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    Well, let's see how many confessions I can punch out...

    1. Fyrren is the second character I ever made, the first of which I made during a very immature time in my life and I made a lot of bad decisions on as far as hopping orgs and not having credits goes.

    2. I have put so much into this character being in what was once the most dead guild in the game and following one of the least active Divine when it comes to player interaction and I am too stubborn to make my playing experience better because I can't see any way Fyrren could switch guilds/cities/divine.

    3. Tied in to #2 is that since Fyrren's character is 100% org based it really restricts the roleplay chances (the reason I play this game) and causes me to stand around and do nothing (hence the title 'The Earthen Monolith').

    4. I get blackout drunk sometimes and log on and make some pretty bad decisions when it comes to interactions with other players, often ended up in broken friendships or me just stopping playing the character for a few IRL months out of humiliation and anxiety.

    5. I make a LOT of alts that I put through guilds first 3 ranks before suiciding them unless I get emotionally attached to the character.

    6. I have female characters.

    7. I used to be too into the erm.. darker side of roleplay.

    8. I feel like I am in the presence of a real life rock star whenever I get to interact IC or OOC with admins/Gods and I have fanboy moments on my OOC clan whenever Ivoln is on and being awesome as he always is.

    9. I have made a lot of Spirit tethered characters (or lighties) over the years since I started playing but I am never able to stick to them due to a lack of initial response from the playerbase there, it discourages me from continuing with the character since I am able to get stuff done a lot faster in 'loch/Spines. I don't blame the playerbase there and I am pretty sure it is just me and my impatience and all that.

    10. #9 being said, Templars are the coolest Spirit guild in my opinion after having played in every guild since I started playing this game.

    11. My favorite (active) characters these days (and the past 7 years) are @Akaryuterra and @Eleanor , even though I hardly RP with them these days on any of my characters. They have always provided a consistent experience for me whenever I want to RP in Spines or formerly in the Cabalists and I see them as two of the most grounded and well roleplayed characters in the entirety of the game.

    12. I quit playing Aetolia a while back for a few years (only logging in to check news and such) due to a few factors. One being lack of stable internet, two due to lack of interest and inactive orgs, three being that I had a really bad addiction to video games for a while and had to distance myself from them all so I could try to introduce moderation into my life.

    13. Desian is my favorite character (again, aside from my own) that has ever been. For me, he was the embodiment of Bloodloch.

    14. I don't like the cuddly stuff that is going on in Bloodloch. Listen to some death metal ffs.

    I guess that is all for now!

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    I should really try to hunt @Fyrren for some RP. 

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    @Teani I am usually free for RP since I pretty much just fish and craft.

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    1. I can't play from work so I am always lurking around on these forums trying to stop those withdrawal shakes.
    2. I just finished reading all of your deep dark confessions and I am convinced this is the most awesome player base ever.
    3. IRL I will eat the same thing for lunch every day, never go exploring (the first two months in Japan I literally went apartment->work->grocery store->apartment every day), have had the same two friends for decades, etc. It is a huge struggle for me to try new things. This even applies to how I play games so I deliberately set up Vash to be as adventurous as possible. Other than Order and leadership related things I have seen more of this game and done more things in one month than I did on my first character who I played for over a decade. I make my default answer yes and then just run with where it takes me (as this is a confession thread, yes this includes mudsex which was way more challenging than I thought it would be).
    5. I hate how divine roles get handed off to new volunteers when one goes dormant. I know why it is done but due to my past experience with this I now have zero motivation to get involved in anything divine related long term.
    6. I have never once enjoyed an event. I dislike almost everything about them and by the end of my previous play experience I would just log if one started (and this was on a character who was a GM and elected city official).
    7. I seriously feel like a murderer each time I kill "sentient" mobs. Like if I do not have some IC reason to kill them I can't do it unless someone else is taking me bashing.
    8. I am horrible at figuring out quests. I have never once done an hornors line quest. I get ridiculously excited at figuring out even the simplest ones.
    9. I am also horrible at PK but that does not stop me from buying a bunch of artifacts. Then I end up going out of my way to avoid PK so no one will mock me for being so bad with so many toys.
    10. I can't spell to save my life and I constantly have to look up proper nouns. My logs are full of random HELP X in the middle of a conversation as I desperately try to figure out how to spell someone/something's name.
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    Vash said:

    5. I hate how divine roles get handed off to new volunteers when one goes dormant. I know why it is done but due to my past experience with this I now have zero motivation to get involved in anything divine related long term.

    I wish we had a better answer to that. Even with notes, it's just so hard to play a God the same as the previous person.

    And, I'll throw one down just to be fair.

    I have rewritten commands in Aetolia because I cannot remember them. A number of things now have a special check that returns "Hey Tiur, did you mean to "REAL SYNTAX"?" if it was me doing the typo.

  • KynaKyna Victoria, AustraliaMember Posts: 281 Immortal
    Vash said:
     5. I hate how divine roles get handed off to new volunteers when one goes dormant. I know why it is done but due to my past experience with this I now have zero motivation to get involved in anything divine related long term.
    Because this is how our system works, I was very scared in the beginning to play a God role. I was nervous and a little terrified that I wouldn't do it justice compared to the players before me. I still get a shot of adrenaline whenever I shell up. I probably will forever. 

    Coding has always been a tough thing for me to grasp. It's literally another language and I have always struggled with new languages in the beginning. I'm thankful for the support of the team we have in the Pools. They're supportive and they only laugh AT me sometimes. 

    I love my position in the Pools. Sometimes, though, I miss playing a mortal character. There is something magical on that side of the curtain. 

    I get anxious watching how the things I create get received. There is a joy in seeing it released, however big or small, all that effort finally coming into fruition. 

    I should probably be more like @Tiur and write down a lot more commands than I do. I still forget a lot of them and curse myself for not putting them into my notepad. 
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    My original Aetolia character is currently 425 years old. Right now, characters created on the day the game opened are 431.

    I was a horrible newbie. I don't think I read any game rules for a while, and probably came really close to getting myself shrubbed or banned on more than one occasion.

    I used to alt like crazy. Now that I'm older, I guess I'm more set in my ways and prefer just having one main at a time.

    Sarita started as an experiment in "How can I make this really hard for myself?" The idea was for her to begin as a rogue vampire sired by either Lucimal or Zoharim, with a personality that would not lend itself well to people wanting to help her.

    I hate bashing. I don't know why I keep doing it, honestly.

    Things like godRP or exciting group things still give me little happy tingles that probably are keeping me addicted to Aetolia.

    I had a few early alts who did the mudsex thing.

    I stopped when I got into a serious relationship with another Aetolian player who could look over my shoulder at the game window and tell exactly what was going on. Now I've been writing romance novels with sex scenes, so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't care, but Sarita's the kind of person to run the other way when someone shows even a hint of interest, so it's never really come up.

    I skipped college classes on several occasions because something interesting was going on in game.

    I touch bell compulsively while RPing, even when I don't care if it gets spied on.
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