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Tiur, the Gnosis
2019 End of Year

A new format this year, of course. I'll append the huge post to the forum thread for this announce!

Of course, we're also teasing some 2020 things...


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 17th of Khepary, in the year 485 MA.


  • ZailaZaila Pacific Time
    I enjoyed this autopost teaser, but I think I enjoyed the emailed teaser text even better:

  • TiurTiur Producer
    I know, I wish I could have fixed it :(

    I had it all nice and fixed, and then... well, excuses. I was overly excited to send it out and didn't check that.
  • LinLin Blackbird The Moonglade
    To be fair I absolutely would have read through if I saw that
  • ZailaZaila Pacific Time
    Fix?! That amazing preheader text totally enticed me to read through! Not even joking!
  • AeryxAeryx Docking Nipsy's pay
    As someone who started playing again about 75% of the way through the year, I can say that with all the changes listed that were made this year, and recent years prior that I was gone, the game does feel a lot more modern, a lot more complete. Progress feels as though it was made, at least from my perspective. I know you guys will keep up the good work, and I hope us players will keep up the good work of supporting such good work!!

    I'll see myself out.
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  • Tiur said:

    Aetolia: 2020?

    You can also expect the larger story of Aetolia to continue progressing as it ever does. Prepare for a continuation of our huge world events, as well as a few small ones tying up other loose lore threads. It’ll be hard to top flinging players at the face of Golgotha, but we’ll try!

    We’re also scheduling an update to Major Foci to make them more fun, new dungeons, bashing zones, and a tradeskill/talent! There’s also a nice push for more Slice o’ Aetolian Life RP, where the world ending isn’t the focus… look for holidays to mean a lot more!

    Hi @Tiur :)

    I was wondering if all of these items are still on the docket. Can you provide any insight?

    1) Huge world events
    2) Small events to tie up loose threads
    3) Update major foci
    4) New dungeons
    5) new bashing areas
    6) new tradeskill or talent
    7) holidays meaning something

    Some of these items are very exciting to look forward to, and I am sure others could agree that seeing them this year would be awesome! That said, we're already chugging along into Q3.
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