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<<background: For twenty five years and change, Moxie has never taken on a position of leadership within the Illuminai guild. However, with the tides of people needing a vacation, Tenshyo REALLY needed someone to help manage the progression of the students. His persistence turned into the SHORT anecdote below.

Vocab: Fyerin is Head of Novices in the Illuminai Guild.>>

Dhie Lacinier, Tenshyo Tanarian, fio Unarhete Iahulo says to you, "I'd like you to become Fyerin."
You say to Tenshyo, "Can you repeat that? I don't believe I heard you correctly.."
Dhie Lacinier, Tenshyo Tanarian, fio Unarhete Iahulo says to you, "I'd like you to become Fyerin."
You have emoted: Moxie lifts her hand, squinting up in Tenshyo's direction, "I must be delusional. Perhaps a night's rest is in order before I attempt to hear that again.."
Tenshyo smirks and half shrugs and nods, "That's fair. I'll speak of it more next week."
You have emoted: Moxie mumbles something about her mindseye not working properly and slips out of the room.
(OOCLY): Tenshyo says, "Mox just like "HAHA F-CK YOUUUU"."

PRESENT (I thought the old man forgot):

A dimly lit, simple foyer.

Carved into the stone of the Vebae Hialearo, this foyer is rather simple in design with a high
ceiling and plain walls that stretch rather wide, creating a large, rectangular space. Contained
within the alcoves that are cut into the apex of the walls are miniature, flaming orbs that cast a dim light over the entire room. Meticulously set into the dull, grey floor of the foyer are small pieces of yellow, orange and white tile that create the overall imagery of a rising sun with two rays of light, one stretching towards the northeast and the other to the southeast.

Pose: Moxie is standing here, staring down at the tiled mural.

(Illuminai): You say, "With how quiet it's been this week, I'd think I was still sleeping. Am I?"
(Illuminai): Tenshyo says, "Don't know, are you prepared to have an exciting conversation?"
(Illuminai): You say, "No."
(Illuminai): You say, "A conversation wasn't on my schedule this week."
(Illuminai): You say, "You can try again later, Dhie."
(Illuminai): Tenshyo says, "Splendid - Oh, right now you say? I'm on my way."

Your enhanced senses inform you that Tenshyo has appeared to the west.

Tenshyo arrives from the west.

Your enhanced senses inform you that Tenshyo has entered your current location.

(Illuminai): You say, "I will seal off this hall if I have to... oh."

(Illuminai): Tenshyo says, "Too late."

Tenshyo nods his head sagely.

"Come on, this will be exciting!" Tenshyo chuckles as he walks into the foyer, "It'll be painless!"

You have emoted: Moxie pulls in a deep, grounding breath as Tenshyo's vibrant voice disturbs her surroundings, "The more enthusiasm you have the less inclined I am to believe you, Dhie."

"Well that's a sour way to look at things," Tenshyo huffs in mock annoyance, wings emphatically fluttering as if the Idreth were flustered.

You have emoted: Moxie lifts a dismissive hand and turns to fully face Tenshyo, her mouth curling into a smile, "I was picturing myself on a beach right now. Also, I don't know if my last drink was too strong, but I could have sworn that the mural was real." She clenches her hand and drops it to her side, quickly remembering the conversation that was previously suggested, "You had something to speak to me about, Dhie?"

"Fyerin." Tenshyo states with an emphatic nod, looking to the mural for a moment before adding, "I know something about certain reptilian friends behind said mural and the dias. We can talk about that after."

You have emoted: Moxie drops her smile so quickly that one would speculate if it was ever really there. A distant anger subtly smolders in her eyes as she studies Tenshyo before tentatively asking, "What about this... Fyerin?"

Tenshyo remains as relaxed and almost nonchalant as he was when he walked in. "I'd like you to be Fyerin. For a multitude of reasons."

You have emoted: Moxie frowns, frowns, and frowns some more. The frown submerging her lips into uncertainty as she mulls over Tenshyo's words, "No disrespect, Dhie, but there is a difference between what you like and what will happen." She stands still for a moment and gazes up at the ceiling in an attempt to calm herself down, "However, I think I can spare a second for your reasons."

"You've got a sense of humor, for starters," Tenshyo states as he steps in the foyer a little more,"You're patient enough to handle most folk - If you can handle Talonnb, you can handle the world really. You know what we are, who we are, and what we aim to do." He pauses and asks, "What do you think I like and what do you think will happen?"

You have emoted: Moxie inhales another breath, feeding her anger into her inner flame until she is capable of speaking again, "You wish for me to become Fyerin." She parrots back his previous words even though an undertone of her anger persists, "However, I thought we had a similar conversation before or maybe that was with Swara… who knows. My memory might be terrible, but I distinctively remember that I said no."

Tenshyo smirks, "I vaguely remember a minor conversation some years back." The Idreth's hands collect into his coat pockets easily, comfortably, "I'd not be asking if I didn't think you were the right person for the job. I should probably mention there is not too much responsibility with the position outside of checking in with the younger folk and the new. Spurring on their studies - as the other Raotimab do." The Idreth's head tilts slightly, "That and you get a fancy ring that does neat things."

You have emoted: Moxie draws her amber eyes over Tenshyo's features in a very methodical fashion as she wrestles with her desire to rage at the Idreth. //It would only serve to amuse him.// She surmises, interweaving her fingers through her mussed curls and pulling them out of her face. "Yes, but do you remember -why- I said no or do I need to repeat myself?"

