is followed by a white warhound.

    Naos's hand disappears momentarily into one of the pockets of his trousers before it reappears with a tinderbox clutched tight. He tosses it to Teflin. "No worries, Reaper."

    Teflin carefully lights a slender white cigarette.

    When Ephi returns, she keeps a very respectable distance from those smoking.

    Teflin deftly lights his cigarette with a practiced hand before tossing it back to Naos, "Thanks, Reaper."

    Calling to the Tsol'aa, you ask, "What did you get?"
    Teflin takes a long drag from a lit slender white cigarette.

    Teflin exhales an orangeish cloud of smoke, redolent with powerful, pleasing scents.

    Naos takes a long drag from a lit pale cream cigarette banded in red.

    Naos exhales a heavy cloud of smoke, redolent with sharp scents.

    Teflin says to Naos, "This one you gave to Ephi isn't too bad."

    "Food," Ephi says unconvincingly, and reaches inside of her coat pocket,pulling out a thin strip of darkened jerky. Raising it towards her mouth, she starts to gnaw on it that looks like it's taking a lot of effort.

    You have emoted: Galilei's silvery eyes barely glance to her side at the mention of food. "Recharging then, Squire? Wise, wise."

    Naos wordlessly drags his gaze from Teflin, all the way across to Ephi. After a considerable pause, he finally speaks. "You gave away my gift?" He sounds vaguely incredulous, now, perhaps even insulted.

    Teflin casts a sidelong glance at Ephi, looking to see what food she brought.

    Grimacing at the sight of the jerky, Teflin says, "Nah, I'm just smoking it for her."

    "Anyone else hungry?" Ephi asks amidst her chewing, akin to a rabbit with the way her nose twitches with the effort of that rough piece of jerky. When Naos confronts her, she takes a careful step backwards, as if the smoke will come her way. "It was an apology gift," she explains through a mouthful.

    Teflin takes a long drag from a lit slender white cigarette.

    Teflin exhales an orangeish cloud of smoke, redolent with powerful, pleasing scents.

    Naos lets the stare hang on Ephi for a few moments more finally, he merely shrugs and looks away. "And fat chance about that laundry," he adds.

    Ephi her hand out like it's a peace offering to Naos. "Here. I'll take another then, Reaper!" Her chewing slows down some as she watches the others.

    You have emoted: "The occasion did call for an apology gift, Naos," Galilei says languidly, turning her head to look at Naos properly. "She thought your gift good enough for it."

    You say to Naos, "Speaks much about your burgeoning career in fumology, I would think."

    Tilting her head down, Ephi attempts to smell her own fragrance.

    Teflin takes a long drag from a lit slender white cigarette.

    Teflin pauses to grind the life out of a lit slender white cigarette, saving it for later.

    Teflin tucks a cigarette behind his ear.

    Ephi nods her head at your words, smiling disarmingly. "She's right, Reaper Emory. That's all it was. I knew I could get another from you!"

    Naos contemplates your words idly for a time. "Then perhaps I should charge her, aye?" he asks, and he turns his head to regard you.

    Teflin pats himself down when he finishes smoking, and moves closer to Ephi, chuckling at Naos' words.

    Ephi's nose twitches when Teflin approaches her, no doubt smelling the smoke that lingers on his clothing. But to her credit, she stands her ground.

    You have emoted: "I shall leave it up to you to settle on payment," Galilei grins. Her hand goes to her mouth once more, this time to stifle a yawn. "I, in the meantime, think I shall get some sleep for a while here."

    Teflin says to Ephi, "Sorry, tried to get the smell out best I could."

    Ephi says to you, "Until next time, Duchess! Good job out there!"

    Naos hooks an arm around your shoulders, tugging the diminutive woman in closer against him. "You go right ahead and sleep - we'll likely be here for a while yet."

    You have emoted: Galilei does not protest against this, letting her head fall snugly against Naos' shoulder and closing her eyes.

    The heat starting to bother her, Ephi starts to pull a Carnifex's side-buttoning black wool longcoat off her body, the struggling making it unnecessarily more difficult than it should be.

    Teflin helps Ephi slide it off her arms, handing it back with a soft smile.

    Naos watches Ephi, emitting a light snort of laughter as he does.

    "Thank you, Reaper Vyktaire," Ephi grunts, her left hand getting caught in the sleeve so that she frantically waves at it until it loosens from her wrist. Looking a bit flustered, she adds, "But I didn't need your help!" her voice tinged with a haughty air, no doubt brought on by Naos' laughter.

