I've never done this before but I like these aff threads. So validate me pls.


  • stay super hooray
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    You know how I feel about you as a person. You're the best. In regards to your character, we've still only had interactions about twice now. I really like how insane Cayn is. It's pretty fun, and also how forward he is. I'm sure theres more to it than that, but that's been my only experiences so far. I know you do a really great job with the emotes. We're all really privileged to play the game whenever Cayn is involved. Keep up the good work!
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    And validate I shall!

    We don't interact much OOCly but you have always been great and easy to get along with. Your writing is also very visceral and crisp. Every read is always pleasureable and keeps me coming back for more and quite frankly makes me want to step my game up. You're a good sport that is willing to follow a story thread where ever it may lead even if it means you might lose in the end and I would recommend anyone and everyone to come RP with you. I hope you're having as much a blast with our conflict as I am.

    Seriously people. Do not miss out on a layered character with secrets to unravel and explore! So many shenanigans to be had.
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  • I am SO glad I found you. Writing with you has been nothing but joy and challenges me to push my skill even further. 

    Cayn's tough-intimidation style vs Seraphina's sunshine has been an absolute amazing experience and I cant WAIT to see where things progress further.
  • I am constantly happy when I get to sit down and have RP sessions with you. You are a hidden, blood-covered treasure when it comes to the gore, macabre, and the visceral that I'm wanting to see more of in Aetolia. I am always stretching my writing chops when you're around just waiting for the opportunity to drop by.
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