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    Try saving Mudlet and closing out, then re-launching?

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    I tried that first. Maybe is has something to do with being on a Mac? I know permissions and stuff are a lot different than windows machines.
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    The latest version of mudlet seems to have changed things and broken stuffm. Trying to assess why its not working propeely since sometimes it works properly and others it does not
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    I tried it on Mudlet 3.0.1 as well, same thing. Could it be due to Mac putting the .config folder in a different place than windows?
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    That is very likely. I dont have a mac myself to test/verify, though.
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    [edit: Nevermind]
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    Nova said:

    Hello, I downloaded the zip from github, moved to .config/profiles/aetolia then ran the command from the top of this thread. After I selected valkyrior_(somethingorother).xml it told me to open modules and click sync next to everything. I did that, but nothing is showing up, no windows or anything, mudlet looks as plain and boring as it was before. Any ideas on what I might have done wrong?

    Same thing happened to me. After messing around and manually installing modules I got the UI to show up, but there was no map or any other information and some of the graphics seemed to me a little out of place. Maybe I was just doing things wrong... is there anything that I can do to get it to work? I much prefer the UI here then that of Source and I really love how this one looks!

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    The graphical alignment issues have to do with me redoing the UI slightly to accommodate changes mudlet made to the base space in 1080p and also to give some margin up/down for the tab row if you are connected to the muds.

    I have this fixed for Imperian, I just need to do it for Aetolia as well since they only share the underlying background (as you can tell from the misalignment). I'll do this tonight or on the weekend depending on when the apocalyptic weather we're currently having gives up.

    In impy, it's looking pretty slick:

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    So pretty. I wish I knew enough about these things to slap this on top of the system I sort of know how to use, lol
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    Is there a place I can download this at? I really like it, and wouldn't mind having it for a UI :D
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    Looks like the download instructions are still in the OP, follow the links.
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    @Aloli They are not :'(
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    @Dantae I just poked around a little and came up with these two:

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    Umm the download link don't seem to work. Is there any chance I get this script? Seems very useful!
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    First of all, apologies, I kind of fell off the face of the internet for a while, and this was left hanging. I was in the hospital for a long, long stretch. I'm starting to get back into things, though I must confess as an aside that I find the new changes to houses have kind of put me off Aetolia.

    In any case, Valk is currently in the middle of a big redesign. I'll post updated links once it's in a useable form. In fact, I'll probably post an entire new thread, for reasons you'll see when it comes!
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    I'm sorry to hear about your time in the hospital but glad you're out and about now in good health.

    Hopefully you'll find something else in Aetolia to draw your interests if the changes to the houses don't grow on you and I do want to say that Valk's GUI is very cool! You've done an amazing job with it and I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

    A little while ago Aetolia's admins made a post about IRE making an open-source Mudlet GUI with Vadi's help, might be interesting to look under the hood.

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    I have it going pretty well with Imperian, Aetolia needs changes due to backend changes to fully separate the MUD scripts and make it so that you can use different parts individually.

    It also now has a splash screen

    I actually have to confess I'm not too interested in IRE's offering. I have spent literally years developing valk, even if no one else does, I will be using it for the foreseeable future.

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    For those wondering about the release here: next few days, probably. Working on ironing out the bugs that existed before I was hospitalised and getting the MUDs on as equal a keel as possible, then going to post them here and on the Aetolia forums.

    If you want to follow things on a day-to-day basis more closely, there's a discord thingy here:
  • EvalyneEvalyne A CoffinMember Posts: 142 ✭✭✭
    Working on the install script now, then, while I'm sure it'll have plenty of bugs and stuff people will find, I'll put it up here.
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    I would love to see how this is going so far! Looking forwards to seeing a reupload of the project eventually.
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    So I would be lying to say that the Aetolia side of this hasn't gone on the backburner along with my interest in Aetolia in general, but the reason I was in these forums to begin with was to announce that I'd be going over this in the next few days to resolve the problems that later Mudlet versions have with the Aetolia end of the codebase.

    I also need to redo the installer entirely, as the old one was prone to having problems with not retrieving all of the files it needed.
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    @Evalyne I've just returned to Aetolia after a long break and I'm starting to use Mudlet for the first time. I was wondering if you've had a look at the Aetolia Mudlet system recently and if it's up and running again?
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    Hey there. I can't seem to find where to download this from. Anybody have a link by chance?
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