Can someone give me the tl;dr on vampires?

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Hey guys,

Technically not a newbie, but haven't payed in like 1000 years, and I'm thinking about doing so again off and on. Last time I played, the Bloodborn were still a thing, which apparently they are not anymore. Or are they? I noticed my class is Rituos, and while I know enough latin/romance languages to surmise that they're connected somehow, I can't find any literature in the help files OR in the guild files when it comes to the new way Vampires work. Can someone either a) point me to the right help syntax or b) just gimme a quick rundown of how vamps work these days?

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    Bloodborn have been gone for a long time. So all vampires use Praenomen skills.

    Announce posts 2971 and 2974 explain the most recent big changes.

    If there are questions you might have, please feel free to talk to Rebra or any of the other guild higher ups in game, even if you want to ask OOC'ly, and we'd be happy to individually answer questions, having done so for a lot, lot of people who are now confused!
    Some lovely images of Rebra by @Konnorn, Acaisha Buffo, and @Eleanor respectively!

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    The primary difference between Bloodborn and the new Praenomen is the lack of blood magick rituals that can be done. They still have access to Corpus and Mentis for primary skills/combat skills, but Sanguis is the new third skill.

    While there are still 7 rituals that can be used, they are in no way comparable to the plethora of uniqueness that the Bloodborn is/was. The three paths of Praenomen are pretty much the kill methods of the class, each having a specialty of how to kill.

    As Rebra said, you can always ask more in game and many of us will be happy to answer any/all questions you might have.

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