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Hello everyone! My name is Andrew, but you might know me better as Aeryx.

I've really enjoyed playing the last few weeks. Everyone has been very awesome. Now, to the point. This is not my first time playing(surprise, surprise), and to that end I have always wanted to make a podcast in general, I love podcasts. So I've decided to attempt to combine my love of Aetolia with my love of podcasts, and make my own. I will, however, have a co-host. @Aloli has agreed to do it with me. I think this is good to get the male and female perspective both, and it's good to not just have one person doing this week after week. I am still writing up our format, but we will be recording our first episode very soon.

Now, one of the biggest reasons I wrote this ahead of time, is that we are having a difficult time coming up with a name for the podcast. This is where you all come in! What do you think would be a good name for a weekly, hour long podcast based around Aetolia? Please post below.

Some ideas that we've had have been The Midnight Hour, Aetolia Loud Hour, and The Weekly Milestone.

Feel free to let me know what you think about this idea as a whole in general, or if you have any questions. I realize I've been vague, but I do have some ideas and will be writing them in a Google Doc for me and Aloli soon.

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    Hello Phoenecia, thanks for your input, very helpful as always.

    We're aiming to keep this funny because we love to laugh and we want this to be good-natured, that means no mean-spirited things here! As such, we will not be wasting time talking about people or bringing light to any kind of negativity that anyone has experienced in the game as our goal is to popularize the more fun parts of the game as well as the new and cool things that are changing about it.

    What does that mean? Roleplay, Combat, Crafting, Dungeons, new suggestions, etc. We plan to share ideas, have a good laugh, host various interviews with people who are willing from the game, regardless of what side they are on.

    As Aeryx said, we'd love to have everyone's input, be it a suggestion for a topic or anything. We want to thank everyone who has given us feedback and suggestions so far! It's very encouraging. Thank you :)
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    It has crossed my mind about the Shadow/Lifers thing. I think a good idea would be to have one person from each city on the podcast. However, I don't personally know anyone from Shadow enough these days to have any initial prospects as to who would want to do that. So, if anyone is interested, you can message me in game or DM me on here, or even post in this thread. I also plan on having guests on our podcast, like people from the Pools(hopefully), and people from either side of the game who want to pop in and talk about something.
    Reflect on a thousand lifetimes spent amongst the slain, and realize I know nothing of life beyond the blade.
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    We've decided on a name, which I will announce whenever we get the first episode recorded and finished. We're also currently looking for someone from Spinesreach, preferably female, who wants to join us on the first episode(and maybe there on out). We already have someone from Bloodloch who has committed to the first episode and is male. I want to have 2 male, 2 female so we have equal gender and organizational perspectives. Progress is being made! Next thread I post should be next week whenever we're ready to launch! Cya then!
    Reflect on a thousand lifetimes spent amongst the slain, and realize I know nothing of life beyond the blade.
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