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  • TekiasTekias Wisconsin
    Follow up: I forgot I had videos!

    The making of my medallion.

    The -ZEALOT- at work.
    Formerly: Spiegel. Eidycue.



  • I don't look too bad for having just gone under the knife, huh?
  • AloliAloli Between Books
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    Yesterday we celebrated my niece's second birthday. Her name is Aya.

    She was born a month prematurely and had to live in the hospital until she stabilized but when my brother and sister-in-law finally could take her we were all beyond happy and immediately in love.

    When a dad can't rest:
    At the hospital

    A couple of months old:
    A couple of months old

    My son and niece:

    Sweet two:

    Her mom had a little too much fun preparing for the birthday party:

    Edit: I wish I could have been able to use tables but this version of BBCode seems not allow it
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    Spent the weekend with my old man. Never thought I'd be riding Harleys with him, but here we are just before I had to head back to work, burning fingers at a couple hundred foot elevation! Just thought I'd share.

  • BenedictoBenedicto Tentacles Errywhere!
    My little lion man!

  • TekiasTekias Wisconsin
    So @Kanivara and I went to the Ghost show Monday night. And being total dorks going to our first ever rock show...

    Formerly: Spiegel. Eidycue.


  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    My beautiful child.
  • What a ridiculously cute child! My heart exploded seeing those eyes! Best of luck, new momma!

  • Very nice euro mount! 
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Double post, and only slightly related. Having cats means there are fewer opportunities to paint, because they love walking all over the place. They have both visited the bathtub to clean off paws after stomping across my canvas or the palette.

    Today, though, I managed to create a complete abstract painting without paw prints!

  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Braavos

    No, that's not me you jerks.
  • lookit that BABY
    Toz says, "Dishonor on you (Mjoll), dishonor on your family (Seirath), dishonor on your cow (Bulrok)"
  • Oooh. Since we're posting babies. I've been working in the cooooold (-20 to -40 celsius ambient temps)

    So on days off I've been ripping my baby.

  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Braavos
    I got a new bubble stone for my aquarium. After much fighting with the sand (whoever thought to use SAND in an aquarium, thanks a lot, @Roux ) I got it stuck to the bottom where it's supposed to be. Here is a video, if I can figure out how to upload it.

  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Braavos

    James Pond
  • LinLin Blackbird The Moonglade
    [Milestones]: You have completed the "post a selfie once every couple of years" milestone.

    How very lonely.
  • SibattiSibatti Mamba dur Naya Amidst vibrant flora and trees
    Ths hubs and I, who is considering playing Aetolia. Not sure if I want him corrupted or not!

  • TekiasTekias Wisconsin
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    Edit: Changing it up

    Formerly: Spiegel. Eidycue.


  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Congratulations, @Sagla! Enjoy your time with baby Zachary as much as you can. Time flies!

  • ZailaZaila Pacific Time
    AWWW!! Congratulations! He's even dressed for the forum, in his unicorn suit!

    To any unsure parents: everyone loves your baby pictures, don't be shy!
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