Admin Slander

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I don't know what else to do, so I'm coming to the forums.

Most of you know I've been a Celani before. The last three Celani calls, I have applied and not gotten it; no big deal. However, this last one, @Tiur told me that I have a Non-Disclosure Agreement violation on file. No one ever told me I broke NDA at any point during or after my time as Celani, and I made a concerted effort during my tenure to NOT spill the beans about things going on. I agree with the reasonings for not telling people everything that goes on up there, mainly that spilling the beans about future events ruins the fun for other players. So I never talked about Celani stuff to mortals.

I have no idea what this NDA violation is about, and no one knows/will tell me. I spoke with Tiur and he told me that he didn't know, it was before his time and that he'd talk to @Razmael about it. All I ever heard from him since then was that Jeremy was explicit about not hiring people with NDA violations on file. I eventually messaged Razmael about it and heard nothing back from him. Finally, I emailed Jeremy explaining the situation to him and asking him to look into it. Silence.

I'm tired of being ignore about this; I've been slandered, and no one seems to care. I don't know what else to do but continue to get louder, so here I am.

Tiur, what did I supposedly do?


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