Announce post #3076: The Duel & The Brawl

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3/23/2020 at 23:51
Keroc, the Starborn
The Duel & The Brawl

Time to bring back some old favourites!

The Duel and the Brawl will be hosted this weekend, including a new double-elimination format for the the Duel, which will give no holds barred about whom is the most deadly duelist currently in Aetolia!

For additional information, check out HELP THE DUEL and HELP THE BRAWL.

Schedule - The Duel
Start: GMT 2020/03/29 00:00:01
ET 2020/03/28 20:00:01
PT 2020/03/28 17:00:01
AEDT 2020/03/29 11:00:01

Schedule - The Brawl
Start: GMT 2020/03/30 00:00:01
ET 2020/03/29 20:00:01
PT 2020/03/29 17:00:01
AEDT 2020/03/30 11:00:01

These times will also be posted in EVENTS. Like before, make sure you have CONFIG TIMEZONE setup!

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 13th of Haernos, in the year 486 MA.


  • RhyotRhyot BloodlochMember Posts: 622 ✭✭✭✭
    The next time that a Brawl is decided to be done.... can you have it set up in a form of Knockout instead of an FFA? Ideally make the knockout something where each Spirit player fights a Shadow player.

    This is mostly due to the fact that I am tired of attending Brawls where it just ends up being a giant gank fest from one side or the other.... even when one side agrees to do 1v1 combat while the other disregards any form of honor and teams anyway.

  • TiurTiur Producer Member, Administrator, Immortal Posts: 1,148 admin
    I could see like, a Tether Duel. But that's the point of the Brawl.
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