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    There was supposed to be a bit of code put in where when you kill Apothecary mobs, instead of the corpse ending up in your hands as usual, it was supposed to be a copy of said corpse, with a longer decay timer, to allow for more time to hunt before needing to harvest. So when they respawn, the corresponding corpse in your hands doesn't poof.
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    Toxicology's downside is that there are almost 30 venoms, and you need a barrel/cask to sell each and every one of them.

    One of Apothecary's features nobody mentions is that one dose is 100 sips. A pill is just a single pill.

    The biggest difference between herbalism and toxicology/apothecary is needing barrels/casks.

    My biggest gripe with the Mercantile system is the fact that casks even exist at all. Barrels mitigate it, but pills can be put away in a shop cache without having to check every few days to remind yourself that it's about to decay and you lose your entire stock.

    Otherwise, resource scarcity is intended and a good thing.
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    1 dose equals 60 sips, not 100. Just an fyi
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    50, actually.
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    Rhyot said:

    @Teani I have no idea what you're talking about in terms of an NPC harvesting parts from corpses? Are you meaning like any corpse can be giving to an NPC and then they just various Apothecary materials?? Because if that was the case, then it might as well just be done in a way where you can get the materials from any corpse yourself. Can you expand on this or least clarify?

    Second, people don't get into Apothecary for experience gain. They do it to either have a half form of self sustaining or to make sure their cities have various elixirs for combat/PVE. However, it still needs to be looked at so that Apothecary can be as simple and not as time consuming as Herbalism.

    Sorry it took so long to respond, but here goes:

    I meant that an NPC that can help with harvesting parts for hunters would make it possible for any lower level player to get involved in gathering parts, and negate the issue you have with always being around when someone else is hunting for the same things you need. Maybe you, as an Apothecary, could set up a bounty for parts at the NPC which can be gathered by others for gold when you are not around to harvest yourself.

    I am fully aware that people don't do this for the xp, but even if it is negligent for someone like you, it's there, whereas it's not for herbalists.

    As for time consuming and balance between the skills, here is some data:
    One refill of health is 50 sips (and health has a high going rate)
    It requires 4 animal parts (boar, lion, snake and stag).
    It took me less than 2.5 minutes to kill the required mobs, which will yield more parts than what I need for just one refill.

    To make an equivalent batch of depressants (low going rate)
    It requires 50 each of bergenia and yarrow (mountain and forest)
    Since I'm not a jerk who overharvest places, it took me roughly 2.5 minutes to collect the plants and I only get enough to make those 50 pills.

    Anabiotics, which has the fastest going rate of all pills, requires 3 kinds of plants per pill: madder, birthwort and yarrow. This means a bit more time gathering, and it's one of those pills you tend to use ash or ice to not go crazy from restocking.

    It takes 20 seconds of balance to make 50 pills. I don't know the balance time for making health. From what I see here it's relatively balanced.

    Then there's a harvesting cap for plants per day, which is quite easy to reach if you don't have artifacts to up the count. I don't think there's a reachable cap for apothecary harvesting? I suppose that makes up for the accessibility.

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    1 dose of elixir/salve = either 50 or container max. If you have an artifact vial 1 dose = 100. If you fill your cache 1 dose = 50

    1 pill is always 1 pill. You can only hold 1500 in your cache or 5000 in a shop cache  (without artifacts) versus the 2000 sips your fc can hold, 15,000 a cask can hold or the 10,000(?) a barrel can hold.
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    2000 in your cache for pills
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    Oof. Yeah. Backwards. 2000 pills in cache and 1500 sips in fc
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    Let me chime in for a sec! No, this won't be an official decision. You have got us talking and considering rebalancing some things though. We're just so caught up in Mining that it's hard to bow out.

    What I do need to add is that this thread is 100% awesome. There are numbers, cogent arguments, and there's not really any salt or fighting. This is EXACTLY what we need to help us make an informed decision. You guys rule.
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