    Zhukov enters from the west, riding a white-cloaked gryphon.

    Zhukov inclines his head politely to those around him.

    Zhukov asks Ephi, "How'd the break in go?"

    Zhukov's eyes sparkle with amusement.

    Ephi seems just a bit peeved when Zhukov arrives, but when addressed by him, she adopts a pleasant smile. "An outstanding success!" she happily tells him.

    Teflin shrugs, and lets Ephi deal with it herself.

    "Stop being such a girl," Naos utters irritably before looking away from Ephi. He leans his head back along the couch, staring up to the ceiling overhead. Idle smoke trails upwards from the cigarette he occasionally takes a drag from, and he appears lost in his own thoughts for a time.

    Zhukov laughs as he glances between you, "Oh, that's great. I'll have to hire you next time there's a shop closed and I want something to drink."

    "I'm not!" Ephi says flatly and folds her arms over her chest. It's clear she's having a hard time putting up a pleasant facade while arguing with Naos. "If the reasoning or pay is right!" she
    managers to answer Zhukov without sounding too upset with herself.

    Teflin shoots a glare at Naos, clearly annoyed at the insult to Ephi.

    Zhukov narrows his eyes and then blinks rapidly, several times.

    Zhukov mutters, "The hells did I walk ...oh."

    Zhukov peers about himself suspiciously.

    Teflin says to Zhukov, "You walked into a gang war."

    "Pout harder, Eph," Naos drawls absently, still stretched out on the couch and staring up towards the ceiling above. "Pouuuut harder."

    Naos takes a long drag from a lit pale cream cigarette banded in red.

    Naos exhales a heavy cloud of smoke, redolent with sharp scents.

    Zhukov peers at Naos suspiciously.

    Zhukov murmurs something softly to Ephi.

    Zhukov's eyes sparkle with amusement.

    Naos catches sight of Zhukov out of the corner of his eye and gives him a quick, surreptitious wink before lapsing back into laxing concentration.

    Ephi quickly turns around so the others don't see her true feelings as her lip trembles. She brings her hands up to the collar of her dress shirt and adjusts it properly about her throat, and when she brings herself to face everyone again, she's wearing a smile. "Just friendly ribbing, mister Ta'kar," she tells Zhukov slowly.

    Zhukov frowns at Ephi before shrugging, "Doesn't seem so friendly but what do I know..." his voice trailing off as he sucks his teeth.

    There's clearly something in Ephi mind as she runs her fingers through her hair. She pauses, and her eyes wander towards those on the couch, something that only she seems to catch. "Pray excuse me," her voice sounds on the brink of collapse and she brings both of her hands over her cheeks before hurriedly taking her leave.

    Ephi leaves to the west.
    She is followed by a white warhound.

    Zhukov creases his brow in a frown.

    Teflin shoots a nasty glare at everyone in the room.

    Teflin leaves to the west.

    Naos takes a long drag from a lit pale cream cigarette banded in red.

    Naos exhales a heavy cloud of smoke, redolent with sharp scents.

    Zhukov says, "I've places to hide you can't be found if you want."

    Zhukov says, "Ya'll should be annoying in public."

    Zhukov snickers under his breath.

    Zhukov sucks thoughtfully on his teeth.

    Zhukov inclines his head politely to those around him.

    Zhukov says, "Take care."

    Zhukov leaves to the east, riding a white-cloaked gryphon.

    You blink.
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    Still in Bloodloch.
    You have emoted: Galilei slowly wakes, looking to Naos with a slightly sleepy, wholly unguarded expression.

    Naos looks down at you, an easy smile on his lips. "You alright there, lass?"

    (Bloodloch): A humble bellman says, "The curse of dawn approaches."

    You have emoted: "I am," Galilei murmurs, letting her head rest a moment longer upon his shoulder. "Are you?"

    Teflin arrives from the west.

    Teflin stalks in and takes a seat on the ground, leveling his unblinking stare at Naos.

    "Oh," Naos states aloud, "I'm not doing too bad at all." His gaze finds Teflin as he enters and is seated, one eyebrow slowly rising up his forehead. "You got something in your gut, you'd best spit it out." There's a sudden, audible tension to his words - a razor's edge slipped in amongst the conversation.

    It is now dawn on Falsday, the 2nd of Severin, year 488 of the Midnight Age.

    The loud and powerful toll of a bell fills the air with tension, as city watchmen signal the coming of dawn.

