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    @Galadriel Hey bud. Toss up a link to that time that you beat me. Remember that?

    Me neither. Happy Holidays.

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    1 . Elidyr's head has exploded like an overripe melon beneath Rijetta's savage blow.
    2 . Haven has bled to death.
    3 . Like a slug, Melantha has been pulverized to a pulp by Rijetta.
    4 . Melantha has been slain by the might of Ellenia.
    5 . Elidyr has been slain by a mighty hurl of Rijetta's hammer.
    6 . Melantha has been slain by the might of Melantha.
    7 . Like a slug, Zynti has been pulverized to a pulp by Rijetta.
    8 . Haven has been slain by the might of Rijetta.
    A low, sultry voice resounds within the depths of your mind, "I look forward to seeing your descent."
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    Rijetta after a night of glorious PK:

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    I just wanted to post my favorite salt gif I didn't mean anything by it.
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    Benedicto said:

    Not a fan of the inflammatory bait posts and the gang mentality that seems to be supporting them. We're better than that. Can we get back to posting the content that this thread was actually designed for? Merry Christmas.

    okaaaay daaaad, fiiiiiine, i'm sooorrrryyyyy
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    Ahaha, thank you for immortalizing that. I was minding my own business at the Mirror when I got the XP gain message. Was like "Huh? Oh! Good job, hellkitty!"

    Avatar courtesy of Eleanor. Thank you!


    Always interested in knowing how I'm doing!
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    Title: A VERY Celaeno Proposal

    Drystin shrugs noncommittally and sighs. Sliding his hand into his cloak slowly and
    ominously, he pulls something out and deftly slips both hands behind his back before Moxie can get a
    good look at the item. Obviously enjoying himself by the mischievous grin on his face, he winks at
    Moxie and says, "Now, lets try this again shall we love? Pick a hand."

    Moxie uncrosses one of her arms, pulling it upward to rest on the other as she taps her fingers
    against her lips, pondering. The moment lingers, decision floating on the wind around the two but
    she deliberately points towards your right hand. Hazel eyes are fixed underneath lowered lashes and
    she states, "That one."

    A ghost of a smile on his lips, Drystin stares into Moxie's eyes for several
    heartbeats for dramatic effect before slowly bringing his right hand out in front of him and opening
    it to reveal...nothing.

    Moxie abruptly steps forward, tilting her head down to stare at the empty hand in disbelief. Moving
    her hand out to hover over yours, she withdraws and places it on her hip, temper rising, "What is
    this..." She stammers, "This WITCHCRAFT."

    His expression going decidedly devious, Drystin brings his left hand out in front
    of him next to the other and opens it to show that it too is empty. With both hands still in front
    of him palms up, his eyes examine Moxie curiously starting at Moxie's neck and roaming down Moxie's
    body. "Well that's strange.."

    Moxie is too appalled to say anything, or even move on that note.

    After a couple of minutes of torturing Moxie's curiosity, Drystin does some
    slight of hand and pulls something from the top of one of Moxie's boots.

    Moxie asks with quiet suspicion, "What did you do?"

    Drystin takes a step back and lifts his hand to give Moxie a small piece of
    paper. "Its Just something I thought you might like." Shrugging one shoulder, now seeming a bit unsure
    of his gift he continues, "I just wanted the challenge of obtaining it but I thought you might like
    the rewards offered from a few of these more than I."

    You give Flintbeard's autograph to Moxie.

    Moxie gawks at the piece of paper placed in her hand, bringing it up to conceal most of her
    expression as she peers over the edge of it. There is an uncertainty gnawing at their depths as she
    surveys you.

    Drystin crosses his arms and studies Moxie with uncertainty.

    Moxie lowers the autograph and tilts her head down, pressing her lips into the center and sealing it
    with an invisible kiss. She abruptly extends the paper out in your direction, eyes boring down with
    a decided smile, "I'd rather have you."

    Moxie gets down on one knee and, while holding forth Flintbeard's autograph, declares her eternal
    love for you, and asks you to join her in the Rites of Unity. Type AGREE if you agree to this.

    You joyfully accept Moxie's proposal of Unity, and her gift of Flintbeard's autograph.
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    You can blame Robyn for getting me all hyped up, Drystin. I knew I only had ONE chance to do that, and that autograph was friggin perfect :D

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    That is incredibly cute!
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    ¤ Si vis pacem, para bellum. ¤
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    i'm really enjoying Runelore - i mean, uh, glyphs...

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    no log, but i'm getting owned pretty hard by the new time limit on sect fights. T_T
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    kills with monk don't count even if they're not the result of bugs ;p
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    Nevermind! Apparently a bug was involved :(
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    not my pincher haha
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    Azarae tried to take an opulent, jeweled longsword and has been slain by a curse of greed.
    You divine the location of this death as A tribute room in the Temple of the Underking.

    @Dhar ain't playing around.
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    I wish I logged this, but, paraphrased:

    5% willpower in the Duel.

    "I'll just eat this red bull's eye, no problem!"

    "Your lust for battle makes not even consider eating a red bull's eye!"

    "Oh nooooooooo!"
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    H:4334 M:4746 E:100% W:99% B:38000 (100%) | B:284 [cspdb -b]
    Aeryx uses Bladefire Penance on you.
    You see Aeryx take on a strange stance, a curved steel falx aimed at you.
    There is a charged moment of tension, then he yells out. There is a weak flash of light as the
    weapon lands and you feel your defences begin to weaken.
    Health Lost: 381, magic, none
    (Curing) Gained penance
    (Curing) Hidden count is 0
    Aeryx uses Bladefire Crescent (two-hand) on you.
    (Rime) Not tracking Bladefire Crescent in Omni mode yet.
    With a furious roar Aeryx swings falx towards you, erupting in a crescent of magical power that
    screams through the air.
    Your torso breaks from all the damage.
    (Curing) Gained torso_damaged
    (Curing) Hidden count is 0
    Your torso has taken 28.00% damage.
    The Penance imposed upon you has worn off.
    (Curing) Cured penance
    Health Lost: 1421, magic, magical
    Aeryx uses Battlefury Doubleswing on you.
    With a powerful jab, Aeryx gouges into you with a curved steel falx.
    Health Lost: 692, cutting, brute
    A brilliant flash of red light sears across a curved steel falx and you scream in agony as the blood
    coating you boils.
    Health Lost: 723, poison, none
    With a fluid motion, Aeryx switches his grip on a curved steel falx.
    With a powerful jab, Aeryx gouges into you with a curved steel falx.
    Health Lost: 692, cutting, brute
    A brilliant flash of red light sears across a curved steel falx and you scream in agony as the blood
    coating you boils.
    Health Lost: 795, poison, none
    You are no longer stunned.
    (Curing) Cured stun
    You have been slain by Aeryx.

    Seems legit.
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    Not to be that guy, but what afflictions did you have when that happened? Because, extreme uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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    Paresis, backstabbed, ablaze x1, stun, partially damaged torso. 
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