(Enorian): Eliadon says, "An Illuminai Coup?"
(Enorian): Eva says, "I await command."
(Enorian): Eliadon says, "A zealotous coup of the Illuminai?"
(Enorian): You say, "Take this Idreth with you."
(Enorian): Tenshyo says, "How rude."
(Enorian): You say, "If he keeps talking here, I may have a chance to slip away."

"Can't say I remember," Tenshyo replies in honesty, one shoulder shrugging earnestly. "So, yes, you may have to repeat yourself."

You have emoted: Moxie shakes her head at Tenshyo's words though it does not appear to broker any further complaints. She holds up a hand loosely in front of her and curls one finger after another, listing off her disqualifications, "First of all, I am not patient as I do remember using <<REDACTED>> as a scapegoat for a longer than usual interview. Second, I am not proficient enough in my knowledge to be a proper resource for the students. And lastly, I do not enjoy responsibility, especially over another person."

Tenshyo raises a brow and remarks, "<<REDACTED>>" He continues, however, "You're quite proficient, look at how far you've come along in your Pathway - I blame Yeras for any slow points! And," the Idreth then points to you, "Your patience is showing in dealing with this conversation - Which I appreciate you doing."

You have emoted: Moxie shrugs softly and cups her chin in her hand, slowly scratching at her cheek while her eyes narrow in contemplation at what she is hearing, "And what if I fail?" A crack tilts her voice towards concern, "You are asking me to take on a position that I consider to be one of the utmost important an individual can have. Me...MEEEE." The last word stretched to its extent before she huffs, continuing in her commiseration, "I don't wish to let a student down."

Tenshyo's voice smooths out, turning both serious and warm, "I don't expect anyone to be perfect when I ask them to undertake a position or new responsibility. I do not think you will fail - you may make mistakes, but that only means there is still room to learn." He pauses a moment, thinking on his words, "My first time as Dhie Lacinier, I made a lot of mistakes." He smiles though, continuing, "And if you make a mistake, if you stumble and fall, I'll not magically or suddenly change my mind in this decision. I support all of my Raotimab. If you stumble, I'll help you up, brush you off, and get you back on your way."

Adding, Dhie Lacinier, Tenshyo Tanarian, fio Unarhete Iahulo says, "You won't let a student down. You'll know when to point to someone who might know something more in depth than you -- and that, to me, makes an excellent teacher."

You have emoted: Moxie grows impatient as sweeps her arms out to either side of her, palms facing outwards in an elaborate display of resignation. "Fine!!!" Her exclamation resounding off the walls of the small foyer, "It is only because I am STILL standing here longer than I intended." She raises an eyebrow skeptically at Tenshyo, dropping her arms, "And I am worried I will be standing here for DECADES more."

"This is for you," Tenshyo states, pulling a closed hand from his pocket before turning it palm up, a ring of the Raotimab resting in his hand. "Don't feel to uh.. stressed or pressured. That's my job of all the Raotimab. -- Plus now you can officially boss Talonnb around, and that never gets boring."

You have been appointed to the position of Fyerin in the Illuminai.

You have emoted: Moxie outstretches her hand warily towards Tenshyo, already feeling the weight of her agreements settling upon her.

Tenshyo gives a ring of the Raotimab to you.

You are now wearing a ring of the Raotimab.

The ring slips easily onto your finger, warming you and welcoming your touch.

"I have but a few rules," Tenshyo adds as the rings transfers hands, "Mostly about this ring: Do
not, ever, put in an Incineration Alcove or anything of the sort. These are gifts from Lord Dhar. Secondly, should you ever lose it or misplace, tell me immediately." Though the man smiles, adding, "And most importantly, never stop being yourself."

(Illuminai): Tenshyo says, "Please congratulate and welcome Moxie on accepting the position of Fyerin!"

(Illuminai): Saltz says, "Moxie is just doing the Moxie thing to do, often misinterpreted."

(Tells): Sir Iames Gallant, the Executioner tells you, "The one Illuminai beyond prayer, I swear."

Valingar: "How could a daughter of me, the most noble man in the south, be so heartless?"

(Tells): Haven Locke, Illuminai Khimaira tells you, "Be that as it may, I've also seen the strength in you. You can take care of yourself."


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    I will always remember my first experience "proctoring" a guild trial (Really... I'm just sitting there waiting to see if they pass or fail the quest). Thank you, Tifa, for making my day!! I cannot post the quest itself, but gifs are always an option.

    Tifa reaches toward the wall of shadow, and it inverts in an oily swirl, beginning to draw her inward, toward the place of Aiyr Qaepa.

    Tifa is swallowed up by the shadows of the hallway, crossing forward into Aiyr Qaepa and lost to sight and perception.

    (An eternity later...)

    Tifa is hurled out of the quest and lands on the stairs due to failure.

    Repeat the process above... UNTIL...


    Tifa strides from the darkness, having triumphed during Aiyr Qaepa.

    A flare of bright light fills the sky above the Vebae Hialearo, signaling that Tifa has conquered

    Aiyr Qaepa and proven worthy of the ranks of the Chosen.

    (Illuminai): Saltz says, "Moxie is just doing the Moxie thing to do, often misinterpreted."

    (Tells): Sir Iames Gallant, the Executioner tells you, "The one Illuminai beyond prayer, I swear."

    Valingar: "How could a daughter of me, the most noble man in the south, be so heartless?"

    (Tells): Haven Locke, Illuminai Khimaira tells you, "Be that as it may, I've also seen the strength in you. You can take care of yourself."

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