    Teflin refuses to even twitch a muscle in response, still as stone.

    You have emoted: Galilei sits upright and turns her gaze to Teflin. "Reaper Vyktaire?" Her voice comes soft.

    You ask Teflin, "Is there an issue?"

    Naos, on the other hand, seems to coil tightly in on himself, like a spring ready to burst forth. His upper lips begins to twitch, the beginnings of a snarl appearing unbidden. Again he speaks out, voice deepening to a harder, throaty timbre. "I'll say it again, Reaper - you got an issue, you best let it out."

    Again, Teflin shows no outward signs of response.

    Naos breathes out a slow, audible breath before he stands, pushing past you on his way up.

    Naos calls aloud as he positively glows with vitality.

    Naos suddenly shifts into a combat stance that leaves his guard wide open.

    With a herculean bellow of anger, Naos flies into a battle rage.

    Naos takes a long drag off his pipe.

    You suddenly perceive the vague outline of an aura of rebounding around Naos.

    "We going to have an issue, Reaper?" Naos queries aloud.

    Teflin's eyes do not track Naos’ moving form, still staring at the point where he was originally sitting.

    Naos watches Teflin with a flat, unreadable gaze. Finally, clearing his throat, he says, "I figured as much." He spits, the ball of phlegm landing directly before Teflin's seated position. "You got an issue, you step up and deal with it like a man - like a Carnifex. Don't waste my time with this unicorns." Sheathing his hammer, he stalks out.

    Naos leaves to the west.
    He is followed by a midnight black stallion and a white warhound.

    Teflin's face breaks into a smile, and he rises from his seated position, job finished.

    You take a long drag from a lit slender white cigarette, holding the sweet, visceral smoke in your lungs for a moment.

    You exhale a heavy cloud of smoke, redolent with sharp scents.

    Elene arrives from the east.

    Taking another drag, you say to Teflin, "Feeling proud?"

    You take a long drag from a lit slender white cigarette, holding the sweet, visceral smoke in your lungs for a moment.
    The final part of your cigarette burns away to ash.

    Teflin says, "Proud? Nah."

    Elene licks her lips.

    Elene's pale gaze swivels to fall upon you, noting the flickering ashes of the cigarette that once graced your fingers.

    Elene says, "You smoke, Galilei?"

    Taking a break from studying the Reaper, you say, "A little adventure on my part. The cigarette is now out."

    Elene licks her lips.

    Elene says, "I see, Galilei. How have your... adventures been thus far?"

    Elene hands a sleek jade cigarette to you, and though one end seems a little charred, it seems to be barely used. "My blend. Try it."

    You have emoted: Galilei seems about to answer, but is soon distracted by the offered cigarette. "I wonder whether you might need it more than I," she comments to Teflin. "Or would you prefer The Reaper?"

    Teflin says, "Which Reaper?"

    Elene licks her lips.

    Elene slips an ivory scalpel back into the embrace of her sleeves, before reaching to her weaponbelt for her bardiche.

    Elene drops the corpse of Elene.
    Elene begins chopping away at the corpse of Elene with a bardiche.

    Elene finishes decapitating the body, leaving only a pool of blood where the head had been.

    Elene picks up the decapitated head of Elene.
    Elene picks up a headless corpse.

    You say to Teflin, "No, I refer to your blend."

    Teflin says, "It's not my blend."

    You say to Teflin, "But in your possession nonetheless."

    Teflin raises an eyebrow questioningly.

    Teflin says, "Oh?"

    Relenting, you say, "Merely asking whether you would not want to try the Cabalist's cigarette, although of course that depends more on her than I."

    Teflin says, "Nah, I've got one already."

    Elene wriggles her scarred fingers dismissively. "I don't mind either way."

    You say to Teflin, "Mm. As I confirmed. Rather nice-smelling too."

    You say to Elene, "Very well, Cabalist. I am in a curious mood."

    Teflin still wears a slight smile on his face, quickly flicking his gaze to where Naos once had stood.

    Merrily, Teflin says, "I don't think I much like that one."

    Elene ceases to wield a bardiche, securing it to her weaponbelt.

    Naro ripples into existence before you.

    Naro hums a happy tune.

    Freed of her bardiche, Elene runs fingers along her hair, sweeping it back as she spies Naro, and then nods once.

    Teflin gives a nod of acceptance to Naro.

    Naro says, "The famous, Benedicto tried killing me two times."

    Naro says, "He ran off both times then got Haven as back up, Still didn't manage to get me."

    Naro chuckles long and heartily.

    Elene says, "Congratulations. I presume it is because you've participated in tearing down the shrine to His God."

    Naro nods his head emphatically.

    Elene asks, "Which?"

    Naro says, "He can't beat me without back up. he's never managed it."

    Naro says, "Five of them."

    Naro shrugs helplessly.

    Elene's eyes sparkle with amusement.

    "Bye!" Naro exclaims, waving farewell.

    Elene glances at a comfortable, jet-black sofa, before gesturing briefly at you. "I need to sit. Space?"

    You have emoted: Galilei shifts to the left, where the Reaper Teflin so dislikes had once sat. "Free cushions now, Cabalist."

    Without question, Elene settles herself into a comfortable, jet-black sofa, leaning against the backrest.

    You have emoted: Galilei turns to Elene conversationally. "Had an adventure of your own, Cabalist?"

    Elene's pale gaze gleams and her lips twist briefly.

    Elene crooks her head to the side slowly, her gaze raking over your frame as she pauses before speaking. "Mm," she vocalises, "Nearly, romeviti." Her lips quirk, and amusement tinges her voice as she continues, "It seems the acquaintances I've made are a little preoccupied."

    You have emoted: A faint smile tugs at the edges of Galilei's lips. "Your last visit? It rather seems the Carnifex is teeming with interesting individuals nowadays."

    You have emoted: Galilei nods serenely to Teflin.

    Teflin says, "I'll take that as a compliment."

    Sincerely, you say, "It is."

    A trickle of laughter escapes from Elene. "Interesting individuals, I can agree with. Memorable ones?" She pauses. "Some are debatable."

    You say, "I think we can all agree on one thing - Squire Ephi is not one easily forgotten."

    You have emoted: Galilei smiles fondly to herself. "I don't think I got to say goodbye to her, hm."

    "Well, you might've if it hadn't been for Naos." Teflin says with obvious contempt.

    Tilting her head, you ask, "What exactly happened, here?"

    Teflin crosses his arms and sits on the ground, giving a disinterested "Hmph." and not caring to elaborate.

    "Mm," Elene vocalises, before pointing a scarred finger at Teflin. "Someone fears losing Ephi to another."

    You have emoted: Galilei looks at Teflin a moment longer. "I won't press you, if that's the way you feel about it - I can just ask Naos himself." She raises an eyebrow as Elene raises her finger.

    You have emoted: For some reason, the corners of Galilei's lips twitch just a little bit upwards.

    Teflin says to Elene, "No way Ephi is gonna go to him."

    Her pale gaze dancing with light, Elene does not respond. She simply rests her head against the backrest, and diverts her gaze upwards.

    It is now noon on Falsday, the 2nd of Severin, year 488 of the Midnight Age.

    (Bloodloch): A humble bellman says, "Noon is upon us - get to the shadows."

    Airily, Elene says, "If you don't play hard enough and dirty enough, it's just a progression of how things will end up..."

    Teflin says, "No it's not."

    You have emoted: Galilei crosses her arms, sitting back as she watches the back-and-forth.

    Elene licks her lips.

    A smirk crossing her lips as she stands from the sofa, Elene says, "Well, we'll see how it plays out."

    Teflin sticks out his tongue at Elene. How rude!

    Tilting her head, you ask, "Leaving so soon?"

    Elene says, "Mm, perhaps."
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    Naro says, "The famous, Benedicto tried killing me two times."

    Naro says, "He ran off both times then got Haven as back up, Still didn't manage to get me."

    Naro chuckles long and heartily.

    Elene says, "Congratulations. I presume it is because you've participated in tearing down the shrine to His God."

    Naro nods his head emphatically.

    Elene asks, "Which?"

    Naro says, "He can't beat me without back up. he's never managed it."

    Naro says, "Five of them."

    Naro shrugs helplessly.

    Elene's eyes sparkle with amusement.

    "Bye!" Naro exclaims, waving farewell.

    The reality
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    (Leaders): Tiur says, "I'll remember not to delete you when the time comes, Bene. Good people."

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    ALSKhd forgot that part was recorded too.
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    Natural conversation. Why not! @Benedicto needs to know we talk about him too, and how it's an honor to catch his attention. It's like. Being starstruck.
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    okay I'll ready the log now

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    Role playing with you guys is always a damn trip, I swear. What a blast, though!
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